Phone Call

Phone Call

Phone Call Dream Meaning

A phone call in a dream is a direct result of communication in our waking world. Spiritually this could be with your guides, loved ones that passed or even an "alarm" of future events. However, the phone call in the dream could mean different things to different people at different times or different times in their lives. Telephones were invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, and interestingly some of the older dream dictionaries state that a dream about a telephone is associated with communicating with people. If you think about the transmitter the telephone in dreams could be a sign of the spirit world.

It is important to consider dream psychology, which was pioneered by Sigmund Freud in the 1930s. During the War, Freud cared for soldiers sent from the front lines to the hospital, this is where his interest in dreams first started. and part of his work was to understand dreams. Freud wrote many books on dreams after listening to many people encounter a range of dreams in therapy. Freud believed that dreams can signal a mental disturbance at the unconscious level, such as frustration, conflict or any other type of mental disorder, therefore, the dream of the phone call can mean there is an issue with communication in waking life.

What is the message of this dream?

The problem, according to Freud, lies in deciphering the dream messages hidden by the superego (internal sensor). It is the unconscious process of 'dreams' that Freud describes, which affects a dream's original message. Utilizing what the phone means from dream psychology - we can easily determine the original message. In Freud's writings any messages in dreams are connected to

  • Connection
  • Feeling displacement
  • Reflective of the way we present things in life.
  • Relationships

What is the spiritual meaning of this dream?

A dreamer of a phone call may receive evidence from a spirit. Images, words, or sounds may be transmitted. Information that contains more than one meaning is known as a multi-meaning message. Phone calls in dreams can be associated with this type of communication.

Communication in the physical world is similar to communication between dimensions. It contains subtleties and nuances as well as words with multiple connotations.
This dream of a phone call is reflecting a way to transfer messages unconsciously, similar to radio transmissions between people. Think about it now. Data communication by radio, especially in military settings, requires the transmission of encrypted messages. These encrypted we often find messages on normal messages that appear to be non-secretive. Although radio transmissions appear to contain only one message, they actually contain multiple messages.

In this dream I will cover the following:

  • Is the dream about phone calls good or bad?
  • What can you take away from a dream about a phone call?
  • What does it mean to dream of a phone call?
  • What it means for receiving or making a phone call in your dream biblical and spiritual meaning of the dream.
  • Cannot complete a phone call in the dream

Is the dream about phone calls good or bad?

As I write this article, my goal is to show you that we need to be better listeners on both the professional and personal sides of life. This dream is positive it is telling you to listen more to others, without getting defensive, and listen to your children's opinions before offering your own. Hearing the phone ring in a dream could mean that you have found that you have had some difficult conversations and felt defeated and bruised.

I know myself, sometimes I don’t listen to the other person and we all sometimes struggle to acknowledge other people’s words. Have you ever gotten angry and hurt and refused to talk to someone again? As a medium of 30 years, I believe phone calls in dreams are positive, this is because it highlights how you listen to and navigate others. Sometimes you might find the phone call is on the loudspeaker during a dream. If people are listening to the conversation spiritually this could be associated with communication on a large scale.

So what does the phone call mean in a dream?

In our modern world modes of communications have expanded so much from the basic telephone to Skype calls, Facebook messenger and even calling using a digital line. In the good old days, it was simply our house phone. With mobiles, everything has expanded. 

Dreams may serve other purposes, but their primary function is to reveal your unconscious mind, your deepest innermost thoughts. To ignore dreams is to forget about your inner peace, joy and happiness. In our google age, communications have become so much more freely available. Often though answering calls and texts during a dream can carry a spiritual meaning. This dream meaning covers telephone calls from a traditional phone, payphone or even a mobile. The "ring" that we here is normally (in my view) a message from the spirit - how you respond to this is up to you. So what are they trying to tell you?

What does it mean to receive or make a phone call on your mobile?

The mobile phone was not around in ancient times and this modern piece of technology relates to the same meaning as a general land-line telephone. Mobile phones are interesting dream symbols. Carl Jung believed that any type of communication is a symbol. While attempting these dreams we need to look at the more general meaning of a phone call.

