Aborigine Dream Meaning

An Aborigine found in dreams is connected to our spiritual well-being.

This is a great dream to have! Commonly, to see an Australian Aborigine indicates that you will encounter spiritual work. This dream is associated with how you connect with the world in life. How do you work on natural occurrences in life? Do you take everything to heart? An aborigine is associated with being sincere with others.

From a spiritual perspective, our dreams give us different clues and meanings. The aboriginal is connected to spiritual growth and development.  I just love dreams my name is Flo,  I've been studying these types of dreams for many years in fact twenty-five years in total.

During that time I had one dream regarding aboriginals. This was quite profound and I found myself talking to an Australian aboriginal in the spiritual plane. There is something quite magical about the dream of an aboriginal especially when they appear to you in the subconscious mind. If you have sex with an aborigine in your dream then this indicates that love will be granted to you. It can also be associated with a new lover or relationship in life.

What does it mean to dream of an Aborigine?

Oh before we go on further, please also see this dream meaning by clicking here: aboriginal dream meaning. The term Aborigine and aboriginal are used interchangeably. The dream state is associated with our own spiritual energy in life. Let’s review the history of an aboriginal. This term was used in Australia in 1789. It is common and connected to the term “hunter-gather.” I have a detailed dream description on aboriginal and you’re properly wondering why we have two articles on this website. Basically, it is because the term “aborigine”  describes any person of this culture whether they are either female or male the terms are the same. Generally, the name aborigine is not widely used because it is not politically correct. It is considered racist.

What is the difference between aborigine and aboriginal?

Basically in order to understand the difference between the two is that an aboriginal is a noun for either a female or male. If we look at the term Aboriginal is normally written with a capital letter.  the name “aborigines”  is generally considered rather ambiguous.  it is normally a term that is considered rather racist and was used by the white settlers of Australia. Surprisingly the name “Torres Starit islanders”  is much more appropriate to use. 

How big is the Aboriginal population? 

In order to answer this we need to look back to the 1700s. This time it was estimated that there were quarter million aboriginals that lived in Australia. Today, however,  this has grown to a massive 700,000 people which accounts for almost 3% of the total population. These are interesting facts if the aboriginal appeared in your dream. If you live in Australia and were in this interpretation then the dream itself may be symbolic. Freud believed that we all gain symbols in daily life which can affect our dream state.

The aborigine originally, in a symbolic context indicates that spiritually you will be able to connect with somebody more suited to you in the future.  now, let's briefly go over the spiritual interpretation seen an aboriginal in a dream.  It is a positive omen to see an Australian aboriginal in a dream. Perhaps you’ve been in a long-term relationship and you’re finding it difficult to move forward. There may be some financial constraints or difficulties because you have children together. Alternatively, if you are single and (in this case) you dream of being an aborigine it means that you are going to have much happiness in life.

If you marry an aborigine in the dream state it indicates that you will be joyful for the future. Prosperity is likely to be yours. To see an aborigine in a tent is an indication that there is a spiritual guy watching over and guiding your footsteps. This is a lucky sign. To see an aborigine on TV suggests that you will have success in business. To see an Australian aborigine indicates that good news is likely to be yours.  I do hope you enjoyed this dream interpretation and please share this on Facebook. 

Feelings encountered when dreaming of an aborigine 

Happiness. Contentment. Spiritual enlightenment. Connecting with inner guides in order to find the direction of life. 

In your dream, you could have

Met an Aborigine. Had sex with an Aborigine. Married an Aborigine. Seen an Aborigine on TV. Seen an Australian Aborigine.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017