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Mirrors are quite interesting in the dream state.

Seeing a mirror is associated with ones connections in life to their own inner reflections. Sometimes we can dream of looking into a mirror. To see a broken or cracked mirror in the dream or alternatively a dirty mirror is rather common. Many people dream of looking into a mirror or alternatively seeing a reflection looking back at them. Dreams of mirrors are focused on how we view ourselves in waking life it indicates if you’re committed to understanding who you are then this dream is common. A negative “mirror” dream indicates you may find difficulties in life.

To see broken or cracked mirror in superstition terms is negative. You really have to ask yourself a question in life if you dream of mirrors, this question is: is it worth it? The mirror has many different meanings in the dream state but they generally all boil down to self explanation. You may see different parts of your behavior the good parts and also the bad. From a psychological perspective, Freud believed seen yourself in the dream is a process involving the image of how others in waking life look at you. It is also been connected to dreams of anxiety. If your expression in the mirror changes or you are older than you are in real life then this indicates you need to have more self-awareness.

In your dream..

  • You see a broken mirror in the dream.
  • You see a wall of mirrors in a dream.
  • You see an odd reflection in the mirror during your dream.
  • You see other people’s reflections during the dream.
  • You see mirror wishes.
  • In your dreams see a black mirror.
  • In your dream you see a door made out of a mirror.
  • In your dream you see a mirror in the bathroom.
  • In your dreams your cracked mirror.
  • In your dream there is no reflection in the mirror.
  • You see a silver or gold mirror in a dream.
  • You see a disco ball in the dream (made of mirrors)
  • You see a rear view mirror in the dream.

Dream meaning of seeing a mirror…

Seeing a broken mirror indicates a turbulent relationship in waking life. There is a large chance that you were initially drawn into a relationship because it made perfect sense to you. Seen the broken mirror promotes irresistible chemistry between two people. Likewise, the broken mirror is a suggestion that a relationship is not going to plan. You need to find a compromise because the positives outweigh the negatives in a given relationship. This relationship could be sexual order a family relationship.

What it means to see no reflection in the mirror in a dream?

No reflection on the mirror is also important, it means you are having problems with your self-esteem. To see your own self or reflection is a positive omen, meaning that any given relationship you have, you need to look at your own actions and how this affects others.

Strange image in a mirror in a dream

If you look in a mirror and the image scaring you back is not of your own face and this can suggest there are hidden emotions. In many dream dictionaries it denotes are looking at a mirror can indicate that you are reviewing your own actions in the waking world. For some scary image to be present in a mirror in a dream indicates a fear you have in real life.

Rear view mirror in a dream

To see a rear view mirror of a car in a dream is a suggestion that you are focusing on other people rather than yourself. It can also suggest you were looking back at the past and you unwilling to change with knowledge other people’s emotions.

Looking in mirrors in a dream and a mirror falling

To be at a hairdressers and for somebody else to be drying, washing or dying your hair in a dream indicates that you need to look within yourself for the answers. Mirrors can also denote many spiritual teachings, even if we look at Buddhism and Indian folklore. If we look in the mirror it can also be reflection on different aspects or consciences in life. It is not uncommon for stories to denote that we can switch different planes or spiritual connections through a mirror. We only have to look at Alice in Wonderland through the looking glass. But what does this mean in the dream state? It indicates that you feel that you are outside where you’re supposed to be in waking life. Perhaps you have come to an understanding that you were different and you truly accept the fact you need to mellow. This dream can also be associated with your own inner child. To be in a bedroom and look into the mirror is associated with experience in some difficult emotional times ahead. If you look in the mirror and your face changes then this indicates that you are going to be in tune with the emotional climate around you. When you experience different emotions you may become more vulnerable than normal. Consider this dream a challenge, in that you need to look inside yourself in a dream it is associated with insights about understanding your particular relationships around you as we have already highlighted.

It can indicate that you are being controlled by somebody if you see a mirror falling from in your dream then this indicates that you need to take pride in being emotionally available to others. Try not to forget who is important in your life.

If you look in the mirror and you cannot see your reflection looking back at you then this suggests that you are challenging your own beliefs. If you can see another person looking back you when you look into a mirror in a dream then this implies that you need to value the partner that you have. If you don’t have the partner then it can suggest that you need to have the freedom to make the choices that you do in life.

Broken mirrors in dreams

A cracked mirror can indicate that yourself image is in question. It means that you cannot connect with your own emotions. It can also suggest that you will encounter somebody who will make some critical remarks and expect you to get the joke - when it feels as though this person is diminishing you as a person. Beware of people who put you down who try to make you feel you are not worth a because in fact you are. The broken and cracked mirror is very much associated with feeling better about yourself. Be kind, share and trust and understand others unconditionally.

