Tornado Dream Meaning

In life tornados do odd things, it goes off track, it lifts up cows and cars, it can turn houses upside down. The dream spiritually is centered on our own emotions and how these are sometimes on a roller coaster. A tornado is an aggressive air column rising from a thunderstorm on the ground, known to destroy everything in their path. Nothing’s too hard for tornados to destroy. Demolishing large buildings is their specialty. They also break and fly trees in the air and hurl vehicles. There are 1000 tornadoes reported worldwide per year. Spiritually, these rotation columns are intimidating, no doubt about it. So what does the tornado mean in your dream?

What is the spiritual meaning of a tornado?

Tornados destroy things therefore what are you feeling that is destroying you? We all go through a range of emotions, and sometimes we just want to cuddle in the arms of someone we love. It is a nightmare when something does not go to plan or that someone is not who you think they are. There is a focus on a sense of vulnerability in life and also emotions. There is the worry of being needy in life and also childish. Even maybe a fear of unbearable obligations. If you are feeling panic as well then the dream of a tornado often occurs when life just spiritually seems out of control. Sigmund Freud argued that we all have repressed emotions and that dreams can sometimes bring these to the surface. 

What does dreaming of a large tornado mean?

To be caught in a tornado means that you are struggling against your emotions. A sudden, terrible tornado strikes your home in a dream. Although it's difficult to predict when or how much damage it will cause, you take immediate action. The danger is not apparent to others and they don't know how to react. It is up to you to manage everything and bring your family to safety. Perhaps you race around the house trying to secure windows while shouting instructions at anyone who is not following your lead. Just like the impact of the tornado you have been swept along in life, with little self-control. To see a tornado indicates an important relationship or challenge is on the horizon. If the tornado destroys the landscape in the dream, then this indicates that you are soon to be trusted in a situation, and you must understand the consequences. The way you approach the situation is extremely important. If you were shaken by the tornado in your dream then this is an indication that it is important for you to remain objective in your current life - stop being so depressed! If family or friends are featured in your dream then this is all about communication, try to have a focus in regards to an event that will affect your family members, friends, or workers. Make sure that to ask other people for support when needed. This will be a positive event.

What do dreams about tornadoes mean?

A tornado is essentially an emotional or physical storm. This dream is usually triggered by an unsettling event, conflict, or sudden argument. It can also be a repeated nightmare that recurs from childhood to adulthood. I'm afraid this is very common among people who experienced a volatile or unsettling childhood. If you have had a negative childhood then it could be you feel your parents were not good enough, and your emotions and perhaps safety were not protected. This dream can mean sudden unexpected turbulence with a partner later in life or troubling circumstances can cause a fear of instability. Often, these dreams occur when you feel like you're the only one that always needs to maintain peace.

Tornadoes are a common and complex dream symbol. The tornado demonstrates emotions in your life, and the swirl of the vortex is related to your inner emotions. If in your dream you were trying to chase the tornadoes, then someone in your life is trying to display power over you. The vortex in the middle of the tornado is associated with life’s ups and downs, and there are many associated meanings to this strong symbol.

What does dreaming of surviving a tornado mean?

To survive a tornado means that in your life you are going to have advancement, or "soaring to new heights". To dream of objects in the air that are crashing or being blown about represents emotions that require exploration. When a tornado represents itself in waking life it provides quick change. Thus, a dream of seeing more than one tornado may indicate a significant change in life. A moving tornado on land means you are headed toward a goal or moving ahead in general. Being caught in the center of the storm it shows that you are taking charge of your life. In the same token, being within the tornado means you are letting someone control you.

Two common meanings of surviving the tornado in a dream can both be literal and figurative. In the literal sense, it refers to the environment as storming out of control. The figurative sense is a description of a "person around you who has a toxic personality" or mood. Both meanings of "surviving the tornado" can be used in everyday life and have connections. Whatever emotions others will put on you, survival will be yours! 

Stormy environments can signify insight in dreams. This refers to the ability to see ahead in life. It also includes in-situations in your emotions or psyche. Think stormy weather. It's a physical representation such as being covered in rain or blown by the wind. In waking life, when you make a comment about someone, but they take this the wrong way for example. You then dream about that person in connection with the tornado dream.

