Cloud dream meaning

Cloud Dream Meaning

Have you ever dreamed of floating up in the clouds? I am here to let you know that the cloud dream reveals a lot about your inner energy. We often as (human beings) see clouds as soft, warm and pure, have you ever been up in a plane and looked down to see the clouds like a blanket under you? I feel clouds are believed to "reflect your current emotional state" and can offer us all insight into our most pressing questions. Now, let me explain that the interpretation can vary but there are many common themes associated with clouds in your dreams.

What do different color clouds mean in a dream? 

White Clouds: White clouds are made up of small droplets and ice crystals, and of course sunlight. These clouds appear bright white (even fluffy) and the wavelength of light means they are associated with light, biblically, that things are going to be okay in life if you see white clouds. A white cloud dream can be of a small or large scale - if small, it symbolizes balance, tranquility, and happiness in your life. White clouds that appear large in a dream can suggest and your strong desire to help others.
Grey Clouds: Dreams of grey clouds represent despair or depression - a mood forecast - or perhaps a storm of sorrow is gathering.
Pink Clouds: On the flip side, pink clouds dance across the dream skyline, declaring joy, contentment, and relationships. We see harmony and affection in them.
Yellow Clouds: Our dreams are filled with yellow clouds that point us toward our goals. Aspirations yet to be discovered by our ambition point to an optimistic future.
Red Clouds: It is possible that red clouds represent a personal victory over outside pressures. Assertiveness, autonomy, and a sense of freedom from expectations that undermine our individuality are characteristic of them.
Purple Clouds: The presence of purple clouds is also a sign of upcoming uplifting influences and positive energy. In these clouds, it means you can see a future filled with people who will inspire and fill your life with substance.
Black Clouds: Black clouds in your dreams may not always mean a storm is coming but may signal irritation and conflict - a closed mind to differences of opinions and a little bit of confusion in relationships.
High Windy Clouds: If you dream of strong winds blowing clouds in the sky --- it means liberation and moving away from unfinished business.
Flying Above the Clouds: A dream that you fly above the clouds may represent progress toward goals, confusion, and uncertainty in life. It says to go with your gut and make brave decisions.
Blue Sky with White Cloud: You may dream of a clear sky with white clouds that can signal hope. It echoes the sentiment to believe in the bright possibilities that await and symbolizes a yearning for independence and personal growth.
Flying Among Clouds: Dreaming of flying through clouds represents passion and adoration. This vision may also signify rest or a carefree, mentally neglectful state.
Rainbows: Love is symbolized by rainbows and clouds. Love's perseverance through the trials of love is the essence of this dream.
Sun Rays Into Clouds: The sun shining through clouds in a dream gives you hope if you've gone through recent hardship. It means a reward for your efforts and reassurance that brighter days are just beyond the stormy veil.
Dreams of clouds of any kind and any color are representations of our hopes and fears and the many emotions associated with being human. They invite us to think, feel, and be focused on who we are. 

For one, dreaming of a cloud may represent your feelings of being “above it all” – feeling blissful and carefree. You may feel as though you’re far away from any worries or troubles that come through your daily life; instead, these clouds are drifting away with the breeze while you float above them. I don’t need to spell out that this dream is about “getting away from it all.”

At times you may even feel like you can conquer anything if only you are at a high enough altitude. This sense of power attached to dreaming about clouds could be empowering for some people and quite daunting for others.
On the flip side, seeing a threatening dark cloud lurking in your dream world can symbolize fear or impending doom – something not easily dismissed when faced with such darkness blanketing your mind -- I also feel this is about worry in life. Whether it relates to something specific or more abstract emotions like guilt, shame or unhappiness, finding yourself under this kind of cloud (dark) makes for an especially uncomfortable sleeping experience!

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing clouds in your dream?

Generally speaking, dreaming of clouds frequently happens when have changed our mood. Each dream needs to be understood. Clarifying the details of the dream are important. The conditions of the cloud is important. To see the warning of the moon (when cloud passes over a moon) indicates the dreamer might want to have faith in themselves more. This may have failed because of anxiety or fear in the real world. Clouds that are yellow in color suggest material attainment.

