Jewelry dream meaning

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Stones and gems in a dream represent the things you value in life.

Jewelry can appear in many ways in our dreams. Often, dreams of jewelry can include a specific object such as a watch, necklace, glasses, crown, pears, gems, rings, gloves and umbrella or sometimes just a chest of wonderful jewelry. Traditionally, seeing jewelry in a dream is connected to your own wealth in life. It can also suggest some creative abilities and that you need for determination to focus and move forward in life.

What does it mean when you dream about jewelry?

To see jewelry in your dream represents your self-image and self-value. It also reflects something “important” in your life and the things you value. The jewelry in your dream focuses on something valuable in life. This dream depends on the jewelry is either gold or silver but also denotes possible improvements to your career. This dream means you will make important choices that will contribute your future success. Your personal life will also go through a transformation, especially if you could see multiple jewelry items in your dream state.

The jewelry itself is a symbol of status in waking life. You value your relationships with people and you’re a person of word. Do you find people that envy your social image? The commitments you make to others are normally fulfilled, and you never break a promise. However, even if people think of you as an intimidating, strong person, deep inside, you’re soft. To see gold jewelry represents psychologically the people you love, and your possessions. A time will come when you will have to choose between two paths if you could see a set of jewelry in a dream. To break a necklace in a dream indicates that your true values will be exposed. You also possess spiritual and intellectual riches.

What does it mean to dream of wearing jewelry?

As I have mentioned, jewelry represents your status. To see jewelry in your dream signifies your self-worth, however, to wear a necklace, ring or watch can in some dream meanings hold a slightly negative interpretation. If you dislike the jewelry in your dream this represents negative energy. You are being warned that other people need to turn to you for advice. To dream of jewelry being stolen can indicate betrayal. Or being manipulated by someone with not so good intentions. To dream of wearing silver jewelry has a positive meaning. As silver is connected to the moon the dream implies that the future’s bright and that you have nothing to worry about regarding the safety of your assets. Or friends. This dream can mean you are enjoying your life.

What does it mean to dream about amethyst jewelry?

If you haven’t heard of this type of stone before - the amethyst jewelry is a violet precious stone. To wear this stone in a dream symbolizes pleasure and temptation. Normally, when this stone is presented it indicates that someone thinks of you as a very special person. Which indeed, you are! Amethyst stones are positive and in healing they represent affects other people, including yourself in a positive way. People like to have you in their life because of your positive point of view. Is purple your favorite color? Or one of your favorites? Coincidence? We don’t think so. Are you planning to make a move that will contribute to the accomplishment of your life goals? If yes, everything will go in your favor.

What does it signify to dream about a large piece of jewelry?

To dream of a large piece of jewelry signifies gratitude and acknowledgment. You will be rewarded for something you’ve done. To buy a large piece of jewelry (or if it is heavy) then this can imply that someone has noticed your effort. A person will admit you did a good job and you will receive gratitude from the person. Your dream also foretells good news related to your career and personal life. Are you looking for your main goal or a clear purpose in this world? If you are single a large item of jewelry in a dream can imply that a lover will walk into your life and help you find it in the most unexpected place. You will do unusual things you never imagined that you were capable of doing.

What does it denote to dream about diamond jewelry?

We all know that diamond jewelry is among the most expensive pieces in the world. Everyone loves diamonds, however, to dream of diamonds represents that you will make way for joy and happiness in life. To see diamonds mined indicates you are searching for something important in life. To dream of small stone diamonds implies that others will support you in the future. To dream of diamonds in a necklace indicates that someone is using your current position to take advantage of you. To lose diamond jewels or for this to be stolen indicates that someone will manipulate you with material things, and focus on what really matters. To wear a diamond ring in old dream lore states that you must take better care of your health and well-being. Are you leading a healthy lifestyle lately?

What does it signify to buy jewelry in your dream?

To buy jewelry in a dream predicts a great future. It also reveals your great wealth and high status. Other predictions are related to your marital status, which I will briefly discuss. It’s likely that you will marry someone spiritually powerful and even wealthier than you. Or you will win something like a prize, and enjoy even greater wealth. Maybe it’s time you gave something a “shot” like taking a chance on a relationship or career move. It’s a good time to make new connections, and renew the old ones.