To dream of seeing a tornado from afar represents the physical body, so pay attention to the appearance of the tornado. If we look at the basics of what a tornado is, they are large funnels of air, and in the dream, the air demonstrates your feelings and processes that affect your daily life. It is important when looking at this dream meaning to find out what part of your life this affects. Is there anything that is dangerous and could hurt you? A relationship?

What does a tornado dream mean spiritually?

Life’s challenges are represented spiritually by the tornado and the emotions that come with an event that is negative in nature. Tornadoes appearing in dreams usually come at a time when you are starting to wonder about your own personal power, abilities, and emotional strength. Every time you meet a challenge in life perhaps you are afraid it will not go well. The tornado is a reflection that you are facing a frightening challenge, but it will immediately remind you of your own personal power. 

The tornado can also indicate you are being too hard on yourself and the quest for self-development. Today, try to be kinder to yourself when the unruly parts of your life cause anxiety. Try to think about what makes you strong. Do you take time to connect with the wisdom within the center of your body? This dream helps you uncover uncomfortable places to examine and symbolizes that you need to seek sustainability and wisdom which you confide from within. If you examine the dream of the tornado, it often travels overland. This is a symbol of spiritual movement.  Can you feel the feelings within your heart?

The tornado can be associated with life’s destruction and it has the power to damage anything in its path. To have this dream means that you are likely to undertake a situation of transformation, so in essence, this dream is a warning.  Tornadoes can be seen as a symbol of the fear of life. If we look into waking life, the tornado rips everything away and causes fear. To prevent any unfortunate situation, you must try to get your life sorted out before anything can cause such destruction. This dream can also be associated to your mental state of mind, telling you to stop worrying or being anxious. Have you been feeling depressed lately? Try to look on the positive side of life is the message of this dream. Tornados are rather worrying signs in the dream state. They are associated with our turbulent emotions in life.

Often, it is associated with one's temper and emotion in waking life. The tornado is a focus on the state of our mind. This dream can often be associated with our inner memory and how we focus on information. The tornado in our dream is all about the eruption in life. Perhaps you have been blinded and that you need to think more in life? The tornado dream is clearly a wake-up call and it’s such a drastic symbolism to see in the dream context that it is entrenched when we wake up. The tornado is also about the inflexible way that we sometimes approach matters in life. The tornado is what is all around us are you going to focus on what’s important in life.

The tornado if in a destructive dream can indicate the loss of control. There is no real way of saving us, we have to fall in order to grow. The tornado itself can also represent conflicting attitudes and actions of others. The psychic meaning of the dream indicates aggressive symbolism. It is also worth mentioning that the tornado dream can have a deepening effect on our waking state. Has it made you feel worried in waking life?

The tornado can be quite an unsettling dream. You may think the trouble is awaiting you when you see a tornado approaching you in the dream state. It is true to say that it does represent a dramatic upheaval in life. On a more positive note, it can also signify fortune, but this will be challenged. The sweeping impact of a tornado can be uncomfortable for the dreamer. If everything in the dream was destroyed then this means a new start is on the horizon. Often, tornadoes are referred to as whirlwinds, twisters, or cyclones. A rapidly rotating tornado can indicate possible anger and the spiraling funnel-shaped wind can imply that a disagreement will be observed in the future.

Is the dream of a tornado good or bad?

Tornadoes are extremely difficult to analyze. They are gigantic in size and can demonstrate a huge amount of power. This is important from a spiritual perspective because it means that we are building something from nothing. The thunderstorms that often occupy the storm of a tornado in the sky can accompany various lightning discharges terrible rainstorms. I always think that the tornado is very much like the "tower" card in the tarot deck. In A sudden event may happen to you which will cause havoc and destruction but from that, the dust will settle and things will become normal again. Tornadoes rip through somebody’s possessions - and dreaming of tornadoes could be connected to material well-being or possibly a loss of one’s possessions.

To be driving a car and seeing a spinning tornado indicates that you are trying to escape from something in daily life. To see a tornado destroying a building in your dream symbolizes a powerful situation that will bring you prosperity. To be in a house while a tornado is present outside can suggest you feel that somebody is challenging your security in daily life. This could perhaps be a boss at work who doesn’t get on with alternatively a family member who creates conflict.

