Shark dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about a Shark?

What does a dream of a shark mean? Freud believed sharks are connected to our sexual frustration. Sharks are ideal predators, meaning that they have no organic opponents of their own.

Welcome! So you had dreamed of a shark? Right, you are here as your wondering what it means? Look no further. My name is Flo and I am a psychic from the UK and I will decode this dream. Dreaming of a shark may show that you feel unprotected and prone to people or you are in situations that are out of your control. In my view, to see a shark in a dream is associated with your collective unconscious, but in the occult, it is a symbol of fear and death. Here I have listed a collection of dream analysis on "sharks" that should cover the details in your dream. Yes, we have lot's to cover but I want you to remember that this dream is spiritual in nature. In my opinion, the dream of a shark sometimes implies that you cannot face any fears in life - it is now time to be strong. Right, let's get to it! Freud believed sharks are connected to our sexual frustration. Scroll down to find your dream!

What is the dream interpretation of a shark?

Now, many older dream books state that a shark in a dream is associated with your strong emotional state - but also danger. To combine the two, the question we should ask is what feelings do you have the dream? Was the shark threatening to you? Since the shark lives in water. If so, I put this dream down to symbolizing your emotions. I know what your thinking, maybe this is because of your emotions are somewhat "unstable" on a daily basis? A shark signifies power and male creativity in a positive, but also negative manner, referring to aggressiveness and impulsiveness which you need to control. A shark can also indicate deception ahead. So we have covered allot already, to recap the shark is connected to emotions, feeling threatened in life, situations out of control and feeling vulnerable.

For a correct interpretation of the dream, it is important to pay attention to what the shark was doing, this will give us greater insight. There are so many shark dreams that people email me, but there are some key interpretations of the details of this dream. Right, firstly, seeing a shark attacking you can indicate that somebody is trying to attack you in real life. Maybe someone is trying to take something away from you? Seeing the sea full of sharks suggests that you are at the moment involved in a situation in which you should absolutely not trust anyone. Being pursued by a shark in a dream means you have put yourself in danger by disturbing someone a great deal. And, the most bizarre of all dreams to see someone turn into a shark signifies that a person may be dishonest.

Part of me does think that if you were scared in the dream, the shark symbolizes your enemies, and it is an alert dream. If you were swimming away from a shark and managed to escape alive in a dream then this is just how you feel in real life. I feel this dream suggests that you have to try harder to get over an imminent danger in the waking life. In many British dream dictionaries, a shark in a dream portends a serious enemy is coming your way. Now, don't worry too much but you will be lucky if the shark does not eat you! Generally, I believe that this means you will be able to get rid of a very difficult situation, maybe even an illness ahead. Did you wake up worrying and thinking about this dream? If so, the dream is a warning to avoid hurting other people.

What if a shark attacks you in a dream?

If this happens (I know it might have seemed stressful) you might encounter some obstacles on an important path. Another, popular dream people e-mail me is if the shark bites you or eats you. So what does that mean? Spiritually, this foretells that other people will hurt you. Sorry, I know it is not what you want to hear! So here is a more positive shark dream. If you are in clear waters and you see a shark coming your way, this means you will be successful in your social entourage, but there will be envious people that will try to injure you. What if the shark in your dream is dead? Well, this portends good profits and possible important reconciliations ahead.

We must together both admire that the shark not only swims amazingly but is an amazing creature, this is due to the fact it has not got a swim bladder and need to keep water in their gills - so it has to swim continuously. In fact, I did not even know this before researching the shark as an animal totem. Even though some types of sharks have to swim all the time some sharks such as the nurse shark will rest. They also have is an acute sense of smell. So what does this all mean in your dream? It suggests that you will be able to uncover what other people need.

If the shark was presented in the water then this dream is also associated with your emotions. Yes, they do eat humans but this is normally because of accidental attacks. And, the structure of the water is also important. Was it rough or calm, were you fighting the shark in your dream? This is all connected to your emotions in life. I believe the type of water consistency is associated with how you are feeling. Rough and choppy means your thinking about your emotions. Let's now look at old shark dream meanings. Studies in the 1930s about dream interpretations differed depending on the type of shark seen.

