Jumping high dreams

Jumping high dreams

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Jumping really high in a dream denotes fear.

You might be worried about losing something close and dear to you. It really depends on high you are actually jumping. To actually see yourself as third person jumping suggest that a secret within is likely to come out.

In your dream

  • You’re in a competition jumping high.
  • You suddenly jumped really high.
  • You were in a high jump competition.
  • You jumped off a building.
  • You bounced in a dream.
  • You “took off” in the air.
  • You won a jumping competition.

Detailed dream interpretation jumping high

Jumping high can also signify different feelings within. It is connected to your own perspective in life. As a single jumping high indicates not only fear but happiness and contentment in life. If you see yourself jumping high across the world this can also be a desire that has been repressed for some time. Being afraid in life it is also connected to jumping high. To see the high jump or a "jumping competition" in your dream denotes freedom in your choices.

It can symbolize you are in the process of making important changes in your life, it can also suggest that you are going to make a mistake especially if you were jumping downward direction. To jump high over building an object suggest that you’re going to have disagreements go forward.

If you see yourself on top of the wall then this can suggest new beginnings. To be worried about jumping high in the dream suggests difficulties people in work context. It can be very similar to a flying type of dream - if you see the ground as you jump. It can also be that you need to focus on moving forward in life. To win a jumping competition with others participating indicates you are trying to find a reason to delay something in your life.

Gravity is a strange thing and to experience the pull crashing after jumping high signifies possible difficulties that will surmount in the future.

To see others jumping high in a dream signifies progression and record achievements going forward. Jumping as a dream symbol is connected to freedom and adventure.

Feelings of a dream of jumping high

Progression in life. Feeling on top of the world. Jumping for fun.

By Florance Saul
Aug 11, 2017