The size and shape of the tornado are important in a dream, and also the color of the tornado. If the tornado is black and this can suggest that you are going to have some depressing thoughts in the future. If the tornado was blue or white then this suggests that somebody close to you is going to offer you advice. If the tornado was accompanied by a thunderstorm, heavy rain, and hail then this can suggest that you will encounter a destructive and violent person. In ancient dream dictionaries, tornadoes represented quick change and possible destruction. Nine times out of ten, these dreams occur when there is a difficult situation at work. If you work for somebody else then it could mean that you need to communicate your emotions to them rather than feel overwhelmed. If you work for yourself it could mean that you are worried about the competition in your business.

What is the dream symbolism of a tornado?

Tornadoes are quite a popular dream symbolism. I believe that dreams of tornadoes from a spiritual perspective suggest that you are moving beyond traditional boundaries. You feel like a process is barred or halted. Many of you have contacted me about what the tornado signifies. As this is quite a significant natural occurrence it can represent an aspect of your inner characters and values of independence.

Notably, the tornado brings with it danger. Any type of danger seen in a dream is generally an inner conflict between our conscious and subconscious minds. When I write dream interpretations I try to use comparisons in psychologies and spiritually - in order to understand the certain aspects of the dream. We are all aware of the powerful tornadoes that appear all around the world. Interestingly, tornadoes remain somewhat misunderstood. Especially in regards to our dreams.

We have many different images from stories such as The Wizard of Oz or the popular film - Twister. In reality, the actual risk of a tornado is very minimal. The sky is universally is a spiritual symbolism of the father, consequently, the earth is a mother in Sigmund Freud's terms. Therefore the joining of the sky and the earth in your dream could represent a rebirth. If you were warned of the tornado in your dreams such as on the radio or television then this can indicate that you will be aware of issues and problems in life before they happen. The tornado brings with it a huge array of destruction which leaves a beautiful landscape destroyed. Interestingly, the tornado is just a mixture of air and water. In order to understand the dream further need to review these spiritual elements.

What does it mean to dream of Tornado Alley?

If you live in North Texas (Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma) then dreaming of tornadoes is common. In fact, when I did a review of the most popular dream in these cities and tornados are the most popular. We all know that a tornado can occur anywhere in the world - at any time. So, if you spent the evening in a storm cellar listening to the hailing or chaos outside. As I already mentioned a tornado is when the warm and cold air mixes. This then mixes with layers of air and the process is convection. To dream of living in tornado valley (when you don’t live there at the moment) can indicate that you need to focus on being grounded in life. There is something that might force you back in terms of a situation will come to an end. This is a natural weather result living in another place is all about focus.

What is the biblical interpretation of a tornado dream?

The biblical interpretation of a tornado dream is related to an internal “emotional storm”. Are you in the middle of a sensitive situation? Or have suppressed anger and other negative emotions that you hold inside? A wise man once said that holding anger inside is like drinking poison and waiting for someone else to die from that poison. Take it all out! Also, the Bible interprets the tornado as a manifestation or punishment from God.

Apparently, most tornadoes grow from thunderstorms on the ground, as I have previously mentioned. All it takes to form a tornado is warm, moist air and cool, dry air. When these two air masses bond, they destabilize the atmosphere. Each tornado starts with a thunderstorm. While the wind builds up the direction of the wind changes. This creates suction and the wind speeds in various directions that are vertical and horizontal. The tornado is like a force of destruction and can rotate. In regards to width, it can be up to six miles long. The most aggressive tornadoes are created in this area of rotation.

Throughout history, people believed that tornadoes are manifestations of God’s apparent will. They saw tornadoes as punishment from God or a sign that God is angry at people around the world. Due to their shape, tornadoes were also associated with spirals. It was presumed that tornadoes carry the weight of the Universe, starting from galaxies to the human ear. The tornado uses to be a symbol of vengeance, fury, and other negative emotional states.

What does being killed by a tornado in a dream mean?

To be killed by a tornado in your dream represents your emotional eruption and short temper. You feel the strong need for vengeance. Are you furious at someone has hurt you in your past? However, revenge will not calm your soul. The only thing that can truly help you is forgiveness and letting go of the things that make you act reckless and upset. Seeing others killed by the tornado can imply that you are feeling uncomfortable about a situation in life. Your dream also carries a message from the spirit. It delivers a message from your spiritual self to your rational mind. And only you can decode the message. What is it that your soul is trying to tell you, but you struggle to listen to? Use this question as a starting point to decode the spiritual message that your dream’s trying to send you.