What can you take away from a dream about a phone call?

Spirits can transmit messages using frequency waves similar to this. These are the most obvious messages that are accepted by most people. When one examines a concept or image closely, it may have multiple meanings. The additional information is crucial for both interdimensional and communication. It may take some time for you to fully comprehend the message from this dream. It is also possible for messages to have multiple meanings when they are received.

Phone call dreams are about people not listening to you

This dream about a phone call could be about how you feel that people aren't listening to you. We cannot forget the importance of being heard. Human relationships are built on time, focus, empathy, and negotiation. Perhaps that is why understanding the meaning of the dream is so difficult. My 30 years of experience as a medium have sharpened my understanding of listening, besides observing many relationship conflicts. I believe the main reason for conflict in our lives is that people don't listen to one another. Cutting a wire in half and hoping for the best is like talking without listening. In most cases, we don't intend to cut the connection.

We cannot escape the human condition and be secure and satisfied without conversation. So this is my take on the dream of a phone call, in a broad sense, it is either you feel you are not being listened to - or you are not listening to others.Feeling left out in the dark leaves us confused and dismayed. Individualism in modern culture is seen as finding one's inner guidance and claiming independence from the influences that have shaped us. We are seen as finished individuals who no longer require attention. However, this does not mean we cannot be autonomous. Self-direction and original thinking and action are still possible.

What is the general meaning of dreaming of a phone call?

I've covered allot already dreaming of a phone indicates the need to distance oneself from a situation in waking life. However, there is still a need for information. This dream can indicate that one needs to take a break or keep a person at arm’s length, but internally they really don’t want to. The dream indicates a struggle within to do what they need and what they want. The phone in the dream can also indicate the reason that you need to keep a distance or act as a warning - depending on the phone conversation.

The phone call itself reveals messages that often you need to hear in your waking world, but may not be catching on to. The phone call itself can be revealing if you pay attention to not only what they said but also what the facial expressions and connotations were.

Receiving a phone call in a dream can have many meanings, which can be specific to you about something in your life or indirect communication regarding the general direction in your life. Usually, there is a message of some kind that can be taken literally.

Who is on the other end of the call?

When you dream about talking to someone on the phone, the person is important. Do you have an emotional attachment to someone?–whether they are alive or have passed – it sometimes is a sign that this person is doing alright. Sometimes you can get messages from your dreams from those who have passed on as well.

If you dream about talking to a loved one on the phone, often this will indicate that there is communication needed with this person – or that the communication between you and this person needs to be improved upon. It can be a sign of a problem in a relationship or the resolution to relationship (or friendship) problems.

If you dream about making a call on a payphone or in a public place this tells you that it is time to go “public” with information. It could mean that you or the person who was on the other line in your dream has information that more people should or will know about. This can also be an indication of someone spreading rumours.

In other dreams, sometimes the dreamer is actually being phoned by an archetypal being such as an angel, spirit guide or even God's presence. With this scenario, I would interpret this as an answer to a prayer, an intention to connect stronger to the divine or being given a strong message of faith, protection and hope from the source of creation.
Strong emotion over a phone call in a dream – whether it is in a fight or expressing love – is an indication of repressed feelings.

Is a phone call dream good or bad?

In some dreams, events from the previous day repeat themselves. Divine revelations are also possible. Compared to the daily waking experience, they reveal a more profound, stable, and enduring reality. Most dreams fall somewhere in between. Sometimes they express frustration and desire. You might have concerns about friends, family, work or social ambitions. Personal psychological problems could also be to blame. This begs the question, "How do I know what is causing or reflecting in a dream?"

I believe it is a positive dream, let me explain. One dream about phone calls can be interpreted in several ways. If you are experiencing difficulties or undergoing significant change in a particular area of your life, the meaning of your dream or series of dream images will be different. I always feel that dreams about phones, mobiles or any communication methods is about how we deal with others. You will often be able to identify the trouble spots in your life with a little common sense and honesty.

