Dreams of Beans

Dreams of Beans

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Beans in a dream are associated with immortality and psychic power.

The bean itself is associated with living life, coupled with manifestation. A bean in most dream dictionaries represents potential in life. One has the ability to gain goals and the bean is an indication that good things will come to you. If you stored beans this is a representation of hidden dear and that you will be looking at the future with a more positive outlook. To plant the bean indicates that you need more faith in life. A bean is all about “creation” moving a situation from A to B with success.

In general, it represents a situation in your waking life that you need to grow and expand. You might be lacking inspiration or feel that you are being forced to do something. It could also denote that, you are having a desire for more desire or excitements. On the negative side, eating beans can mean that you are bored or frustrated due to having waited for long.

Dreaming of your sister cooking beans and tomatoes denotes the strong connection you have with her. But the fact that you saw her cooking beans that are spicy means that, there are some insignificant problems around you. Your sister could be the cause of the problems, and you might find yourself entangled in petty issues that bring misunderstanding every time. This dream is a warning that you should only pay attention to things which matter between the two of you to strengthen your bond and make it remain intact.

A bean can be a representation of your spirituality and growth and thus, be a message from your subconscious. It could be that you are supposed to use your past experiences in your present and future challenges. It is important to note that, whatever you go through in life, whether good or bad, is a lesson for the future.

If you dream of a kidney bean, it represents a feeling of forced boredom or lack of choices. It could be an agonizing feeling due to a boring situation that you are forced to do all the time while your heart is not in it. You are putting up with something boring with hopes that, it might change for the better shortly. On the other hand, kidney beans can represent a boring situation in life.

Seeing beans in a half cooked state, especially noticing this when it is being served is not a pleasant dream at all. It could denote that you need to listen to others more. There will be some positive events developing around you.

A bean in your dream can be both a good and bad omen. In some context, a dream of beans is associated with money, that is, improved financial situations or losses. It could also mean that you are changing your state of health and serves as a warning that there might be misfortunes at your place of work.

If you dream of beans prepared in chili, it denotes that, you are going to link up with a friend who will precede your family and your life. If beans are served in a recipe of salted and smoky meats, it is an expression of the strong musical base in your family due to the generics.

To dream of beans has the implication that, you are going to grow wealth and make an improvement in your welfare. Your salary might increase, or you might get a promotion at your place of work. Or you might win a game such as the lottery; so whatever the situation, you are going to win. A green bean seen in the dream suggests that you are going to have more money than you had before.

For a women, green beans are thought to relate to fertility, so if you have been thinking of starting a family soon and talking about it to someone else, that could be the reason why you have the dream.

In your dream

  • You planted beans.
  • You dreamed of eating beans.
  • You dreamed of jelly beans.
  • You planted and cultivated beans.
  • You cooked beans on toast.
  • You dream of American beans.
  • You saw a broad bean.
  • You picked beans.
  • You saw beans in a pod.
  • You sow grains of beans.
  • You saw a jumping bean.
  • You eat beans.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk story

Detailed dream interpretation

If in your dream you planted beans in the garden, or a field suggests that you are going to be happy and joyful in your undertakings and many people around you are going to be envious of you. If the beans are large, the higher the level of happiness and joy that you will have. Your dream is going to come true, and you are going to achieve what you have been yearning for.

If you see yourself harvesting it denotes that, you are having a good time with your friends and relatives and they will bring happiness into your life. For those who are unmarried, this type of dream could imply that you are going to meet with your soul mate very soon.

To dream of eating beans, this indicates that you are being involved in relationship issues of someone close to you. It can suggest difficulties in a relationship.

To dream of jelly beans represents painful memories which are emerging from your subconscious. It could be that you have a hidden aggression or hostility in an aspect your waking life, in a situation or a relationship. It could alternatively denote that, you are feeling inadequacy, lack of self-esteem, and uncertainty due to a situation which you are unable to handle as an individual.

To plant and cultivate beans is a dream which is common with workaholics as it is a sign that, you want to demonstrate your best qualities, but you are scared of the responsibilities that come with it.

To cook beans on toast in your dream is a sign that work and personal relationships are fulfilling to you. If the beans you are cooking are green, it means that there is a wedding in the offing. If you are already married, it then denotes that, your life is filled with great joy. It could also signify that you are an innocent soul and this dream is a warning to stop being naïve because people might take advantage of you. If you cook white beans in your dream, it is a warning that you are going to face tough challenges. Life will change. Roasting or cooking red beans in your dream denotes that there is a wedding either yours or of someone who is very close to you. Runner beans appearing in your dream is a sign that, you have a love which is unconditional. Alternatively, cooked beans is a symbol of abundance and prosperity in your life.

To dream of American beans denotes that, you have something that has growth potential and can also fulfill your inner needs. If you are harvesting the American beans, it means that you are providing yourself and your family with their basic needs.

If in your dream you pick beans or plant them in your garden; it is a sign that, you will work hard to get rewards for your accomplishment. It shows that you have potential and ability to accomplish anything in life. If you are having trouble committing to things or fearing to fail. Look to the future for changes, there is nothing to be afraid of. Your dream is a message to you that, you have a potential to sail through the problems in life and become an achiever. Seeing beans in pods is a promise of wealth and contentment and that you are satisfied because your desires have been met. A bean soup in your dream is a sign of money with an implication that, finances are going to come your way and into your hands expectantly.

If you saw a jumping bean in your dream; it means that you are unhappy at your place of work. If the bean is flowering, it denotes that, something that you wished for is granted shortly.

To eat or cook beans in your dream has the opposite meaning of the aforementioned description on wealth. It means be careful what you spend your money on as you may eat away at your income. It is advisable that, you don’t get involved in buying any questionable goods. This is a dream which provides you with a “hidden” warning and might just save you from becoming bankrupt or losing money. It is important that you understand the meaning from the subconscious point of view. Alternatively, it could suggest that you are going to have financial challenges in your life which might include violence, arguments, health issues, which will lead to litigation. Be wary of those who gossip about you behind your back. Baked beans seen in a dream indicates that you can grow a business and succeed.

Feelings Associated with the Dream

Emotional. Excited. Disgusted. Tensed. Disappointed. Overwhelmed. In control. Happy. Successful. Moody. Controlled. Disagreements. Confrontational

By Florance Saul
Jun 28, 2017