Birds Landing On You

Bird Landing Dream Meaning

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Birds psychically indicate a lightness in life and the fact that birds landing on you is a lucky omen.

Migrating birds or flocks of birds in dreams represent the balancing awareness spiritually. Birds have often been connected to being angels and messengers of spirit. In terms of our emotional response to “dreams of birds” landing on this indicate that there is an ability or need to change your own lifestyle. In order to understand this dream in greater detail, I will first consider the type of birds found in a dream. If we look at smaller birds those that are under 100 g they generally take off in a vertical direction, the legs are pushed to the ground and they flap their wings. I am Flo so read on about what birds landing on you mean in your dream.

Consequently, large birds can only travel short distances. If the bird itself is greater than 100 g it is known as an airborne bird. One can assume that if your dream of a bird landed on you then perhaps you saw these birds previously flying in the air. Evolution itself has powered how the birds fly in general and seeing birds many birds landing on you or taking off in a dream can represent your inner emotions. If we look at the mechanical side of birds landing on you, before landing they absorb the impact by extending the legs forward – what are you trying to absorb? It is a bit difficult to contemplate the origin of such a dream. They can indicate that there may be some stable chaotic events to see birds attack you. The bird itself is generally an adaptation of the flock. Many things can affect a bird’s flight, such as external forces: highway, predator reason a person.

What is the dream Interpretation of birds?

Different people in different cultures attach different meanings to birds in their dream. Symbolically, birds have been known to be carriers of messages, and this is why you will see symbols of birds as a motive in art and literature.

What do dreams about birds landing on you mean?

A bird landing on you in your dream could be indicative that, you need to be careful in the few days after the dream. Birds landing on your feet carries with it a negative meaning (sorry this is ancient dream books) thus, you will need to be very careful as you are headed into a tough and dangerous period in your life. To see a bird on your left foot indicates that you need to be extra careful with whatever action you decide to indulge in and try to avoid starting businesses or deals with people whom you don’t trust. There is a likelihood that, whatever you decide to work on in the coming days won’t succeed. This will include monetary issues as well as your issues. Thus, you will need to avoid falling into conflict with those around you.

What does it mean to dream about birds landing on your arms?

Birds landing on your arms in your dream a sign that, you need to take action in your life. It is a warning that you need to fold your sleeves and start engaging your hands in hard work. Alternatively, the dream could denote that, you have some problems which instead of running away from, you need to sit down and solve because until you get a solution, it will remain with you. If you are unable to get a solution, it is best if you approached those close to you to help you out.

What do dreams about birds landing on your body?

When you dream that birds are landing on your body, then you will need to be more productive in the days to come. You will need to do more with your life and make sure that you are proactive so that you become successful in your endeavors. To see many birds on your body like the film “the birds” can suggest that you need to spend more days and time lazying about. I know it is hard to sometimes get motivated! My advice is to start working on what you like doing most, and this will result in gaining new ideas to starting new things in life. We need to focus on what makes you feel fulfilled and more satisfied.

What does it mean to dream of birds landing on you or someone else?

A dream where you see birds landing on you and someone else denotes that, you are having fear of someone who is an important figure in your life. The person could be in danger, and you don’t know how to bail them out. It could be that there is something that happened to them that is causing all the problems and they desperately need your help. It is a dream which acts as a reminder that, you will need to take care of those who are close to you. There is a possibility that you are not aware of someone’s problems, but just by the look of things, you will notice that there is a change in their lifestyle. Be careful in the way you approach them because someone might not be willing or ready to disclose whatever it is that is bothering them.

What does it mean to dream about birds landing on you and your partner?

A dream where you see birds landing on you and your partner denotes LOVE! You may be considering marriage or if you are already married, you may be feeling that you should expand your family by getting a child. If you are engaged to your soul mate, they will be willing to get married to you because it feels like it is the right thing to do at the moment. Seeing birds landing on your partner in a dream can denote a blissful and happy time together so make sure you appreciate them!

What do dreams about birds landing on you in a field signify?

A dream where you witness birds landing on you in a field implies that you will need to be extra careful. If you are standing in a middle of a field and a bird swoops down it can indicate you need to watch other people – especially gossip. Try to watch out for scams that involve money. The good news about this dream is that you will find a tough time. This won’t last for a long time and thus, you will start working on your new projects soon. All you need to do is to avoid borrowing money.

What do dreams about birds landing on your head mean?