What does it mean to dream of someone calling me?

Thousands of people have reported having contact with the spirits of their deceased loved ones since recorded history began. Think of the call in the dream about communicating with spirit. Many people are sceptical or unwilling to believe in spirit communication. 

I am a psychic medium who facilitates communication between the spirit of deceased loved ones and people in the physical world. Fear and superstition cause many people to be reluctant to openly admit having had spirit contact. But attitudes are changing, and millions of people today want to connect with their deceased loved ones via mediums. I am not saying 100% that your dream about the phone call is a spirit or even a loved one, but I do want to allow the possibility that this is associated with connecting to your spirit guides. Scientists can never fully understand the nature of consciousness unless they can see that there is no separation between perceptions and the outside world. Many people have opposed the spiritual work, and that this is historically based on fear and not intellect. If you can remember who the call was from during the dream, this will be important in order to understand the dream analysis. 

The goal of this article is to bridge the gap between our dreams and spirituality. Science and faith need not be mutually exclusive. In fact, they often complement each other. The purpose of my writing is to explain the scientific basis and theories regarding life after death, spirit communication (both animal and human), karma, and what I call "refinement," the connection between individuals and God.

This logical approach reassures us that God exists and heaven exists, that the soul is an immortal living spirit, that communication with spirits can be possible and that it is possible to reunite with loved ones once we have left this world. If you dream of someone calling you who is alive in this life can indicate the need to listen to them. If a phone call in a dream was from someone that passed then it could be communication from spirit. Phone calls could indicate that you need to put your own views first.

What does receiving a phone call in a dream mean?

To dream of someone calling you and actually picking up the phone is about making contact with that person. If they are unknown it can indicate that you will receive a phone call soon. Is there someone that you have not made contact with? We are always being watched over by our spirit guides. The messages from God and the spirit are everywhere; we just don't pay attention to them. When you dream of a call, this is about spiritual situational awareness as well. Let me explain. Spiritual awareness refers to the ability to perceive what is going on spiritually around you. This involves being open to spiritual contact. Being aware of your spiritual situation can transform the entire course of your life. You must recognize the message of this dream and accept its reality before you can trust its guidance. As I have already said above, receiving a phone call in a dream is about raising your own spiritual vibrations. 

What does not answering a phone call in a dream mean?

To dream that someone is calling you can be related to how you spiritually communicate in life, when we turn this around, if you are not answering that ringing phone in the dream, it is about how you don’t listen to important information in life. Spiritually this is a call to accept information from others. 

What does it mean to dream your partner calls you?

Dreaming that your boyfriend or girlfriend is calling you on the phone in a dream is about your relationship with this person in real life. Often, these types of dreams are about Dreaming that your current wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend called you in the dream this is associated with unmet communications in life. This dream could mean you are focusing on the energy fields of your lover, we all have earth fields in life and these impact others. There is much research into magnetic fields that surround the earth.

Magnetic fields are generated by the motions and molten metals within the earth's core. In addition, they are affected by radiation from the sun and other solar system sources. The resulting magnetosphere extends thousands of miles into space. I mention this because we are electromagnetic beings, and as such are energetically connected to and through this field. 

The magnetosphere and other natural energies have been shown to affect our health positively or negatively in numerous clinical studies. When we are in a relationship we are on a vibrational level with another, therefore, to dream of talking to a loved one on a phone call is about focusing on these vibrations. Sometimes these vibrations can be out of sink. That is why it is important to understand the tone of the message or phone call in the dream.

What does it mean to dream that someone who’s died calls you?

Dreaming of a deceased loved one calling you is a powerful dream and can leave you the next morning wondering what it means. Spiritual gifts can come in many forms, including in the form of psychic abilities. Scientists are just beginning to understand the complexity of genetics. The genetic basis of many traits, including how we deal with fear, intelligence, health, athletic ability, and others, has been proven. Individuals are defined by their genetics.