What does it mean to keep dreaming of tornados?

If you keep dreaming of tornadoes, it means that you’re going through a sudden change in your waking life. You feel like someone or something’s constantly pressuring you to become something you’re not. Or you feel like you have to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to be liked by someone you care about. Your dream also denotes an emotional change and a destructive situation. You will experience some negative emotions and face an unpleasant situation. But just like all tornadoes, everything has an end, this period of your life will end well, eventually. Hang around and don’t give up is my message to you.

What does it mean to dream of multiple tornados?

To see multiple tornadoes in your dream means that you have your mind mixed up. You are overwhelmed by your emotions and you feel powerless. But as long as you believe in yourself, nothing can ever break your spirit. To see two tornadoes in a dream can indicate that you are a difficult person to love.

What does it mean to be trapped by a tornado?

Trapped by a tornado, maybe in your house or car can indicate that there is a problem that needs resolving. I remember once I was dreaming of running down a road and there was a dead end. In this dream, the dead-end resulted in being trapped by a tornado. To have a similar dream could mean that you are moving forward with something in your life that isn't taking you to the destination you desire. It can be an external situation, such as a relationship or career project. Or it could be an internal situation, such as where you are headed. The dead-end or being “trapped” can refer to the end of something, such as a relationship or job. You must try to put in a time frame for making a decision.

What does it mean to dream of being in the center of a tornado?

To be in the center of a tornado in a dream state suggests that you’re experiencing some hard times in waking life. You are fighting your inner demons and you are going to win if you continue heading along the right path. If you feel controlled by someone or something this can suggest that you will simply “breakaway” but you know that you’re more powerful than the thing that ‘controls’ you.

What does it mean to dream of a tornado approaching?

To see a tornado coming towards you symbolizes your awareness and ability to predict things. You have strong intuition but you don’t use it very often. I will say that you should because it can prevent you from making unnecessary, silly mistakes. If you are experiencing some new challenge then seeing a tornado coming or chasing you in a dream is common. And if you wonder if you’re going to overcome what’s coming. You will.

What does it mean to dream of the tornado funnel?

To see the tornado funnel indicates a warning. It can mean you may face future destruction in waking life but you have the power to stop it if you make the right call – you will know when because your intuition will tell you. Your dream reveals that you’re under a lot of stress. Nothing and no one is worth your inner peace. What is bothering you? I will say that the funnel represents the overburdened feeling we often have and that in time things will work out for the best.

What does it mean to see items moving in the sky due to a tornado?

To see flying objects due to a tornado in a dream means that your recklessness will affect innocent people. This makes me think of seeing the flying cow on the film Twister! Pay attention to your words and what you say is the message in dream lore. Your dream also portrays how you react to things recently. Do you have a short temper? The dream of seeing a house in the sky due to a tornado indicates that you will eventually learn how to control yourself. For your car to move or rise up in the sky due to the storm can indicate a hidden agenda that will prevent you from moving forward in life.

In conclusion, tornadoes are a force in a dream that can’t be ignored. There are many reports that tornadoes can carry cars almost a mile or so from people’s homes. As tornadoes have what I have described as tremendous force you can expect difficult problems in the future. if you see dust devils in the sky, or that there is a lot of fog or rain in your dream then this can indicate a problem that may cause destruction. If the buildings are being lifted during your dream then you may move home. The typical tornado is around 40 miles long. And, carves a clear path of destruction. The good news is that you have been warned through this dream. The whirling tube of air might be a blessing in disguise!

What does a dream about a large tornado mean?

A large tornado in a dream indicates that you have reached maturity and have the self-confidence to tap into your spiritual energy, there is much potential for success. This is especially true if you are committed to self-mastery and serving humanity. Although there will be many trials and difficulties in life due to the swirling winds of a tornado in a dream, the rewards for living up to your higher expectations are not only amazing but also very difficult. To reach your full psychic potential, the dream of a large tornado is about your internal intuition and extrasensory perception which you may feel is extremely sharp at the moment. However, if the large tornado was frightening in the dream you must remain centered, balanced, and on guard at all times. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, mindfulness, mindful breathing, native visualization, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are all important lessons if you were being chased by large tornados in a dream. To see more than one tornado (maybe two large ones colliding) can indicate there will be pressures from two avenues.

