A bamboo cane

A bamboo cane

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Firstly we will say this is quite an unusual dream.

The most important area that we need to discuss before moving on to what this dream symbolises is a spiritual association with the bamboo crane. There is much that have been written on possible interpretations of “bamboo” from a Chinese perspective. The Chinese have many different charms, bamboo is one of them! Yes, from a Chinese perspective signifies resilience in life. Therefore, we can tribute the dream of a bamboo crane or if “bamboo” is featured it is connected to your own spiritual resistance to life.

Many legendary dream dictionaries denote that bamboo itself is connected to happiness and prosperity. You are probably here because you have encountered a dream whereby you could see bamboo or alternatively you're working with bamboo cranes or sticks in the dream. The point I'm going to make is that it is very unusual for us to remember all our dreams. Therefore if you did remember the bamboo was featured in your dream we cannot understand if this was the totality of your dream. There may be elements but were also intertwined in the dream you have forgotten. So let’s try to uncover this dream meaning.

To dream of a bamboo cane indicates a release of difficult energy and also the conscious and subconscious mind. If you are holding a bamboo cane dream this is an extremely positive omen. It indicates calm after the storm is normally associated with peace and the bamboo cane in this sense speaks of wholeness and healing in life. The bamboo cane is also connected to negotiations with others. There maybe a time in the recent past where you needed to challenge the darkness. The bamboo cane signifies that the truth has now entered your life.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

In ancient Chinese dream dictionary meanings it was never a very positive omen to see the bamboo as a cane or pillar in the dream. It can imply that competition and a sense of rules is going to come into play. Often, the bamboo cane represents the rules which have been abandoned by others. It can be associated with with a conflict that has taken place but has been serious and quite worrying. This has ended in troubled times.

The bamboo crane can also suggest that there may be some minor loss of happiness. Very often it indicates that the crisis of action is going to withstand any future flow of energy. To see a friend with a bamboo cane indicates that the relationship may be stretched in the future. To hold a bamboo cane or pillow shows the appreciation of life. If you walk through bamboo canes then this can signify the failure of a close relationship. To pick bamboo canes suggests that a crisis will soon finish if it has not finished already. To plant bamboo canes indicates that you are connected to somebody that thinks highly of you. As a bamboo in general is a positive omen can symbolise choice in matters of the heart.

The other interesting fact is that the bamboo could be either cream-coloured alternatively deep green. If the bamboo had shoots and was green then this is associated with hope of a bright tomorrow, connection with others, and healing from within. The green leaves are connected situations in life - elements of life are starting to grow! If the bamboo shoot is a dark green in color then this can represent material wealth for money. As we have already concluded seeing any type of bamboo in a dream is connected to resilience due to the Chinese interpretation. If we look at Freud and his dream book, he concluded that most dreams our pigment of our wants and needs in waking life. Therefore if we transmit this analysis to the dream of a bamboo crane it can symbolize that perhaps a “fresh start” is what you want out of life. You want to be strong, powerful and be able to take on anything that life throws at you. As we have already detailed Bamboo is a positive omen associated with our dreams. As we have already defined earlier in the paragraph above this is a lucky dream so good for you!

What does it mean to see a bamboo house in a dream?

The bamboo house in the dream is connected to how we are putting a “guard up” in our lives. The bamboo walls denote how we are emotionally seeing a bamboo house in a dream it implies that eventually things will work out for the best. You need to try to understand how you feel inside. Only you can control your own emotions. A bamboo house can also signify stress and courage. These are two attributes that are needed. If you enter the bamboo house in a dream then this denotes the other people are going to help you in order to overcome any obstacles. If you were building a house from bamboo in a dream and this can suggest that even though you will have difficult times in the future you will overcome them eventually. If you see a door on the bamboo house in the dream then this can indicate that the solution to a problem is going to be hard to find but you will find in the end. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you need to cut short a difficult period of time in your life.

What does it mean if you dream of lucky bamboo?

The interpertation here is not just about dreams but about general bamboo. The bamboo is connected to our resilience in life. Sometimes in shops we see bamboo in small pots that people take home in order to how their lives through bringing great luck. Lucky Bamboo seen the dream very positive omen. Not only is associated with resilience but also power and control of your own situation in life. Lucky Bamboo seen in a dream can be associated with fortune, luck, power and also control over a situation.

What do bamboo sticks mean in a dream?

As we have already defined bamboo sticks on connected to great luck. If you are gardening and use bamboo shoots to tie plants alternatively you see a line of bamboo shoots in a dream and this can suggest that through great hard work you will prosper.

What is the biblical meaning of bamboo sticks?

Bamboo sticks have been represented in the Bible as Green shoots as we have already concluded from a spiritual perspective bamboo is associated with sorting out how you feel inside and putting up some defensive mechanisms in order to be resilient in life. Perhaps you have been feeling that some area of your life is wonderful and other areas are not. The bamboo sticks in this instance indicate that you will need to review your life for the better.

So, in conclusion the dream of bamboo is positive in nature and you should be grateful for having such wonderful dream. The bamboo can be featured in many different ways. If you saw a bamboo chair or any furniture made of bamboo in a dream then this can suggest that growth and hard work will be yours in the future. If you see some conservatory furniture made of bamboo in a dream then this indicates that you need to be more conservative in life. There are many different dream meanings about bamboo from the 1930s but predominantly the meaning is taken from the Chinese symbolism of luck, if you are eating bamboo then this is a positive omen and can denote riches and happiness in life. So that is it! Hope you liked the interpretation, oh and don’t forget to like us on facebook by clicking button below. Thank you for reading, Flo.

Quick meanings

  • Have seen bamboo canes: denotes good luck!
  • Walked through a bamboo canes: situations will go to plan.
  • Picked bamboo canes: people will talk about you.
  • Be the one holding the bamboo cane: new start in life.
  • A friend or relative holding a bamboo cane: this is a good omen regarding the relationship you have in life with this friend.
  • A strange person holding a bamboo: good times with friends.
  • Planted bamboo canes: fresh start.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Content. Ready. Open. Victorious. False Optimism. Undecided. Reinvigorated. Talented.

By Florance Saul
May 4, 2017