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A ballroom is used for dancing. Historically, a ballroom was quite a popular venue. If we look back to post 1950s the ballroom was often used as a form of not only entertainment but also social interactions.

Many people in the past actually met their life partner in a ballroom. The ballroom today in terms of a dream suggests a new start in particular love!

When you are in a ballroom, it means you are far away in a land full of happiness; a place of romance or courting. A ballroom brings memories of present or past relationships which are successful. Seeing a ballroom in a dream always results in a happy ending - depending on how it presents itself.

In the dream, you may

  • See yourself in a ballroom.
  • Dancing in a ballroom.
  • An old fashioned ballroom.
  • See someone you know in a ballroom.
  • Meet a lover in a ballroom.
  • See a strange person in a ballroom.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

A ballroom in your dream will automatically elevate memories of past or present courtship or love. When you dream of yourself in a ballroom, it means that your relationship is working well and you have nothing to worry too much about your love life.

It denotes that your love life is regarded highly and sense of not only harmony balance will enter your life shortly. You are enjoying the moment with your partner and thus, you shouldn’t take it for granted. Make sure that you work hard to take it to a higher level. Go for a holiday or an adventure with your loved one so that the love blossoms. While away, concentrate on revisiting issues which might be affecting your relationship so that when you return, you are not worried about your loved one and the relationship at hand.

You can take the opportunity of proposing to them and make a wedding date as soon as possible. Your partner is the right one for you and you should not have any doubts about it.

When you are at a distance in your dream, watching members of your family or friends enjoying themselves in a ballroom, it means that one of your friends or family members will be marrying the love of their life soon and you will be involved in their wedding. Let them know that they are meant for each other. Encourage them to go out for an adventure to make their bond stronger and then get married as soon as possible.

To meet a lover in the ballroom represents a new bond or relationship in love. A strange person entering a ballroom is an indication that, you, your family members, or acquaintances are facing difficulties in matters of love. You seem to be absorbed in your day to day activities, neglecting your need for love from someone who truly cares for you. Take time off to undertake an adventure and you might just find the right person.

In conclusion, the ballroom represents your faith in life itself as well as love. Dancing is considered a positive omen in the dream state. The inner grace that is connected to dancing indicates that a new beginning fresh start is on the horizon. Dancing is specifically connected to a contentment in love.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Doubtful, in love, happy, in relationship, adventurous, strange, neglected, contented and dancing, ballroom dancing which brings happiness and inner grace.

By Florance Saul
May 4, 2017