What does dreaming about watching a tornado mean?

Watching a tornado destroying land is a spiritual message that you need to try to think more. You will notice certain emotions resurfacing time and again in the dream state as you collect information that you can use in daily life. These emotions are what you should be focusing on in your daily life. You may be surprised to find out which emotions are appearing during your dreams, and it can provide a clue as to those you are actually suppressing in waking life. Thus, dreaming of simply observing the tornado can suggest that you need to watch your emotions. 

What does dreaming of being caught in a tornado?

Being caught in a tornado indicates that you might be in an emotional storm at the moment. It may be useful to think about the universal meaning of the tornado and the fact it is connected to your actual emotions. You might want to take note of the other symbols you see in dreams. Why are you caught? Are you being lifted up? Do you have any other dreams of being caught or unable to be removed in life.  Symbols don't have to be tangible objects. In some ways, colors, weather  and seasons in your dream could all be symbolic.

What does a dream of escaping a tornado mean?

To dream of escaping a tornado, basically means it is better to just be silent about your fears. To escape a natural disaster in a dream indicates that you will overcome your fees. They vanish once they are recognized, just like Rumpelstiltskin. This dream of escaping or being able to avoid the tornado is all about fears and banishing your nightmares.

What does it mean to dream of being killed or others killed by a tornado?

A dream of a tornado that ends in death can be interpreted as a major loss of life or a significant change in your personal life. Being killed by the tornado or objects flying around in a dream normally represents a change in daily life. The end of the tornado can be described in simple terms as "the end" and in dreams, it can refer to a situation or phase of life. It could also refer to the end of a difficult time or a large project.

Dreaming that you are killed by a tornado also indicates that you are losing a part of yourself. It could be that a part of you is in danger, or you are worried about others. Dreaming of your pets, or child being killed by a tornado could indicate that an innocent, joyful part of you is receding. You want more fun in life is the message. To dream of friends, partners, co-worker,s or family members dying in a tornado is about the relationship that you have with them and this needs to be more focused going forward.

These dreams can become frightening or distressing if you have trouble letting go. Think about how a dream with death is used as a metaphor. To put it another way, "dead" can refer to being unresponsive or disconnected. The death of anyone in a dream due to the tornado can also refer to a situation that is causing you pain. 

If you tell someone that something is hurting you, it's really hurting you. It's not a literal statement. It's possible to not be conscious of the severity of the situation or feel as strongly about it as you do. "Dead inside" refers to feeling depressed or lacking emotion.

What does it mean to dream of items being picked up in a tornado?

Dreams of items being picked up in the swirling winds indicate the actions and behavior that you are feeling in life. Spinning cars, cows, houses due to the tornado in dreams are projections of your inner self. If you have a dream about a loved one who is picked up by a tornado for example it could be a sign that you are thinking about the relationship in waking life. In dreams, I believe we often project our own inner world to make it clearer and more interesting. This key information will help you to decipher your dreams concerning seeing items flying around in the sky.

What does a tornado destroying objects mean in a dream?

Did you know it takes only four seconds for an EF-2 tornado to destroy the foundations of a house? A large tornado will take out construction or buildings on the ground and this is significant from a spiritual perspective. When a tornado ends scientists look at the damage and this gives them information on the speed of the tornado winds. What does this mean to dream a tornado destroying things in the dream? Handling emotions is key to this dream. If you are feeling patterns of distress, feeling overwhelmed then dreaming of a tornado destroying a house can indicate that you need to be aware of your consciousness being overwhelmed by depression. Think of the final tornado, the stillness after the storm. The objects that are destroyed in the dream equals energy and how this is consumed in your daily life. Actions daily are concrete proof of our own existence in life and this is meaningful. 

What does a dream of being chased by a tornado mean?

A tornado chasing you in the dream is a common anxiety dream that can be frightening. It's important to take a look at the size or length of the tornado following you. This dream is most likely related to an issue you're trying to avoid and to something your unconscious wants to bring to your attention. Sometimes it is necessary to "re-enter" the dream and understand why the tornado is chasing you. If you manage to run away from the tornado in a dream this is positive it can signal new changes are coming. To be caught up in the winds or not able to escape the tornado can indicate a feeling that you may dwell on things that you cannot change. When we hear whispers in the daily life of distress we often panic. This means our heart is turned off, while we seek certainty in order to find comfort. Life is too short to worry about, and the dream of being chased by the tornado indicates that you need to pay attention to what you are feeling inside. To see other people or crowds of people being chased by the tornado indicates a change in direction in life for you. 

