Apple Dream

Apple Dream Meaning

The apple in your dream signifies your guilty conscience and doubtfulness.

Aside from being a religious symbol, the apple is also an ancient fertility symbol. It represents love, temptation, and spiritual growth. To eat the apple means acquiring knowledge. However, this fruit also has an erotic meaning related to your sexuality. Psychoanalysts say that the apple is a typical sex symbol because of its form that’s similar to a woman’s breast. In dreams of younger people, the apple represents sexual desires, and strong sexual energy you must release.

What is the spiritual meaning of an apple?

The apple’s an ambiguous symbol that’s can be found in religions and myths, like the Bible for example. The apple in the Bible represents an eviction from the paradise. Therefore, the apple remains a symbol of temptation. According to dream experts, the apple in a dream represents the materialistic side of the character and the inability to resist temptation. The apple is a sign of reckless decisions. In the old testament, this fruit is seen as a forbidden fruit. What is it that you want or yearn for but believe it’s sinful and bad for you? What’s tempting you?

What does it mean to see a wormy apple?

An apple worm is known as a railroad worm. It is not uncommon to pick an apple from a tree and find one of the pesky worms. Often these worms are known as maggots. finding a worm in an apple during a dream can signify a new step in life. This is because the apple worm comes in a whole array of different species. As the worm is essentially a “parasite” it can sometimes suggest someone taking advantage of you.

What does rotten apple in a dream mean?

Now, to dream of a rotten apple denotes your lack of sympathy for people, especially the ones who’re not being honest with you. Your dream also represents revelation of fake friends, breakup, or similar pain. However, if the apple in your dream is rotten, it also signifies worries. It indicates a warning for bad news, annoyance, and danger approaching you. Be aware of your enemies, and their vendetta.

What does a green apple mean in a dream?

To see a green apple in a dream represents wholeness and prosperity. It also denotes your immaturity, blind trust in everyone and your naivety. To eat a green apple can suggest other people’s mistakes but you tend to make your own problems – sorry if that sounds harsh but that is the ancient meaning of a green apple. Your own life experience is irreplaceable, you believe in yourself, and you’re completely right. To see others eating a green apple for tells a great new start in life. The green apple means you’re a visionary with clear goals and high aspirations. Maybe you feel you are not actually ready to accomplish everything at once. Training is necessary if you want to accomplish your dreams.

What does a red apple mean in a dream?

Red spiritually represents passion. As I have already outlined above apples are a symbol of good luck which leads to a successful life and prosperity. The red apples indicate a good period of your life has just begun. You’re about to realize some of your long-wanted dreams. Everything will finally come to place. This could be your hard work and dedication. To dream of crunching a red apple indicates a new career and this could indicate progress. Maybe you will get that long-wanted promotion – who knows! In general, dreaming of red apple, in my research, does not have a negative interpretation. On the contrary, it symbolizes joy in all areas of life. No matter your next move, you’re walking the right life path.

What does an apple tree mean in a dream?

To see a beautiful leafy apple tree in your dream signifies satisfaction fulfilled expectations, and wishes, as well as good news arriving in your home. Are you ready to seize the life opportunity that will be given to you? Don’t fear failure because you’re a born winner. Losing is not an option in the coming weeks.

What does eating an apple mean in a dream?

As I mentioned before, to eat an apple in a dream symbolizes knowledge, spiritual growth and intelligence. To eat the apple stands as a sign of positive energy. Are you placing your energy in the right place? What is it that you focus on recently? No matter what your answer is - your dedication will pay off at the end of the day. You might think that you got lucky with a new situation. But know this – we all create our own luck. Such a dream indicates that you are currently working on yours, and your work will be fruitful. If the apple you eat was sweet, someone new will enter your life soon. Ok, so a romantic love will become your weakness. However, if the apple was rotten, or spoiled, or you see a worm inside, it foretells gossips from people you didn’t expect. They will go behind your back. Seeing dried apples means your dreams are big but not planned well. You need to slow down and make a concise plan on how to recreate your current life into the life you always wanted to live. And let no one tell you that you can’t change. People are born to change. And only those who adapt to changes, survive. Panta rei, as Heraclitus said once.

What does it mean to pick a red apple in a dream?

As already stated red apple stands for good luck and prosperity. To pick an apple from the ground in a dream means you will create your own luck, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It can imply that you never lean on destiny. Oh, and adjust life to your needs and wishes. You’re a determined, strong person with big dreams for yourself.

What does it mean to pick a green apple in a dream?

Green apple stands for smart choices, good judgment, and a fresh start. To pick such from the ground in your dream denotes your intelligence, strong intuition and sensitivity. Although everyone perceives you as a hard person to handle, deep inside, you’re softer than cotton. Let your sensitive side take over. There’s nothing wrong or shameful about being sensitive. A lot of people are what I call robots. And no matter what they say, they’re certainly not enjoying it. Try to do something inspirational!

What does it mean to cook with apples in a dream?

To cook with apples in your dream means you’re using your old experience and knowledge to create something new and beautiful. You will be successful at what you do. All you have to remember is to do it with heart. No matter what people say, you can never go wrong if you follow your heart.

What does it mean to buy an apple in a dream?

To buy apples in a dream denotes positive energy. You will finally create a place for positive energy to enter your life by letting the negativity out. The toxic people who are stealing your happiness are no longer a part of your life. It’s time for a new, fresh start. It’s time you recreate your life and live.

What does it mean to see apples on the ground?