I honestly believe psychic and mediumship abilities are inherited. A phone call during a dream from a loved one can be what is called an interchangeable with a visit. While we sleep, our sensitivity to frequencies increases. If you dream of a close family member: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Son or daughter calling you during a dream - who has passed, then this could simply be a sign that they are still thinking of you. It can be emotional when you awake after such a dream.

I do feel this dream is positive, it can show you that you are still wrapped in love with the other person even though they are on the other side. When we pass, from a medium perspective, I believe this is made up of many levels. There is a collective consciousness that connects all things and everyone on it energetically.

This interconnectedness has an infinite number of levels and frequencies. The material world in which the body exists holds onto the person's energy until they die. We can compare this spirit to a drop of water. Each drop of water is unique - you are unique and so is the person who tried to contact you from the other side in your dream.

What does it mean to overhear a telephone conversation in a dream?

To overhear a conversation is about the art of understanding others. To listen to a telephone conversation in a dream can be a warning or sign to take note in life. Now, some dreams are more meaningful than others. To dream of a phone call at work and you are listening to the conversation can indicate that you need to make sure there is ample communication between you and others. These types of dreams often happen when we are worrying about getting to a point in time with our careers.

At times, dreams of listening to a phone call at work can indicate a prospect of a promotion or an important time in the workspace. Dreaming of phone calls between people you know suggests communication between them both. Think about how you have focused on your relationships with these people in waking life. 

What does it mean if someone you know calls you?

A phone call can be from anyone you know, it could be family members or friends generally the phone call from someone you know means that you may go through a transitional process in life. If the phone call is favourable it can indicate that you need to think about how to make your life better. It is about the “good times” in life. To dream of a phone call that is a general chat means that you could be feeling somewhat lonely. We all hideaway sometimes and perhaps you have been feeling like a recluse. The dream is about the fact you simply need to chat. 

Dreaming of a phone call from someone in authority (such as a doctor, policeman, or lawyer) can mean that you may be feeling overwhelmed in life. Try to retain your own individuality. If you detach from others then you will not get your point across. This dream can also indicate a sensory overload if the news is adverse in some way.

It is not necessarily about you but more about adjusting to growing your own energy. If your dream is about a phone call from a person you knew who has passed (such as a work colleague or a friend) then this is known as interdimensional communication, it means that even in physical death we still have energy connections to those we once knew. Dreaming of a friend calling can be associated with anchoring an important path in the friendship. Maybe you feel you have been ignored or that there is something you cannot comprehend right now. 

What does it mean to receive or make a phone call to your Mother or Father?

Dreaming of a phone call from your Mother is associated with doing the right thing. Mother’s in our life teach us right from wrong and this is the spiritual association with Mothers. Regardless of if you have a relationship with your Mother in waking life this dream means that you may need to think about the communications around you right now. Are you doing the right thing? Are others listening to you? To dream of a call connected to your Father (regardless of the situation in waking life) is about masculine qualities.

It is about repeating what is good in your current relationship, the male in the dream could be a metaphor for a male in waking life and does not always reflect your true parent. Most of all, this dream is about authority and how you are handling these communications.

What does it mean if someone is angry on the phone?

You are being told by this dream to acknowledge anger you have not acknowledged fully and to be more assertive, to take a more active role in your life and circumstances, to be less passive or submissive, to be less submissive or fatalistic. If you are the one angry on the phone during a dream this can indicate other people have rattled you. If a shop assistant ignores you or you discover that you were sold a defective item, are you likely to become unnecessarily, or inappropriately, aggressive towards them? This dream can indicate you may feel undervalued or rejected.

Are you - in your dream - aggressive on the telephone towards your wife/husband/lover/ex/parent/brother/sister? This dream could be indicative of unconscious jealousy or resentment towards the person in question. We often harbour unwarranted hostility towards those close to us. If you dream of someone that is angry with you during the dream it can indicate that we need to grow and deal with a situation in waking life. Being angry is never a good spiritual feeling and a dream of anger on the phone (regardless of the parties involved) can suggest that we need to focus on our own actions and not be too bothered by others.