What does a dream of friends and family in a tornado?

I have touched on this earlier, but to dream of a tornado connected to a friend indicates a turbulent relationship or an obstacle in the path. The dream can indicate your own emotions. Are there any emotions that you are trying to push away right now? Families teach us about our feelings and we all have the capacity to feel and this is evolutionary purpose. The meaning of the tornado where your Mother or Father are affected indicates out-of-control emotions and this dream is about the internal world in the family unit. Dreaming of a sister or brother caught or in a tornado can indicate a relationship that is up and down.

What does a dream of a tornado warning mean?

Weather forecasts in dreams can indicate that you will feel feelings of primitive defense if the weather is adverse. A tornado charges at you and you run like hell due to an innate response called fear. However, if a tornado is in the distance you might just enjoy watching how nature can destroy and the power of elements out of control. In turn, this generates a specific reaction in life - the warning is the fear of the unknown. Not surprisingly, the dream of a tornado warning on TV or radio can be connected to your own emotional cartwheels, knowing that “something” is on the horizon. A tornado watch or a tornado warning can indicate intense emotions.

If the storm is severe in a dream or has strong rotation this dream can in effect be centered around your own inner child. If you dream of a safety plan being implemented or that two tornados are hitting the same area together - then this can indicate a lack of warning of something in life. Dreaming of the weather bureau or an area that has a high ratio of tornados (such as Texas or Indiana) can suggest that your emotions will be released. It is time to release your emotions. If a funnel cloud has been reported then that can mean something is coming into your life to change its direction. 

Flash flooding or a severe thunderstorm warning issued by agencies in the dream can indicate that the structure of your life may change. If you see yourself taking steps in response to the tornado warning in a dream can mean that you will meet credible characters. 

What does it mean to dream of a car being lifted in a tornado?

When a car appears in your dreams, it is important to consider what it means to you. Was the car there to protect you against the tornado. Were you watching the tornado? What did you feel in your dream about the car? Cars are generally represented as being in control of your own life if you are the driver, to be lifted into the air by a tornado in a car can simply indicate there will be strong emotions going forward. The tornado in this respect is controlling the car, therefore, lifting up your life. This is actually a positive dream symbol. 

What does it mean to dream of storm chasing?

Storm chasing has gained momentum, especially with Hollywood films. To dream of witnessing a tornado as a chaser, or even having an adventure trying to find a tornado can indicate that you are looking for something in life. If you see storm spotters this can indicate the truth will prevail. Seeing photos or videos of a tornado in a dream predicts that someone close to you will have an emotional time. Dreaming of driving chasing a tornado can indicate a new beginning after facing up to your own emotions in life. 

What does a dream of being carried away by a tornado mean?

Most people experience being out of control in a dream at some point in their lives. Being lifted up by a tornado, or seeing yourself carried away is a dream that can cause one to feel fear, guilt, fear, or terror. These feelings are common and they happen quite often in daily life. These unpleasant emotions experienced in the dream indicate that your emotions will become carried away. 

What does it mean to dream of saving someone from a tornado?

Saving someone from a tornado can be related to your outside life, such as a relationship, job or opportunity, but it could also relate to your inner life, and aspects of you likeability and skill, especially if risking your own life in the dream was involved. The person you save is equally important. The person you save in a dream is also equally important, if you are rescuing somebody from a tornado then this is often connected to escaping a problem in life. If you are feeling like a hero because you have saved the community from a tornado and this is a positive dream.  Rescuing somebody from the tornado can often suggest opportunities in the future and that you are likely to help somebody going forward.

What does the dream of hiding from a tornado mean?

Dreams about hiding are quite interesting. To dream you are hiding from a tornado can indicate that you are trying to escape from an emotional issue or problem. The act of hiding in a dream can suggest that you don’t wish to run away from the difficulties in life. If the tornado is approaching your house and you are hiding inside then this can indicate that you will feel worried about an impending problem. Try to think about if you are hiding with anybody else in the dream because they could be connected to your emotions right now. For the purpose of this dream interpretation, the tornado itself is connected to our own inability to focus or concentrate in life. What is important is how you feel about other people in your life.

