Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams when interpreted meant to shed light in a startled mind when inner self starts to knock into your thoughts.

These incidents need attention for they can be beneficial in one’s life for they can serve as your gauge and guide for future decisive actions. What does it mean to dream of trousers? Dreaming of trousers has something to do with who you are in your own eyes and in your community.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen yourself wearing a trouser.
  • Seen others in a trouser.
  • Unmade or stained trousers.
  • Worn beautifully fitted trousers.
  • Seen yourself changing or putting on trousers.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Trousers fit you beautifully.
  • Wearing a new pair of trousers.
  • Wearing green colored pants.

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream that you have emphasized noticeable wearing of trousers in a dream speaks of confusing role in your life and how others perceive you. You like others to perceive you as someone who has control over things. However, this does not necessarily mean factual in your life.

You dream of having a beautifully fitted trousers and feeling proud and comfortable with it. This dream means of having a role, which, gives you enough confidence and affirmation of your inner strength. To dream that you see yourself changing your trousers has something to do with your perception of your roles and place at home, workplace, and within environment which you mostly deal with. Have things seized up so that you will be able to place yourself accordingly and have appropriate roles that will be beneficial for your own advancement together with the development of people around you. Make the best out of yourself and be recognized.

Dreaming that you see other people wearing trousers can be associated with your desire to be in control over matters that concerns you most. You may be in a current state when dominating persons are not whom you want them to be. This dream reflects your desire to have their position. You are wishing to be someone who is in control and not the other person. Well, in this point, do something for it may be possible.

If in your dream the trousers you worn is stained or unmade, it has something to do with your ways of life. To dream of stained trousers, reminds you that you are unprepared over certain things. Let this reflection serve as a reminder that in order to avoid future pitfalls, learn to be ready over any circumstances that may come along the way. It is better to be prepared always than be caught off guard for it may result to undesirable end.

However, if you dream of wearing new pair of trousers, it means that a good fortune awaits you. You may be looking for a better job or working hard to have career advancement. Well… keep moving and doing things for your dream tells you that you will have a new source of pride – that is having your desired job.

Green garments are supposed to mean benefits coming your way. That to dream of wearing a green trousers suggests that you will reap benefits from a course of action that you are about to get done with.

Feelings that you may have encountered during dream of trousers

Introspective, curious, unfocused, open minded, dependent, timid, domineering, confused, not sure of oneself.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013