Black Smith

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To see a blacksmith in your dream means that you will be successful in your career, and you need to take advantage of the opportunities which are presented to you. If you are a blacksmith in your dream then this signifies desire for learning new skills and ideas.

Risks are also associated with the meaning of this dream. Therefore, you have been asked by your spirit guide to think about the risks that you take in life - before you jump into a decision think a lot more carefully. If you are a woman and you have this dream it indicates that you need to be conscious of objective people around you at the moment. The most basic dream interpretation is that this is a reminder that you've had stressful times in the past and it's now time to move on in your life.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were able to employ the blacksmith.
  • The experience within your dream was positive.
  • You were the blacksmith.
  • You had a dream that you were with a horse.
  • In your dream it was old times.

It is important that we can see the qualities within ourselves and within others. The only way the success within the path of our lives is to make a special effort to overcome any obstacle but may get in the way.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream

  • You expressed any negativity to the situation within your dream.
  • Within your dream the situation was not making you feel comfortable.
  • The dream involved you unable to pay the blacksmith.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012