If the apples were on the ground in your dream, it means you should be careful who you trust. Someone close may betray your trust. Think about the story of Adam and Eve. The apple on the ground can indicate a person will try to manipulate you into doing something in their favor. This is of course in older dream dictionaries. It can just be deception. In one dream book it stated: Luckily, the mask on the person’s face will fall out right on time. So, my advice is that you must be aware of possible jealous people around you because it might help you identify the person that will cause “deceit.” Other dream books state that an apple found on the floor can signify great times ahead. I know they are contrasting but I wanted to cover all avenues.

What does it mean to dream of ripe apple?

To dream of a ripe apple signifies new opportunities on the horizon. You will finally be rewarded for your hard effort and dedication. Luck will be on your side, you might think but you must admit, that recently, you’ve been creating your own luck. And, opportunities might come out of nowhere. A lovely red ripe apple indicates passion and commitment. In work, you will make sure to seize each opportunity. In summary…enjoy your forthcoming achievement.

What does it signify to cut an apple in a dream?

Unfortunately, to cut an apple in your dream in older dream books indicates that you or someone you know may fail at something. Maybe a business deal will go the wrong way? Or your plan A will fail? Or even an unexpected delay will occur? Either way, cutting an apple with a knife in a dream can denote failure. In many dream books cutting an apple could be a paradox of your next move in life. Remember, if plan A will not work, you still have Plan B or even C and your disposal. This dream comes with the message that you may need a better plan and a few exit strategies. Following such a dream try to be more attentive to details. In dream psychology to cut an apple can indicate that you have self-doubts, I would say don’t worry everything will fall into place eventually. And, your efforts will only contribute to even greater success. I have segmented some older dream meanings below in order for you to understand what an apple means in older dream lore. Some are a bit old fashioned the meaning but I feel it is important to include all elements.

What does seeing a green apple tree mean in a dream?

To see an apple tree in your dream is related to positive news in waking life. If the apple tree was dead or not in the best of a condition, it denotes negative energy and bad news coming. The apple is a symbol of romance, desires, good health, marriage, fertility, and of course, temptation. To dream of blossoming apple tree symbolizes success in business. And progressive career.

What does dreaming about apples scattered on the ground mean?

To dream about apples scattered on the ground is a representation of your friends. In ancient times apples on the group could indicate that people who don’t respect you much. Like the apples, you need to pick your friends wisely and more carefully in the future.

What does dreaming about an apple pie indicates?

Aside from being a symbol of love, romance, temptation and all the thing that come along with that, the apple also symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and prosperity. To dream of apple pie means you will get access to those things. However, if you dream of eating an apple pie, it means you will need to work hard to acquire whatever is it that you want from life. Things won’t come easily to you, but when they do – the effort and time you spend on work today will pay off.

What does dreaming about an apple rotten from the inside means?

Yuck! Rotting apples can not taste that nice. To dream of rotten apple from the inside represents failure due to poor planning, and disappointments coming from unrealistic expectations. Evaluate the damage and make a new, better plan. Start small and move slow. No one’s rushing you to succeed in life.

What does dreaming about ripe apples on a tree signifies?

To dream about ripe apples on an apple tree signifies that your time has come! It’s time you realize your dreams, hopes, and highest aspiration. Luck will be on your side but be careful – don’t wish for something you can’t handle. Prepare yourself for the upcoming career success.

What does dreaming about a big, fresh and juicy red apple mean? To dream of red, fresh and juicy apple means you wish for the best things in life, however, you’re not sure how to get what you wish for. In older dream lore, this dream also reflects your perfect health. To dream of fresh red apple denotes your aggression, bravery, happiness and, wish to have power in society, and authority. This dream reveals your deepest emotions and spirituality. If you are angry at something then this dream is common. You need to forgive and let go before it eats you from the inside like a worm that’s eating up the apple. You’re an obsessive-compulsive person, particularly in sex.

What does dreaming about a green apple means?

The green apple in your dream symbolizes fresh ideas and your motivation to become successful at what you do. Keep developing your talent, and allow your heart to be your only compass. Everything else will fall into place. Follow your dreams – they know the right way.

What does dreaming about a black apple symbolizes?

To dream of a black apple signifies your mental condition. Are you taking good care of your health?

What does dreaming about apple seeds suggests?

To dream about apple seeds suggests that you start planning how to realize your dreams and life goals. Learn something new every day. Travel more and gather new experiences. Make mistakes and learn how to avoid the same mistakes in the future. Be your own person.

What does dreaming about a partially eaten apple mean?

To dream about a partially eaten apple means that you’re blinded by something and you can’t see the bigger picture of an important matter. Start looking with your own eyes.

What does dreaming about slicing an apple foretells?

To dream about slicing an apple foretells some bigger problems that you will handle easily. First, you will solve the minor problems to get to the complicated ones. You will do just fine.

What does dreaming about biting an apple represent?

To dream about biting an apple represents your relationship with a specific person. You’re attracted to this person but you’re not in love. Take time to think and ask yourself – is the person interested in the same out of you or more?

What does dreaming about eating an apple means?

To dream about eating an apple means you’re finally doing the right things that will have a positive outcome. Remember your childhood dreams? Some of them might realize today.

What does dreaming of giving an apple to someone say?

To give an apple to someone says something about your attitude. You’re kind and you’re one of a kind. People love you because you’re not pretending to be something you’re not.

What does dreaming about picking an apple from a tree foretells?

To pick an apple from a tree in your dream foretells taking actions to make your dreams come true in waking life. You will realize that if it’s going to happen – it’s up to you. You create your own luck. You’re the only one who’s responsible for your life and your future.

What does dreaming about picking a rotten apple from a tree means?

To pick a rotten apple means that you’re going to make a wrong move. And if you fail to notice – it will ruin all of your hard work. Keep eyes open and stay focused on your goal.

By Flo Saul
Feb 17, 2018