Clouds traveling fast in a dream may imply that others are turning to you for help in life. There are ideas that will be profitable if you see yourself jumping over clouds. It's very important to take note of any events, adventures and opportunities in life because you need to express your ideas.

Ensure you grab the possibilities in life and concentrate on your own energies if the clouds disappear in your dream. To see no clouds in the sky indicates that you need to be careful in a situation. Strong emotions are often indicated by seeing storm clouds. Storm clouds can also indicate worry, depression, and unhappiness. Proceed with care in life if you could see clouds forming in the sky. To see storm clouds raining revenge and make amends.

What do dreams of a white cloud mean?

Dreaming of a white cloud in a sunny sky means your goals and objectives in life - will be achieved. For the clouds to be among a “rainbow” in a dream suggests that you have got a clear purpose in your life. If you see a staircase in the dream, which results in clouds at the top, or ladders and clouds at the top like in the “faraway tree” leading you to another land suggest that you need to look to your childhood for clues on how to handle current problems in life. It can also mean that you're choosing a key task in life to achieve your long-term goals.

What does it mean to dream of flying above clouds?

I always find, dreaming of flying above clouds can be a symbol of inner peace, autonomy, and power. It indicates that you are coming to grips with the tremendous potential that lies within yourself and have found a new sense of balance in your life. I believe this is a “message” from your subconscious mind --- it is telling you that you can explore the possibilities that await you without being restricted by whatever may have held you back in the past.

I am sure that you agree dreaming is often an indicator of our conscious attitude towards something - be it aspirations or doubts - which means this dream could suggest both hope and fear at once. On one hand, it perhaps signifies an aspiration to accomplish something extraordinary and that you “have what it takes” to reach those unimaginable heights; on the other hand, it could suggest apprehension about facing unknown challenges or difficulties in pursuit of those great accomplishments. I personally want to let you know that this dream alludes to how comfortable you feel when making decisions knowing – whether good or bad. 

Yes, I know, and I am sure you agree that at times we may get frustrated when things don’t quite turn out as planned despite having known what was likely going to happen -- but dreaming about being up high above the clouds offers consolation, think about how we can finally find respite from these annoying problems (or people) below. 

What is the biblical meaning of clouds in dreams?

I'm sure many of you have had the experience of dreaming about clouds - either watching them from a distance, or being enveloped in them. The biblical meaning of seeing clouds in dreams I feel is a great way for you to understand why this dream is important.

I believe that on a general level, clouds can represent a sign from God that he's with us and "bringing blessing" upon us. Clouds are often associated with his presence because they are connected to: His protection, mercy and grace over our lives. They signify how we can rely on spirit for comfort during difficult times and trials – just like how rain provides relief after a very hot day.

In dreams it is my thought (as I have already explained) that you may see clouds as an indication of good luck coming your way when you least expect it. A bright sky full of soft white fluffy clouds -- might give you hope; serving as an assurance that what awaits ahead will be filled with joyous surprises, the following scripture tells you how important this is: if only one takes the initiative to welcome them without fear or hesitation: “Behold I will do something new, now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?” (Isaiah 43:19).

On another note, dark billowing mass might portend rain which brings desolation and sometimes even hardship – teaching us then to prepare ourselves spiritually for such circumstances: “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him…” (Psalm 37:7). During this period we learn to stand firm in faith until He brings light out from darkness once again – reminding us also not despair due to present difficulties but instead trust He has plans greater than our imaginations, so I hope this means something to you! 

What does it mean to dream of clouds falling in a dream?

I bet you probably wonder why you dream about clouds falling from the sky. Maybe you watch them in your dream float towards the ground as if they were made of something much more solid than just vapor, despite the fact they seem so solid. I feel dreams of falling (whatever it is) are often a reflection of our innermost feelings and thoughts swirling around within us. When we think or feel something deep down, it can sometimes come out in our unconscious state when we dream. So when considering "dreams about clouds falling," it could point to some hidden emotions that one may be going through or dealing with internally at the moment. I also feel there is something in your life right now which feels like it's stuck, maybe undone and dissipating into nothingness (just like the cloud) - could this be what your subconscious mind is trying to convey through this dream? 

