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An attorney is a term which is given to someone who provides legal advice and conducts suits in court.

A dream that includes an attorney denotes that, you are seeking advice and guidance for something that has happened in your life. This dream normally appears when we need to review where we are in life. The dream about an attorney could indicate that you are always in need of compliance; you always want everything to go as per your schedule; anything out of the set guidelines or rules makes you feel stress.It can also indicate that you or someone who tries the best they can to make sure that a situation is fair and follow clear guidelines.

An attorney in the dream could also indicate that you are setting things right; it could mean that you are intervening in a situation involving those around you. You are a peacemaker in a given situation. On a more negative note - seeing an attorney in your dream can mean that, you are anxious about situations in waking life. This is due to the fact there is a lot of pressure placed on you to comply or make things right. You are facing situations where you have to choose between facing challenges or making it impossible for you to meet your goals. But somehow, you don’t want someone to deal with your problems because you consider these “private.”

What is the detailed dream interpretation of an attorney? 

When you need an attorney in your dream, it implies that you are out of your comfort zone due to something not working out the way you expected it to. It is time to put aside your pride and let others help you because you are headed for destruction unless you get help from those around you. If you saw that you were an attorney in your dream, it suggests that your wisdom is needed in sorting out a situation which is out of hand. You need to get something sorted out because you have found yourself in a mess due to “not doing the right thing.” You are the one who knows how things are done in life and your help is gladly welcomed.

A situation where you see an attorney fight for bail in your dream indicates there are some things in life that should not worry you because you have done something which hurts others. You need to make amends by asking for forgiveness. A situation where you need an attorney to sort out family issues in your dream denotes that, there is a need for you to intervene in a problematic situation; it could be a business, an issue at your place of work.

An attorney who represents you in court in your dream denotes that, you might be having a problem with the law. During this time you need to be extra careful when it comes to financial matters. Being involved in legal agreements in the dream suggests others can have a negative impact on you. An attorney that “cross-examined” you in your dream implies that things are not working as per your plans. You may have entered into an agreement with someone to do a project, but it seems the project is stalled. A dream focused on courts and law may reflect a situation in waking life which is causing anxiety in your life. You need to ask for help from those around you because that is the only way forward; otherwise, you will be suffering the repercussions.

If you dream of an attorney general this dream suggests that you have a need for friends, management of affairs, and confidence in dealing with important matters in life. It indicates that you are vulnerable and you might have problems with a relationship. This relationship may require a resolution to make it stronger. It is a dream where someone is trying to give you hope.

To dream of a specific attorney e.g. better call Saul it can suggest that whatever problem which is disturbing you at the moment, can be best solved if you approach your own inner mind. To gain legal advice in your dream denotes that, there is a negative situation which has happened to someone you know and through it, this person will learn important lessons in life. To be prosecuted for crimes in the dream state and an attorney is unable to defend you in your dream, denotes that areas of your life are collapsing in front of you; there are goals which you have been chasing. Forget about problems in life and start afresh, you might just be lucky. If in your dream, you are not given an attorney after being arrested, it denotes that, you have issues with your friends or family and this has caused you many problems. Studying to be an attorney in your dream is symbolic in that you will soon be invited to attend your friend’s wedding. 

  • You may need an attorney in your dream = happiness.
  • You were an attorney = control and power.
  • An attorney gave you bail = talking to others will help you.
  • You need a family attorney to sort out family issues = happiness in life.
  • An attorney represented you in court = being judged.
  • An attorney “cross-examined” you = others will help you.
  • The dream focused on courts and law = new talent.
  • You dream of the attorney general = there is a process that you need to follow.
  • You dream of a specific attorney e.g. better Call Saul = indicates an education is needed.
  • You gain legal advice = give others advice.
  • You are prosecuted for crimes and the attorney cannot defend you = new start.
  • You are not given an attorney after being arrested = Inspiration in life.
  • You study to be an attorney = new tomorrow.

Feelings Associated with the dream of an attorney

Hopeful. Disturbed. Knowledgeable. Vulnerable. These are some popular dreams that people have sent in to me and the ancient meaning.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2017