What does a dream about a black tornado mean?

 A black tornado is quite an interesting dream,  often the tornado dream can suggest that life is going to be difficult. The dream meaning of a black tornado can often indicate emotional problems going forward.  Black is quite an interesting spiritual color. You can indicate that there are some negative aspects that are coming your way. Very dark grey or black tornadoes in many dream dictionaries indicate difficulties going forward. If the tornado is black and there is heavy rain then this might suggest that people are going to be worrying about the future. The tornado itself as a metaphoric symbolism indicates a natural disaster and a possible vehicle for anxiety. Spiritually speaking, black tornadoes are connected to worry, despair, power, fear, mystery, and aggression in life. This black is a color that has the absence of any other color, despite it being connected to negativity and darkness it can also suggest that there will be strong emotions in the future. Black itself is often connected to grief and the color generally produces feelings of difficulty or sadness. Due to the spiritual significance of black which I’ve just mentioned, the dream of a black tornado can suggest that you were worried about whirling or difficult negative feelings going forward.

What does it mean to dream of a funnel-shaped tornado?

 A funnel-shaped tornado is quite interesting, this appears in the dream when it is cone shape and obviously a long tube-like cylinder.  If you are seeing this funnel-shaped tornado in the distance or passing through a field that this dream indicates that something is going to end your life and spin out of control. The shape of the tornado is often rotating during the dream and if this is the case then the dream can suggest that your ability to carry out everyday activities might be delayed due to a minor illness or a problem with the relationship. The most important takeaway of seeing a funnel-shaped tornado in a dream is that you must bounce back from any difficulties. This is often known as resilience which is a sign of emotional well-being. Over the next few weeks, it’s important for you to hold onto positive emotions if you see a funnel-shaped tornado.  I will also add it is important to appreciate the good things in life and often when things don’t go our way we don’t focus on the positive, the dream of a funnel-shaped tornado is telling you to indeed focus on the good times.

What do dreams about strong wind, storm, and tornado mean?

Strong winds in a dream are connected to how we feel about stress. If you think about the wind as the energy of stress.  Dreaming about the storm, hail, rain, lightning, and terrible weather conditions in connection to the tornado can suggest recovering from the difficult family problems.  We can’t choose our family unfortunately dreaming of storms can often mean a chaotic family unit. Learning healthy ways to cope with difficult family problems will also boost your resilience in life. When we dream it affects both our mental and physical health, when you are tired often dreams of storms and tornadoes occur. Try to not live your life on autopilot and become more mindful.  Strong winds in dreams indicate changes are on the horizon, even though perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment try to learn how few ways to help you get through this difficult time.

What do dreams about a tornado on land mean?

I remember once I had a dream of a beautiful field right in the middle was a tornado. Seeing the tornado travel along the landscape during the dream is associated with your emotions and well-being. It is important to think about how you can boost your own self-esteem and emotional health. If you are out of balance at the moment then a dream of a field with a tornado in the middle is common. This dream indicates life’s ups and downs as well as the larger events such as a change of career or a divorce. It’s very important that you can have a support network that can listen to you if you are going through these difficult stages in life. If you have a problem then try to deal with the issue or the concern you’re facing. Dreaming of a tornado in a city can suggest forgiveness. You should do something that brings you true joy, perhaps a passion that you need to fulfill and take pride in your appearance.

What does a dream about multiple tornados mean?

One or more tornadoes is often known as multiple vortex tornados, this contains many different sub-vortexes. You could in your dream have seen two separate tornadoes or alternatively multiple tornadoes. I’m here to help you understand what seeing more than one tornado means in your sleep - from a spiritual context. 

Let’s first go back to basics the tornado is an archetype of emotions, freedom, ventures, and also humor. The embodiment of this dream can indicate that you are not feeling attached to your own identity and you must prove yourself to other people. The wisdom of this dream lies in your own lack of pride and ego, however, you probably don’t feel that you are competent in your career. The tornado dream is even more important when there are two or more tornadoes. Seeing two spinning tornadoes in the dream can suggest that you have inexhaustible resilience. The dream also carries a number of magical healing powers for yourself, it can often suggest if there are multiple tornadoes that you have an unrealized dream.

What does it mean to dream about being stuck in a car in a tornado?