I also feel you may also experience strange things such as flying birds or being surrounded by beautiful shades of blue sky hued with soft puffs. These visions might represent freedom from worries, a feeling of peace and wonderment as well as an acceptance for where life has taken you so far. Or perhaps on the contrary raging winds knocking over these floating clouds (maybe they appear solid0 may point toward just the badass problems we face on our journey through life – depicting turbulence both within oneself and among our external environment as well as how you deal with adversity. You may see many cloud formations appear while dreaming but all things considered this is a dream about how you can soften the blow of something difficult in waking life!

What does it mean to dream of seeing fast clouds in the sky?

I can imagine you're feeling bewildered and confused by seeing clouds moving fast in your dream. In my view I feel such a dream can carry many possible meanings. I am sure I believe that the speed of these clouds is symbolic of your the fact you are feeling “fast” and “impatient” at the moment. Yes, this has everything to do with our feelings - are yours -- swirling, turbulent emotions? Or swift, decisive decisions being made? 

I do give you this advice. If the clouds are fast and you are watching them in your dream you should take some time to examine all aspects of your subconscious mind and emotional state. At times you may be able to identify patterns in which certain symbols appear or reappear throughout your dreams; if that is applicable here, then it could be an important bit of insight into the deeper meaning. Similarly, any words or phrases that come to mind in association with these fast-moving “clouds” could shed light on what lies beneath. 

I need to tell you that only through careful exploration and self-reflection will we understand why our dreams occur as they do – so let yourself explore and draw conclusions about what this dream might mean for you personally!

What does clouds mean in your dream?

Clouds are amazing when seen in dreams. A cloud is a sign of your self-conscience. It can also signifies something being attained in your waking life. Clouds seen in the dream state may focus on your mood and state of mind in life. Are you feeling happy, sad, angry? The cloud is representative of your mood. Clouds may signify anxieties if they are not the “traditional” colors they should be. They also signify our hopes and needs in life. These feelings are symbolized by the clouds. Clouds can indicate there is growth in certain area of your daily life. If the clouds bring rain there will be a worrying time in life.

White fluffy clouds represent a spirit of happiness that is an expression of joy. A large black cloud indicates depression and possible upset in life. If we look at traditional dream meanings (post 1930s) then clouds signify one's energy fields. Are you associating your difficulties in life on other people’s shoulders?

Clouds are also known to be “protective” in the dream state. Looking back at the Greek gods clouds were focused on finding out someone's highest knowledge in life. This means clouds represent intuition. 

What does it mean to dream of touching (or wanting to touch) a cloud?

I bet (I’m talking real life here) you have wondered what it would be like to touch a cloud. It seems an impossible dream, especially with the way the sky's blanket of clouds drastically changes throughout its passage of day and night. However, I am sure now you have had this dream you are thinking --- that it is possible to make this seemingly farfetched vision into reality. I’m only joking. So what does it mean to touch a cloud in a dream?

Honestly, I feel that this dream is saying that  you might feel discouraged by your inability to reach up and grab your goals in life, but let me tell you something: it can become a reality! Just touching on some research that might fascinated you. In Florida and Arizona in the United States, large fields full of helium-filled balloons are used for cloud research purposes. By releasing them into the atmosphere at different heights depending on which type of clouds they wish to study, scientists can collect firsthand data about our infinitely mysterious skies above us. This (really) is the only technology we can test what it truly feels like to come close enough to touch a cloud – or rather just see exactly how vast these fluffy wonders truly are! So, the spiritual meaning of this dream is to not be constrained by ground level observations or assumptions but think in life “anything” is possible.

What is the color of the clouds in your dream?

Dreaming of clouds can reveal important insights about your life, we all have secrets to hide and the actual "color" of the cloud provides me with a basis that allows me to understand your dream. There are many colors that can appear when dreaming of the cloud. Firstly,  seeing red clouds suggest that you've overcome intense pressure from those around you, and maybe things have reached "boiling" point. However, in the dream books I have read grey clouds might signify feelings of depression and despair. This is quite an unusal dream but pink clouds indicate good news, foretelling joy and happiness and the possibility of strong relationships, due to the fact the pink is like passion. To see a golden or yellow clouds is about wealth --- riches and having what you need right now. I always find the golden color of clouds can promise a sense of accomplishment, and a deep realization of your dreams. Finally, if you see blue clouds in your dreams, it's a spiritual sign (or message) that you're embracing positive energy, and that things are going to be calm going forward.

