Taking A Bag From Someone

Taking A Bag From Someone

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

There are three dimensions to this dream that we need to look at.

You might have stolen the bag, snatched the bag, or asked someone if you can help them with their bag. So if in your dream you see yourself snatching a bag from someone, it foretells that you are entering into other people’s territory by force, trying to take up their responsibilities without their permission. It is best if you slowed down and concentrated on your own tasks.

If you dream that someone is asking you to take their bag, it means that you are reaching out to your community and trying to help those around you with their responsibilities whenever they call upon you. It is positive because it makes you likable by many.

When you take the bag from someone without their knowledge, it denotes that, you are busy doing what is not meant for you.

In the dream, you may have

  • A plastic bag was offered to you.
  • A brown bag was offered to you.
  • Seeing a bag that was taken from you by someone else.
  • A handbag was taken by someone.
  • A handbag was taken by you.
  • A rucksack took by someone.
  • Someone stole the bag.

Detailed dream interpretation

Bags come in different shades of colors, so depending on the color and type of bag that is portrayed in your dream, you will have to interpret it differently. So when you see a plastic bag being offered to you in the dream, it indicates that there are some temporal responsibilities which are being offered to you.

To dream a handbag is taken is associated with a loss of security. For a rucksack to be taken by someone denotes a sense of loss.

To see a leather bag that is taken by someone indicates you should take better control of your life in order to manage problems. It can also mean that you are being given responsibility to take care of the environment because you have the knowledge and power which will enable you to carry the responsibility well.

What is in the plastic bag that you are being offered? If it has food and drinks inside, it implies that you will be hosting a great party soon - possibly a barbecue. If it is full of documents and it is given to you in your office implies you will have to use the power bestowed on you at your place of work.

Dreams that are associated with plastic bags normally require your willpower to perform a task. They are normally temporal, but you need to work on a task until its completion which results in a normally positive ending. If the plastic bag that you are being offered is strong, it suggests you are in a position to make a strong decision in life.

Brown is a color which denotes practicality, physical comfort, worldliness, conservative; it also represents the ground. So if you are dreaming of being given a brown bag, it is the color of the earth, it denotes that, you are comfortable in whatever situation you are facing at the moment and you don’t need the disturbance from others. You enjoy simple things given to you by people and you appreciate them.

If in your dream, you happen to see a bag that was taken to you by someone else, it means that the responsibility that you have delegated to others is returning to you. You will have no option but to take it and work on it to its conclusion. It might seem difficult, but, you just have to do it because, it is like the other person is unable to handle it and by now, you have the wisdom to tackle it.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Responsible, simple, comfortable and completing a task.

By Florance Saul
May 17, 2017