A dream where a bird is landing on your head is an indicator that, you will need to use your mind to gain solutions to issues. You might have acted immaturely, and you are faced with the consequences of your immaturity. It is a dream which is warning you of past mistakes and behavior. I will say this, to see many birds on your head indicates that you should be cautious before taking any step in your life. Also, try to remember what bird you could see and look up the appropriate meaning.

What do dreams about birds landing on you and biting you imply?

When you dream that birds are landing and biting you, then you will need to start being cautious with people who surround you. There is someone who is out to revenge on you due to something you did to them in the past. They just remembered what you did to them, and they are likely going to revenge any time soon. Thus, you need to be careful with your actions. These people could be co-workers or even just familiar people you meet on a day to day basis. Alternatively, it could be that others are jealous of your success and happy life. The birds attacking in this respect is connected to someone being jealous!

What does it mean to dream about birds landing on you and around you?

Dreaming of birds landing on you or all around you can indicate that you are lucky when it comes to money matters. Positively, you will plan for great things in the upcoming days. We all have that image of the film “birds” where the women were attacked. Now, if dreams you see a massive amount of birds all around you implies that you need to be more aggressive and invest more in your projects. I will say this! It is your season to make good money, and you have a chance to succeed. If you do the lottery, then it could be your time to try out your luck. Others sources of money could come through an inheritance from a relative who passed away.

What does it mean to dream about birds landing on you and your family?

Birds landing on you, your family (son or daughter) in your dream could indicate that you are going into a period where you will need to be careful planning! There is a possibility that either you or your family are going to undergo some difficulties and it will be due to someone else’s action. The action of the birds landing on you (in this sense) indicates a new focus in life.

What does it say to dream about seagulls landing on you?

If seagulls landed on you while you were near the ocean, it denotes to some degree that you need to be more careful with your money and investments. In some dream books I reviewed it implies that you should avoid financial projects. As seagulls are generally a positive omen they can create many problems with “stealing food” from you. We all see the vision of seagulls encircling garbage dumps. This dream is all about survival. It can imply that you need to focus on what makes you truly happy. If the seagulls were attacking you this can foretell poor judgment when it comes to people.

What does it signify to dream about birds landing on a tree?

If you dreamed of birds landing on a tree, it foreshadows stressing over new projects and challenges in waking life. Luckily for you, challenges are your favorite and new tasks make you nervous but also keep you amused. The tree is a direct spiritual symbol of life and work, it can imply a workaholic mentality. Here are some questions that I will ask you. What are you running away from? Every workaholic has some personal problem they avoid. What problem do you have? Why don’t you stop running and face whatever it is that makes you unhappy?

What does it represent to dream about birds landing on your feet?

To dream about birds landing on your feet indicates that the journey you will take will be fruitful. You will have no regrets in regards to your current actions in the future.

What does it symbolize to dream about birds landing on your child?

If birds were landing on your child in your dream (son or daughter) it foretells that you’re going to be more productive in the next few months. If you have been feeling lost recently, this is a great dream saying that things are going to get back on track. This dream also denotes slight progress in your personal life.

What does it say to dream about birds pecking you?

To dream about birds landing on you and pecking you indicates future awakening. I like to think this dream is about the fact you have been living in a bubble of contentment. However, the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and you know it! It can suggest that someone may criticize you like the bird pecking you to wake up to something in front of you. This dream also represents your spiritual growth.

What does it mean to dream about birds landing on your car?

To dream about birds landing on your car is focused on travel and a journey. Any future journeys will be a happy period of time and can symbolize protection. Someone’s secretly putting efforts to keep you safe and comfortable. Haven’t you felt the presence of your guardian angel? If no, you will feel it soon either through your dreams or a journey that you will undertake. This dream symbolizes luck, especially when it comes to money and career.

What does it mean to dream about a bird of prey landing on you?

To dream about an eagle landing on you and your loved one means that will get engaged or married soon, according to dream lore. However, if you’re already engaged or married, it implies that you’re going to develop and establish a deeper connection. If another bird of prey landed on you (such as an owl, raptor, eagle, falcon, vulture or osprey) then these birds are connected to the fact that you want to hunt for spiritual answers. The type of bird is important. Being attacked by a bird of prey can indicate that someone is going to cross you in spiritual terms.

What does it signify to dream about blackbirds landing on?

If blackbirds were landing on you and your family in your dream, it suggests that the following month may be a time where people come together. Thus, you will become closer after an emotional storm. Your dream also denotes promising career progress. The blackbird are smart and the carry with them intelligence and also resolution in life. A raven landing on you denotes that in time things will work out well.

By Florance Saul
Feb 11, 2018