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A bamboo cane

A bamboo cane.

To dream of a bamboo cane indicates a release of difficult energy and also the conscious and subconscious mind.


If you are holding a bamboo cane dream this is an extremely positive omen. It indicates calm after the storm is normally associated with peace and the bamboo cane in this sense speaks of wholeness and healing in life. The bamboo cane is also connected to negotiations with others.  There maybe a time in the recent past where you needed to challenge the darkness. The bamboo cane signifies that the truth has now entered your life.



In the dream, you may…


  • Have seen bamboo canes.
  • Walked through a bamboo canes.
  • Picked bamboo canes.
  • Be the one holding the bamboo cane.
  • A friend or relative holding a bamboo cane.
  • A strange person holding a bamboo.
  • Planted bamboo canes


Detailed Dream Interpretation…

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In ancient Chinese dream dictionary meanings it was never a very positive omen to see the bamboo as a cane or pillar in the dream.


It can imply that competition and a sense of rules is going to come into play. Often, the bamboo cane represents the rules which have been abandoned by others. It can be associated with with a fight that has taken place but has been serious and quite worrying. This has ended in troubled times.



The bamboo crane can also suggest that there may be some minor loss of happiness. Very often it indicates that the crisis of action is going to withstand any future flow of energy.


To see a friend with a bamboo cane indicates that the relationship may be stretched in the future. To hold a bamboo cane or pillow shows the appreciation of life.


If you walk through bamboo canes then this can signify the failure of a close relationship. To pick bamboo canes suggests that a crisis will soon finish if it has not finished already.  To plant bamboo canes indicate that you are connected to somebody that thinks highly of you. As a bamboo in general is a positive omen can symbolise choice in matters of the heart.


Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream...

Content. Ready. Open. Victorious. False Optimism. Undecided. Reinvigorated. Talented.


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