What does it mean to dream of calling emergency services?

To dream of calling 911/999 or any other services during a dream indicates things seem to be a struggle at the moment. This is a dream of fear, even though we are psychologically equipped to deal with difficulties in life we are sometimes unwilling to accept reality. The dream can be about the fact you are feeling some manipulation and control from others. The great message of dreaming of calling in an emergency is about communication with others. A sense and perceived worry about risking something in waking life. What are you risking?

What is the biblical message of a dream of a phone call?

God is infinite and I like to go over some scripture in regards to our dream meaning. Phones were not around in biblical times. So what does the phone call mean from a biblical perspective? Importantly, scripture about communication can apply to this dream. Religions teach us to love and peace. The most striking scripture about phones is this: “2 Corinthians 2:11  Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” it indicates that phones or “devices” in dreams is about damaging us.

Every phone is personal to us, our number and this gives us a sense of purpose. It is material goods. The phone is about how we express ourselves according to Proverbs 22:24, it can be a way we can be and speak things that are not the best in life. The biblically meaning of this dream is about “having a conversation with yourself.” which is seen in the scripture Peter 2:12.

What does it mean to dream of a dial tone?

We've discussed interdimensional communication before, I believe that the phone itself is a gift from the spirit and we shouldn't be afraid of it. Through thousands of readings, I have found that spirit communication can bring healing and comfort to people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. This gift was given to humanity in order to help us understand the eternal nature of life.

There is nothing magical about this type of communication. It is made possible by the pineal gland, which is physiological equipment. Everyone has one. As with the technology we use every day, such as telephones, radios, and televisions, our equipment enables us to communicate with distant places via frequency and energetic transfer. Our loved ones and the spirit can be sensed through this equipment, even if only for a short time. Therefore, I feel that hearing a dial tone in a dream is about communicating with your loved ones or ancestors. It is a call to open up spiritually, to hear what they have to say. A dial tone of a phone in a dream can be a signal spirit is trying to contact you. 

What does it mean if you cannot complete a phone call in a dream?

To be unable to complete a phone call is associated with difficult communication in life. Let's face it, we use our phones all the time. This dream is about “removing” something from your life that is causing problems.

What does it mean to dream of the phone ringing?

Hearing a phone ring in a dream is ‌a wake-up call to your life. It could be a cellphone or house phone, even a payphone. Do you answer the phone in your dream? If you dream ‌you hear the phone make sure it is not your actual phone in waking life, if it is then the dream itself rarely has meaning.

What does a red phone mean in a dream?

When I think of my old phone at home it was bright red with large buttons - a red phone in a dream can indicate passion through communications due to the color red. Red has many spiritual attributes and is connected to how we develop our communications with others. Using a red telephone in a dream can mean that others will be worried about communicating with you. A red phone is therefore associated with answering something important in life.

What does a black phone mean in a dream?

Seeing a black phone (even a black cellphone) can indicate that communication between dimensions is a gift of God and should not be feared. I have found that spirit communication brings healing and comfort to people who are grieving something in life, and the black phone is about trying to remove that darkness in life.

What does a phone call on a cellphone or mobile phone mean in a dream?

The meaning of a cellphone/mobile phone call is similar to a standard phone, The only difference is that the cellphone is not in a fixed location. If we use spirituality in this dream to decipher the meaning this dream can indicate that communication with others is in your hands. Learning takes a lifetime, and the dream of the cellphone call indicates that you are on the move spiritually, things might be looking up for you in the near future. This dream is also about development from a spiritual perspective. What are you learning? What are you developing?

What does it mean to not hear someone on the phone?

This dream is about blocked communication between two people, we all have at times ignored others and this dream is about not listening or hearing other people’s points of view. We have all done this at some point in our lives.

Life is about listening. The article also explains why listening can be a problem for many people. Understanding emotional reactions, unconscious needs, and hidden assumptions is also important. In this dream, you are exploring what makes listeners defensive, as well as why they may not hear what you have to say.