  • Baby shark in dreams: Baby sharks can range from 6 to 12 feet long. To see a baby shark in a dream is associated with somebody having a bad reaction, to some degree an immature approach to matters. Additionally, the dream is connected to your emotional state and you may wish to approach this person. It also indicates you may have a problem in the near future.
  • Sharks that attack in a dream: Sharks attacking you in the dream is connected with your sensitivity to life. If you were being attacked by a shark it can indicate difficulties and ill luck. The shark also suggests that you are going to mix with people you cannot trust. There is also an association with bad habits if you dream your head is bitten by a shark.

What does it mean if sharks circling around you in the dream?

Sharks have poor eyesight before they actually attack their prey they generally circle - in order to gain an idea of how to attack their prey. They generally circle 360° in order to assess this is interesting from a dream perspective. To see a number of sharks circling around you, in the sea alternatively if you see yourself in a shark cage can suggest that there will be a difficult situation in life. This is likely to be connected to work. It can often foretell difficulty in achieving one’s goals. To see sharks circling about you or others suggest that you need to discover a hidden secret.

What does it mean to dream that a shark chases you?

Shark's chasing you through the water is connected to feeling traumatized by the past and trying to escape your own emotions. The shark is also connected to luck in some cultures, and to be chased by sharks has in some dream dictionaries meant good luck from difficult situations. This is especially true if you could actually see the sharks teeth in your dream. The shark’s tooth is considered a lucky omen and is worn in order to protect one from ill luck. Many surfers and also sailors generally where sharks teeth to protect them at sea. Swimming away from a shark in the dream indicates the need to recuperate, relax and think about your next moves in life.

What does it mean to dream a shark bites you?

Shark often bite the dreamer when they are are confused or unsure of goals in life. As we’ve already concluded the shark is associated with power, but for the Shark to actually bite you in the dream indicates a need to understand what these goals are in order to move on progress in life. The shark, after all, is associated with survival. To dream that the shark bit your leg indicates possible problems with a family relative. If for instance the shark bit your hand and this can indicate that you need to think more creatively in life. Maybe you are not in the right profession?

What do shark teeth in your dream state mean?

To see others being bitten by a shark in a dream shows you have full “motivation” for your job. To see a child being bitten by a shark indicates that you need to approach matters with an open mind.

What does it mean to dream a shark eats you?

I know, what a worrying dream, so to dream that shark eats you in a dream can be rather terrifying. In my view, this dream is connected to your own personal awareness. The water is violent in your dream it means your emotions are unstable at the moment. Shark's can also symbolize the end of something in a work context. It could just be a simple transformation of work ethic alternatively a new job. If you were on the beach and you are attacked by a shark that indicates something "sudden" is going to come your way. This could be a new job which will won’t work out very well. Alternatively, it could just indicate an accident or incident will cause stress. To be seriously injured in a shark attack can suggest that this issue will affect you. You need to make a choice shortly.

What does it mean to fight a shark in a dream?

It is without a doubt that to fight a shark in a dream is connected to someone you have a conflict with in real life. To see a shark attack is also associated with walking away and shutting yourself off in life. What have you been hiding from? The shark can also symbolize that your environment is soon to change. If we look at most movies that feature a shark - the shark itself is seen as a danger, especially to those that are swimming in the sea. This is the depicted from the famous 1980’s movie “sharks” Basically, the way we see sharks in the movies is not how they are in real life. I bet you did not realize that the shark itself tends to be quite a placid sea creature. Sharks themselves begin to get aggressive when they are in large packs or are hungry. Right, back to the dream meaning to be in a shark tank (with sharks circling you) and to fight the shark in the dream is associated with your personal power and leadership skills. Sorry, but this dream is a warning about going into a conflict that has more information than you do. Remember the spiritual meaning in my opening paragraph, the shark is a symbolism of strength power. More importantly, the dream is connected to our “emotions” due to seeing water. On a more negative note, to see blood in the water indicates that you will be hurt by someone close.

What does it mean to be attacked by a shark in a dream?