There are many different types of warnings that we get from the local weather forecast when tornadoes are predicted. It is common for the advice to not outrun the tornado. This is because the car itself isn’t normally fast enough and cannot move at the correct angles of the storm. If you dream that you are stuck in a  car during the tornado then this can indicate. This essentially is a dream where you are fearing other people find out about you, perhaps they will discover that you aren’t somehow qualified and you need to empower yourself. The advice from this stream is to challenge yourself will take a risk and learn something new.  if you indeed get out of your car and perhaps heighten the ditch while the tornado goes over yourself then this can indicate that you will ultimately put yourself on a direct path to reach your goals. Don’t be afraid of doing things wrong, looking stupid or not know what’s ahead of you. To see yourself in a residential neighborhood,  being stuck in a car when a tornado is coming can suggest that you will have the strength to breakable structures in your life.

What does it mean to dream of a white tornado?

White is a color of purity and significance. This is also a spiritual color that represents peace. Therefore, a white tornado in the dream can suggest that situations will change. You are naturally in control of your whole environment and you represent the power of your own mind's focus. 

The white tornado in the dream indicates the reality or living arrangements. Are your thoughts generally positive or negative in life? The dream is all about control and how you navigate your own thoughts. Ask yourself if your emotions are uncontrollable? The white tornado stands for emotion, monitory life, ambitions, predominant thoughts, and the power to move objects in your life anywhere you choose. The white tornado symbolizes your external environment in life. When you are challenging your higher self and manifesting fantastic things a white tornado in a dream can be featured. Remember that tornadoes are translucent and represent spiritual awareness if they are white.

What does the color of the sky mean during the dream?

Often, when tornadoes are predicted the sky turns green. In the famous movie called “twister” in 1996, this is referred to as Greenage. There are many different theories of why the sky turns green before a tornado strikes. If you see the sky is blue and this can suggest calmness and happiness in your daily life. However in the dream, if the sky looks green or has a reddish tinge illustrates that there are unfelt feelings that will finally burst through. If you are courageous in daily life then your feelings will not be affected.  the most common sky color that we see when a tornado reaches an area is a grey or dull effect.  to dream of a grey sky represents your inner wisdom, it is there to show you how to resolve and release what is affecting you at the moment.  today try to reflect on what’s going on within you. Is it something that is making you worry? Are you feeling worried and despair? Try to take the time to connect with the sacred child within.

What advice can you take away from a tornado dream?

In conclusion, the tornado represents emotional upheaval, worry, fear, anxiety, and fast movement in daily life.  tornadoes indicate that it is time to think about your inner landscape, especially if you saw the whirling vortex in a field. In summary, perhaps you now need to think about the demands of your external world and how this can affect your daily life. Often, after dreams of tornadoes duties in life will suddenly multiply and events will probably pick up speed. The tornado is a spiritual symbolism of how you are managing external stimuli. 

Don’t be surprised if you become a listener for many people around you who are having difficulty with their life journey. Remember it’s better to try to engage with many people and share one unique wisdom and experiences with them than hideaway. The tornado dream also indicates that you may need to contribute to the world around you in order to stop some kind of destruction. This may be due to your family or a career move. 

The message of the dreams featuring tornados is to have the courage to reveal your inner self with others, the challenges and journeys that you have been given throughout your life have produced wisdom. Don’t fear the dream of a tornado; it reminds you of the importance of feeling the emotions that other people put upon you. It is time to perhaps seek the company of others who have also done healing work and know their inner child. Sometimes this dream simply means you are not as isolated as you think.


In your dream you may have

  • You see a tornado.
  • You are in a tornado.
  • Been shaken by a tornado.
  • You watched a tornado.
  • You were chased by a tornado.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You see the tornado from afar - it does not damage you.
  • Overall the dream turns out well - to enable you to learn an important lesson.
  • You avoid the tornado.
  • The overall dream ends on a positive footing.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • A significant area of your life may be in danger e.g. a relationship or job - this is a warning to act now to prevent this change!
  • You have been feeling rundown stressed out lately.
  • There may be a quick change that is likely to shadow your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a tornado

Worried. Scared. Angry. Insecure. Confused. Alone. Abandoned. Controlled. Enlightened. Rage. Self-conscious. Danger approaching. Natural disasters.

By Flo Saul
Oct 16, 2012