For one to be a better listener, one must understand and manage emotional reactivity. Even in the most difficult situations, you will learn how to be heard. In this article, I discuss how certain types of relationships can cause listening difficulties. Among these are intimate relationships, relationships with children, friendships, and work relationships. Each relationship's dynamics complicate listening, and I will elaborate on how you can use that knowledge to help each other.

You may be being attacked by aggressiveness in your dream. Take control of your situation. Remember that not everything you see in your dreams is necessarily a part of you. Find a part of yourself that is aggressive toward others or toward yourself. Maybe you feel guilty and this leads you to be angry at yourself or others. They are like two sides of the same coin. Guilt can cause anger, and anger can cause guilt.

What does it mean to dream of someone on the phone singing or music?

A song can have a lot of meaning. It can bring back a lot of memories. Is it not possible to evoke images, emotions, and feelings from a song? Music in dreams are commonly transmitted through interdimensional communication. In fact, I receive many songs from spirits. If I start singing or humming during a reading, I'm not trying to entertain or sing cosmic karaoke. Songs can be used to symbolize a year, a period, or an emotion. I could convey the message through a line or the song itself, therefore music in relation to a phone call is about moving forward spiritually - in my view.

Dreams of not answering the ringing phone in a dream?

To not answer the phone in a dream can indicate that there is an issue with not listening to other people. In life, it is hard to listen and we sometimes need to focus on what other people are telling us. Sometimes we do not want to hear what people have to say, dreaming that we are not answering the phone - or someone decides to not answer and it just keeps on ringing indicating that there is going to be a period of time that you wish to be alone. We all want to be alone sometimes and not be distracted by other people - this is the true meaning of the dream.

What does it mean to want to make a phone call but can’t in a dream?

It's about losing psychic abilities when you can't find the phone. In a dream, I saw a car accident and could not find a phone. I believe this is about remote viewing, which probes into the collective unconscious of Carl Jung and our community of spirit. We can share feelings and experiences with others, regardless of physical distance, demonstrating the telephone’s relevance today. Until science recognizes that the observer's perception is not separated from the world outside, it will never be able to fully comprehend consciousness. Dreams can sometimes provide a solution to a problem that was raised in the past, not finding the phone in the dream can suggest that we may find it hard to communicate to others.

Conclusion of a dream of a phone call

In order to conclude this dream meaning about a phone call, I am going to use an analogy. I love analogies. So, a baby does not arrive in this world knowing all words, the child must first learn to recognize sound waves as intelligent communication. These sound waves can be used to communicate concepts, feelings, and expressions. The ability to communicate ideas intelligently using sound waves is called speech. We all have the gift of speech. Speech is only the first step. Understanding the subtleties, double meanings and nuances of the language, of course, takes longer. Therefore, we use words that can have multiple meanings daily.

Spirits communicate the same messages by using the same words. When communicating with a spirit (I call this Interdimensional communication) is more than just perceiving symbols and images. It can also include feeling or sensing numbers, vibrations, people, emotions, feelings, songs, sensations, and even sensations. Understanding that energy vibration. transmitted by spirits can often contain a lot of information that is necessary. The message will be more meaningful if the receiver of the messages in this world understands its full meaning.

In this dream, you may have

  • Made or received a phone call.
  • Talked to someone who has passed in a phone call.
  • Talked to God, an angel, or the Devil.
  • Had a hard time reaching someone by phone.
  • Dropped a phone call.
  • Wished you could make a phone call.
  • Shouted at someone over a phone call (or been yelled at).
  • Couldn’t hear someone on a phone call.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You express love over a phone call
  • You talk to God or a higher power

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Having repressed emotions.
  • Working out troubles with someone.
  • Rumours being spread.
  • Needing to talk to someone.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a phone call

Happy. Elated. Thrilled. Shocked. Confused. Sad. Angry. Mad. Unsettled. Quieted. In Awe. Determined. Loved. Enlightened. Excited.

By Florance Saul
May 19, 2022