Bakery dream meaning

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A bakery is a place where baking happens; you will find things like bread, biscuits, scones, cakes and bread being sold and made in a bakery.  

There are several delicacies in a bakery which are made from the baking flour; the flour is transformed into something which is more valuable than the initial flour. With that explanation, it becomes easy to analyze a dream here as a bakery is seen as a symbolic of radical change; transformation.

In the dream

  • you might see yourself entering into a bakery
  • an acquaintance entering into a bakery
  • a strange person entering into a bakery

Detailed Dream Interpretation

A dream where you see yourself entering a bakery denotes that there is a great transformation about to happen in your life. It will overhaul everything in your life and make you a new product from what people used to know. It will change your social status, and with it, you will earn new friends who will bring with them new positive energies to boost your life and make it better. When this finally happens, share the successes with your old friends and relatives, because they somehow contributed to your elevation in society. Help them so that they can also experience a transformation in their lives courtesy of you. Don't use the transformation to step on other people's rights because in doing so, you will attract negative energies which will create a negative transformation.

If you happen to dream about a friend or relative entering a bakery, it means that the life of someone who is close to you is going to transform and they will be able to stabilize. You need to ask them for their guidance so that you can also transform alongside them; it is only through them that you can get a positive change in your life. Ask them questions; how they made it this far, what they did that you are not doing; what you shouldn't do that you are doing. Once you have acquired all the information, use it and work hard towards transforming your life in the right direction because that is where everyone is aiming at; to make their lives better than it is at the moment. Be humble, and you will be able to achieve tremendous transformation.

If in your dream you see a strange person entering a bakery, it means you are stagnating in your life, thus unable to improve or make any meaningful transformation. All those who are surrounding you have also stagnated, making it impossible to for them to help you. You will have to look for professional help and guidance to enable you to move from your current position into your future. That is the only way out of your current situation. And when you are resolved, remember your friends and family; sort them out by teaching them ways to transform their lives; help each other in gaining the desired transformation in your lives.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Humble, hardworking, transformed, great, professional

By Florance Saul
May 6, 2017