As we have already touched on breaking a mirror in superstition terms is connected to 7 years of bad luck. Breaking a mirror by accident during the dream state is a suggestion that you will encounter some bad luck but in the future things will work out well. The broken mirror is also associated with you breaking away from an uncomfortable situation.

Repetitive dreams of mirrors

Sometimes people have repetitive dreams of mirrors. If you see other people in a mirror during the dream then this can suggest that you need more self reflection in life. If you go into a shop, buy or receive a mirror as a gift then this can indicate that you need to look inside yourself in order to remain strong. To see a mirror shattering your dream is an indication of a breakthrough in life. Keep in mind that you need to have a direct approach to matters, especially love.

Dirty, cleaning, or foggy mirror

If you are cleaning a mirror in your dream then this indicates that you need to contribute financially to a relationship. We live in a society where both people in a relationship need to work in order to survive. Cleaning the mirror is a suggestion that you need to both work harder in life to achieve what you wish to do. If you are single cleaning the mirror means that you need to are dirty mirroring a dream indicates that you need to respect someone in waking life. It can suggest you are being criticized by somebody, rather than be angry try to take this criticism on.

To see a mirror steamed up, for example being in a bathroom is a representation of not having the time or value for yourself. It can often indicate that you have been feeling neglected and really hurt in a relationship. If the mirror itself is foggy then this can indicate a difficult cloudy relationship in life.

A room or hall of mirrors

To be in a room and every wall is covered in mirrors, or a hallway of mirrors is a suggestion that you need to reflect on your own actions in life. There has been moments which has led to unhappiness but you need to be more physically in tune with yourself in order to overcome any emotional problems.

Black mirror in dreams

If you look into a mirror in your dream and you see darkness or the mirror is black then this can suggest that you are willing to welcome the advice from others. It can suggest that you have been feeling paranoid lately and this is because one part of relationship is not working. Try to surrender and trust there is a higher power that support human life. A ghost mirror or haunted mirror featured in a dream is associated with taking charge in life. Are you using all your creative energy in your job? It suggests that your spiritual development is being squashed. If the black mirror in your dream is on a wall then indicates you should take charge. For the mirror to turn different colors in a dream suggests that you gain some spiritual help in the future. As we have already concluded mirrors are associated with our reflection in life.

To see a shaving mirror in a dream is a suggestion that you are going to find your way back to a love relationship that is good for you. To apply make-up in a mirror in a dream suggest selfless acts of kindness. It can also suggest that you were trying to hide from your true self.

What the mirror looks like in the dream

Mirrors are often used so we can look at our own reflection, a mirror can have a huge array of decoration and architecture. If the mirror has a silver frame then this dream this denotes riches are coming your way. For the mirror frame to be gold indicates you going to remove negative energies in life. There are many different types of mirrors and these could be featured in your dream. A concave mirror is associated with the distortion of your own self image. If you see a curved mirror then this is connected to a possible bad relationship in the past. The curved mirror indicates that you need to enjoy the possibilities of a new relationship in the future.

Car mirrors or driving

To see a mirror on a road, for example if you reversed your car in the road and you were able to look in your rear view mirror which allowed you to see traffic indicates that should be yourself! Convex mirrors are notably used to view traffic in blind spots or busy road junctions then seeing such a mirror in your dream indicates a possible danger. To see an accident in a mirror suggests a new start. To see something chasing you through a mirror suggests your inner fears in life.

Dental mirrors in dreams

To see dental mirrors which are used by a dentist in your mouth is a suggestion that you need to be aware difficulties in a relationship. It can indicate a male or female who is very critical of your body or this dream can also denote self-awareness. It implies that somebody will make you feel special you don’t have trust in this relationship.

Other mirrors in dreams

To see sunglasses in a dream illustrates that you are trying to hide away from a difficult situation in waking life. To see a mirror in the operating theater indicates that you are working towards a timescale, you always rushed and stressed and it indicates you need to reflect on your own health in order to progress in life.

To see mirror over the fireplace in the dream suggest that you may have cold feet in a matter, if the fire is not on. If the fire is on, and you see an over mantel mirror on a chimney then this can suggest attraction to the opposite sex. To be in a hall of mirrors which is found in theme parks or distorted mirrors which give of an unusual reflection is a suggestion we need to remind ourselves of the qualities that we have. Dropping a mirror in a dream implies “don’t be too hard on yourself” this is the key message. To see a rolling disco ball in your dream suggest that you will feel emotionally wounded by somebody in the future.

To see a magical mirror such as the sleeping beauty mirror that talks back at her is a suggestion that you feel that you are living in a fairy tale. You are not in charge of your own life if you see a mirror that is magical in its effects.

Feelings encountered during the dream of a variety of mirrors…

Worried about breaking the mirror. Magical mirrors wishing mirrors. Rear view mirror where you can’t see the traffic. Looking at your reflection of yourself during the dream.

By Florance Saul
Aug 28, 2017