Tornado Dream Meaning

What does a tornado mean in your dream?

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To be caught in a tornado means that you are struggling against your emotions.

Just like the impact of the tornado you have being swept along in life, with little self- control. To see a tornado indicates an important relationship or challenge is on the horizon. If the tornado destroys object's in the dream, then this indicates that you are soon to be trusted in a situation, and you must understand the consequences. The way you approach the situation is extremely important. If you were shaken by the tornado in your dream then this is an indication that it is important for you to remain objective in your current life - stop being so depressed! If family or friends are featured in your dream then this is all about communication, try to have focus in regards to an event that will affect your family members, friends or workers. Make sure that to ask other people for support when needed. This will be a positive event. 


In your dream you may have…

  • You see a tornado.
  • You are in a tornado.
  • Been shaken by a tornado.
  • You watched a tornado.
  • You were chased by a tornado.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You see the tornado from afar - it does not damage you.
  • Overall the dream turns out well - to enable you to learn an important lesson.
  • You avoid the tornado.
  • The overall dream ends on a positive footing.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

  • A significant area of your life may be in danger e.g. a relationship or job - this is a warning to act now to prevent this change!
  • You have been feeling rundown stressed out lately.
  • There may be a quick change that is likely to shadow your life.

Detailed dream interpretation...

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Tornadoes are a common and complex dream symbol. The tornado demonstrates emotions in your life, and the swirl of the vortex is related to your inner emotions. If in your dream you were trying to chase the tornadoes, then someone in your life is trying to display power over you. The vortex in the middle of the tornado is associated with life’s ups and downs, and there are many associated meanings to this strong symbol.

To survive a tornado means that in your life you are going to have advancement, or "soaring to new heights". To dream of objects in the air that are crashing or being blown about represents emotions that require exploration. When a tornado represents itself in the waking life it provides quick change. Thus, a dream of seeing more than one tornado may indicate a significant change in life. 

A moving tornado on land means you are headed toward a goal or moving ahead in general. Being caught in the center of the storm it shows that you are taking charge of your life. On the same token, being within the tornado means you are letting someone control you. To dream of seeing a tornado from afar represents the physical body, so pay attention to the appearance of the tornado. If we look at the basics of what a tornado is, they are large funnels of air, and in the dream the air demonstrates your feelings and processes that affect your daily life. It is important when looking at this dream meaning to find out what part of your life these affect. Is there anything that is dangerous and could hurt you? A relationship?

The tornado can be associated with life’s destruction and it has the power to damage anything in its path. To have this dream means that you are likely to undertake a situation that may leave others or yourself ruined, so in essence this dream is a warning. Tornadoes can be seen as a symbol of fear of life. If we look into waking life, the tornado rips everything away and causes fear.


To prevent any unfortunate situation, you must try to get your life sorted out before anything can cause such destruction. This dream can also be associated to your mental state of mind. Have you been feeling depressed lately? Try to look on the positive side of life is the message of this dream.

Tornados are rather worrying signs in the dream state. They are associated with our turbulent emotions in life. Often, it is associated with ones temper and emotion in waking life. The tornado is a focus on the state of our mind. This dream can often be associated with our inner memory and how we focus on information. The tornado in our dream is all about eruption in life. Perhaps you have been blinded and that you need to think more in life? 

The tornado dream is clearly a wake-up call and it’s such a drastic symbolism to see in the dream context that it is entrenched when we wake up. The tornado is also about the inflexible way that we sometimes approach matters in life. The tornado is what is all around us are you going to focus on what’s important in life. The tornado if in a destructive dream can indicate the loss of control. There is no real way of saving us, we have to fall in order to grow. The tornado itself can also represent conflicting attitudes and actions of others. The psychic meaning of the dream indicates aggressive symbolism. It is also worth mentioning that the tornado dream can have a deepening effect on our waking state. Has it made you feel worried in waking life?

The tornado can be quite an unsettling dream. You may think the trouble is awaiting you when you see a tornado approaching you in the dream state. It is true to say that it does represent a dramatic upheaval in life. On a more positive note it can also signify fortune, but this will be challenged. The sweeping impact of a tornado can be uncomfortable for the dreamer. If everything in the dream was destroyed then this means a new start is on the horizon.  Often, tornadoes are referred to as whirlwinds, twisters or cyclones.  A rapidly rotating tornado can indicate possible anger and the spiralling funnel shaped wind can imply that a disagreement will be observed in the future.

To be driving a car and seeing a spinning tornado indicates that you are trying to escape from something in daily life. To see a tornado destroying a building in your dream symbolises a powerful situation which will bring you prosperity. To be in a house while a tornado is present outside can suggest you feel that somebody is challenging your security in daily life. This could perhaps be a boss at work who don’t get on with alternatively a family member who creates conflict.


The size and shape of the tornado are important in a dream, and also the colour of the tornado. If the tornado is black and this can suggest that you are going to have some depressed thoughts in the future. If the tornado was blue or white then this suggests that somebody close to you is going to offer you advice. If the tornado was accompanied by a thunderstorm, heavy rain and hail then this can suggest that you will encounter a destructive and violent person.

In ancient dream dictionaries tornadoes represented quick change and possible destruction. Nine times out of ten, these dreams occur when there is a difficult situation at work. If you work for somebody else then it could mean that you need to communicate your emotions to them rather than feel overwhelmed. If you work for yourself it could mean that you are worried about the competition in your business.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a tornado…

Worried. Scared. Angry. Insecure. Confused. Alone. Abandoned. Controlled. Enlightened. Rage. Self-conscious. Danger approaching. Natural disasters.


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