Cloud dream meaning

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Clouds are amazing when seen in dreams.

A cloud is a sign of your self-conscience. It can also signifies something being attained in your waking life. Clouds seen in the dream state may focus on your mood and state of mind in life. Are you feeling happy, sad, angry? The cloud is representative of your mood. Clouds may signify anxieties if they are not the “traditional” colors they should be. They also signify our hopes and needs in life. These feelings are symbolized by the clouds. Clouds can indicate there is growth in certain area of your daily life. If the clouds bring rain there will be a worrying time in life.

White fluffy clouds represent a spirit of happiness that is an expression of joy. A large black cloud indicates depression and possible upset in life. If we look at traditional dream meanings (post 1930s) then clouds signify one's energy fields. Are you associating your difficulties in life on other people’s shoulders?

Clouds are also known to be “protective” in the dream state. Looking back at the Greek gods clouds were focused on finding out someone's highest knowledge in life. This means clouds represent intuition.

To dream that the clouds are moving across the sky implies that you need to think about your mood and stress in life. Dreaming of clouds may have a range of meanings and the details are important in your dream.

A cloud symbolizes a range of interpretations - according to its texture and color. White clouds signify happiness, joy, equilibrium, setting clear goals and career contentment in your life. However, dark or black clouds signify problems.They often appear when one is depressed or having times which are difficult. Considering that a cloud “floats” in the sky upward can have the following meanings: achievement, protection, worrying times it reflects having power in life. Think about yourself and if you are floating ideas in life. There's something that your spirit guides wish to communicate if you were flying in clouds in your dream. To pull a cloud in a dream suggests you will meet with positive people going forward.

In your dream

  • Amazing white clouds were in your dream = happiness and joy will be yours. If you are seeing the blue sky and clouds passing by then in life things will be easy.
  • Clouds chasing you or a scary cloud = things will go wrong in life but you need to keep positive.
  • Storm clouds = temper and depression in life.
  • Rainbow and clouds in dreams = material wealth.
  • Floating on a cloud in dreams = contentment in life and joy.
  • Clouded sky = a wonderful white sky that has many clouds denotes happiness.
  • Thunderstorm clouds = someone will feel emotionally trapped that is close to you.
  • Clouds clearing to provide sunlight = the clearing up of distress, or beliefs and beliefs, that hauled you back and have clouded your comprehension of your being.

Detailed dream meaning of a cloud in a dream

Generally speaking, dreaming of clouds frequently happens when have changed our mood. Each dream needs to be understood. Clarifying the details of the dream are important. The conditions of the cloud is important. To see the warning of the moon (when cloud passes over a moon) indicates the dreamer might want to have faith in themselves more. This may have failed because of anxiety or fear in the real world. Clouds that are yellow in color suggest material attainment.

Clouds traveling fast in a dream may imply that others are turning to you for help in life. There are ideas that will be profitable if you see yourself jumping over clouds. It's very important to take note of any events, adventures and opportunities in life because you need to express your ideas.

Ensure you grab the possibilities in life and concentrate on your own energies if the clouds disappear in your dream. To see no clouds in the sky indicates that you need to be careful in a situation. Strong emotions are often indicated by seeing storm clouds. Storm clouds can also indicate worry, depression and unhappiness. Proceed with care in life if you could see clouds forming in the sky. To see storm clouds raining revenge and make amends.

Dreams of a white cloud

Dreaming of a white cloud in a sunny sky means your goals and objectives in life - will be achieved. For the clouds to be among a “rainbow” in a dream suggests that you have got a clear purpose in your life. If you see a staircase in the dream, which results in clouds at the top, or ladders and clouds at the top like in the “faraway tree” leading you to another land suggest that you need to look to your childhood for clues on how to handle current problems in life.

It can also mean that you're choosing a key task in life to achieve your long-term goals.

Dreams of grey or storm clouds

Dreaming of a grey colored cloud portrays a depressed state of mind. Something may take time to achieve because of your mind. Dreaming of a gray cloud is connected to worry. To see pouring rain and clouds is associated with your spirit you may be feeling run down in life. Pitch black clouds denote struggles into your life.

Feelings of clouds in dream

Floating. Happiness. Worry. Difficulty in life. Problems.

By Flo Saul
Aug 12, 2017