Have you ever had a dream of laying on a cloud?

I do feel that this dream is about making sure you rise up in life. To see yourself laying on the fluffy cloud can indicate that you are craving a peaceful time in life, think about if things in life have been chaotic recently. If so, then this dream often occurs. I also feel it could be a message to take a moment to "reflect on your life" and make sure you're doing what you should be doing right now. What are your goals? I want you to listen to yourself --- what is the inner voice saying to you. I do feel as well that this dream encourages you to prioritize your happiness and take your time making decisions without feeling overwhelmed.

To dream that the clouds are moving across the sky implies that you need to think about your mood and stress in life. Dreaming of clouds may have a range of meanings and the details are important in your dream.

A cloud symbolizes a range of interpretations - according to its texture and color. White clouds signify happiness, joy, equilibrium, setting clear goals and career contentment in your life. However, dark or black clouds signify problems.They often appear when one is depressed or having times which are difficult. Considering that a cloud “floats” in the sky upward can have the following meanings: achievement, protection, worrying times it reflects having power in life. Think about yourself and if you are floating ideas in life. There's something that your spirit guides wish to communicate if you were flying in clouds in your dream. To pull a cloud in a dream suggests you will meet with positive people going forward.

What do dreams of a black storm cloud mean?

Dreaming of a grey colored cloud portrays a depressed state of mind. Something may take time to achieve because of your mind. Dreaming of a gray cloud is connected to worry. To see pouring rain and clouds is associated with your spirit you may be feeling run down in life. Pitch black clouds denote struggles into your life.

I feel it can be a very unsettling experience to say the least when we dream of a storm cloud towering over you, there is an underlying meaning behind it that often goes unrecognized. I believe that when we dream of black clouds it can signify some kind of impending worry or I am afraid to say --- some looming trouble in our life. Often, your subconscious mind picks up on something and sends out warning signals in order to alert you to the danger ahead even though you are not aware of it.

In my opinion, dreaming of black clouds may also suggest that we are experiencing fear about whatever matters concern us in awake life, as black has long been associated with death and darkness. Moreover, it could also be a sign of imminent change - particularly one which requires action soon in order to prevent things from getting worse. In such cases, paying attention to your life-- people around you --- current events and what is going on in your lives becomes absolutely essential to deal with any upcoming troubles that you may meet.

Overall I'm sure the presence of these seemingly dark (what I call shadow clouds) in our dreams will vary from case-to-case and while some dreams may mean we are found among a massive storm with the clouds coming down on us or that they are high up in the night sky passing the moon -- in any case though, remember that black clouds come with the warning that you need to take a moment to think about anything that can impact you right now.

Summary of a dream of a cloud

So, I think this dream is about sorting yourself out but trying to rise above difficult times. I do feel that you may be contemplating certain decisions or situations unfolding around you so maybe take note of how the dream leaves you feeling upon waking and use this as a "barometer" against real life events going forward; after all - sometimes looking up at those fluffy white clouds --- can bring peace and perspective without having to search too hard!

1930s dream meanings:

  • Amazing white clouds were in your dream = happiness and joy will be yours. If you are seeing the blue sky and clouds passing by then in life things will be easy.
  • Clouds chasing you or a scary cloud = things will go wrong in life but you need to keep positive.
  • Storm clouds = temper and depression in life.
  • Rainbow and clouds in dreams = material wealth.
  • Floating on a cloud in dreams = contentment in life and joy.
  • Clouded sky = a wonderful white sky that has many clouds denotes happiness.
  • Thunderstorm clouds = someone will feel emotionally trapped that is close to you.
  • Clouds clearing to provide sunlight = the clearing up of distress, or beliefs and beliefs, that hauled you back and have clouded your comprehension of your being.

Feelings of clouds in dream

Floating. Happiness. Worry. Difficulty in life. Problems.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017