Many dream interpreters believe that a dream a shark attacking you is associated with your own self-confidence being diminished. Perhaps there is somebody in your life that is acting as a predator and that you are frightened to face up to problems in life? The shark appears in dreams to guide you into making the correct decision. The shark itself can be associated with releasing negative thoughts and problems.

What does a dream of a Great White Shark mean?

Oh, this is the biggest shark in the sea. In dreams, the great white is the most common shark. Why? It is due to the fact that is in the movie "jaws" Research has shown that 50% of dreams about sharks feature the great white shark. This is due to the television images of a bloodthirsty creature. Interestingly, the dorsal parts of the body are not white. This shark featured in a dream indicates there’s going to be troubled emotion in the future. It can also suggest that you will fear something. The great white shark can also imply that you are feeling somewhat nervous about a situation pending. If for example, you were nervous before you slept it is not uncommon to have this dream. To be attacked by the great white shark suggests that you may be in trouble recently and you are trying to find a way to overcome your problems.

What does the Hammerhead shark mean in dreams?

The hammerhead shark is quite distinctive in appearance. In the dream state that indicates you are going to fear someone’s reaction whose close to you.

What does being a shark in a dream mean?

If you dream that you yourself is actually the shark and attacking people in the dream and this can be rather concerning. It is all connected to our relationships with others. It can be that you feel you are taking advantage of other people or they are taking advantage of you! It has also been connected to gambling, having luck and power in a few dream dictionaries. The dream can also be associated with a clear message - to be assertive in a relationship. Additionally, it is a positive dream if you catch and kill your prey. You know always win a situation.

What does it mean to watch a shark in a dream?

Ok, what does it mean to watch a shark in a dream? Well, this is a sign of progression in a relationship in life. To be a spectator to any sport involving sharks is associated with a desire to get things done in life. To visit an aquarium in a dream and to see a shark is associated with your designs in a relationship. The water is crystal clear meaning that you want to support in life. A shark in a river or swimming pool indicates that you need “calm emotions” at the moment, as something will happen in the future that you need to be prepared for! Someone is going to ask you out if the dream was tranquil - but they may not turn out the way you want them to!

What does seeing a dead shark in a dream mean?

Did you kill the shark? Was it dead in the dream? A dead shark in a dream, or to kill the shark is associated with ending a difficult time in life. It can be connected to your inner “spirit” guide telling you that things have been somewhat turbulent, now is a time for tranquility and peace. If the shark is still or floating on top of the water then this can indicate a need to shut the door on a period of difficulty. Holding on and catching a shark indicates positive news. If you are in possession of Shark tooth in your dream it means that you need to be more aggressive with your goals and endeavors. When you kill a shark in your dream it means that you know what is coming and you still have time to react to your life encounters.

What does it mean that you catch a shark?

To catch a shark in a dream is associated with closing the doors on a difficult problem in life. If you catch a shark in a fishing net this indicates that you will overcome any problems that will come your way. If the shark if angry, this can suggest the reactions of others. To eat a shark in a dream is associated, again with getting over a difficult time in life.

Well, that is the end, thank you for your time reading this article, we all love sharks and I do hope that you were able to uncover what your dream meant. If not, get in touch. Don't forget to check out my tarot reading.

These are some recent dreams people have sent me, is yours here?

  • Seen a shark.
  • A shark attacks you.
  • Been in the sea and you see a shark coming.
  • Seen many sharks.
  • Eaten a shark.
  • Been attacked by a shark.
  • Save someone from a shark attack.
  • Someone saves you from a shark attack.
  • A baby shark in your dream.
  • Being chased by a shark in the dream.
  • Seeing the great white shark in the dream.
  • Fighting with a shark in a dream.
  • Seeing blood from the shark in the dream.
  • Seeing sharks circling you in the dream.
  • Being in a shark cage in the dream.
  • Seeing shark in an aquarium or river.
  • Being on the beach while the shark is coming in a dream.

Positive changes are coming if

  • You did not die in the dream.
  • You escaped the shark.
  • You saved someone.
  • You were saved.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of shark

Terrified. Surprised. Anxious. Worried. Strange. Insecure. Confused. Overwhelmed. Offended. Scared.


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