What does it mean to dream of selling jewelry?

Selling jewelry can appear in many different ways in a dream. Many jewelers buy gold from people due to the gold being unfashionable or that people wish to raise money. We have seen an influx of these companies and websites on the television. According to Carl Jung, most of our dreams are generally focused on what we actually see in the world, therefore, the advert for buying your jewelry it is not uncommon to dream of this. Gold jewelry, for example, is sold in ounces and to sell your jewelry in a dream in old dream books indicates difficulty in communicating with others. If the jewelry is hallmarked then this can apply the negative situation was seen come to an end. To sell jewelry in the dream signifies financial problems and disturbed the inner peace. Selling jewelry in dreams can imply a difficult situation. You’re not feeling comfortable. To pawn jewelry in a dream can indicate you feel there is no way out, but you’re wrong. There’s always a way out. And if you can’t find it – create it.

What does it mean if you lose jewelry in your dream state?

Losing jewelry in a dream has both, positive and negative interpretation. Let’s start with the negative. You’re going to experience a hard period in life. You will be unhappy due betrayal from people you thought were extremely loyal to you. However, the positive outcome is that you will learn a precious lesson – trust yourself only. Question the others before you share secrets. Also, be prepared to lose money and business connections due to unpredicted events. You will be fine.

What’s the interpretation of finding jewelry in a dream?

To dream of finding jewelry in your dream indicates success and unexpected happiness. It’s the perfect time to collect the fruits of your labor and enjoy a profit. New projects are coming to you when you find jewelry. The old problems you left unsolved will magically solve on their own. You will experience absolute joy and happiness, and establish a profound connection with your loved ones.

What does it mean to dream of a jewelry store?

Seeing a jewelry store in a dream can indicate the viability of the project. The store itself can represent an expected expense will occur, however jewelry per se indicates happiness and vitality. If you are spending excessive amounts recently dreaming of a jewelry store is common. To work in a jewelry store in a dream can suggest profits and wealthy transactions in the future. It may mean that you are going to take a vacation alternatively you are going to be paid for your work. In old dream lore, a jewelry shop is considered a positive and happy dream. In some circles, such a dream denotes possible marriage.

What’s the meaning of giving someone jewelry in a dream?

To dream of giving jewelry to someone in your dream has a positive interpretation. Gifting a necklace indicates that you will be forced to say goodbye to a person or project in waking life. Giving a ring to someone suggests that there will be a project you won’t be able to ignore. However, your dream also has a positive notion. To be giving an engagement ring in a dream can indicate a period of time that will make you truly happy.

What does it mean to dream about boyfriend buying you jewelry?

If your boyfriend bought you jewelry in the dream, it means you two have a bright future together. Nothing can come between you two. Your dream also denotes your desire to get closer to your partner and this is a meaningful relationship. The connection is very strong. Your partner loves you. However, if you’re single in waking life but still had the dream, it means you’re feeling lonely, underappreciated and lost. You wish for someone to give you a hand and make you feel loved. If you boyfriend gives a ring to another woman in a dream it can imply that you are looking for someone to love. Once you realize you’re good enough, you won’t need anyone else to confirm your worth. You’re definitely worth it, remember.

What does it represent throwing away jewelry in your dream?

To throw away jewelry in a dream signifies your wish to get remove yourself and move into your own comfort zone. Putting jewelry in the trash in a dream indicates that every connection with your current world is being analyzed. It can imply entering a new phase in life. Life is short. If you threw your wedding ring off in a dream can imply being in a difficult routine. Gather the courage to make the first step toward a more exciting life.

What does it signify receiving jewelry in your dream?

To receive jewelry in a dream reveals new opportunities given by a person you didn’t expect. The spiritual message is to seize an opportunity to allow your career to progress. Although you will feel worried of your new success at first, once you remind yourself of your hard work and efforts you will realize that you deserve so much more in life. New opportunities will also bring new people and other exciting things in your life. You would be crazy not to seize each one of them.

By Florance Saul
Mar 15, 2018