Paper Bag over Your Head

Paper Bag over Your Head

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If you try to put a paper bag over your head, you will sweat, feel uncomfortable and it will force you to remove it.

As a dream, a paper bag over your head indicates that you will have to go through several shortcomings in your life without having to be aided by someone. It will be up to you to sort out your problems - just the same way that you will have to remove the paper bag over your head once you feel uncomfortable without having to be guided by anyone else.

It might cause a struggle to remove the paper bag over your head, but those around you won't even notice that you are struggling. You might be forced to undergo inner turmoil and secrets, without those around you realize that, there is something you are struggling with. It is up to you to make sure that you come to terms with your shortcomings, especially when it comes to relationships, and you move on without involving others. To you, this is a personal matter that doesn't need to be shared by others. The people who are turning against you or your loved ones and you are wandering alone, what to do so that you don't hurt each other in the process.

In the dream

  • Been a victim of a crime.
  • Seen a paper bag over your head.
  • Paper bag over somebody else’s head.
  • A strange brown paper bag.
  • Paper bag that contains lunch
  • Suffocated due to the bag over your head.
  • Seen other people suffocated due to the bag over their heads.
  • The dream regarding the plastic or paper bag was disturbing in nature.

Detailed dream interpretation

When you dream that you have been a victim of a crime, it means that a relationship that you considered permanent has just come to an end and you see yourself as a victim. You are wondering why it had to end like this yet you still wanted it to continue. Your emotions are still tied to it thus, making you feel frustrated.

A dream where you see a paper bag over your head means that you are suffering in a relationship and you don’t know what to do in order to sort out things and make it right again. The feelings you have cannot be shared with anyone else, thus making you suffer in silence.

A situation where you see a paper bag over someone else’s head means that you are meddling in another person’s relationship, something that doesn’t concern you. It is best if you keep your opinions to yourself - because you don’t know what this person is going through. Leave them alone to sort out their issues because it is hard for you to understand what is causing problems in that relationship.

A strange brown paper bag seen in your dream means that there are feelings which you are hiding in connection with a relationship. The feelings are not healthy and they are making you feel miserable, not knowing what to do in order to sort out things that are not working in your life. It will be best if you opened up to a friend and let them help you come out of the stress.

A situation where you find yourself dreaming about a paper bag that contains lunch means that you slept on an empty stomach and this is a warning that, you are hungry and you need to wake up and eat something.

Feeling suffocated in your dream due to the paper bag that is over your head means that, you are in a relationship which is not working and the best and healthy thing to do is, walk out of it because, if you continue, it might cause great harm to your health.

When you see other people suffer due to the paper bag they have placed on their head it means, you are having friends who fear are not happy in relationships, but you don’t have the courage to face and let them know that. The best thing for them to do is to review the relationship. Maybe this is the advice you can give them.

When the dream regarding the plastic bag or paper bag is disturbing in nature, it means that where you are headed to with your current relationship is something to worry because it seems there is nothing in for you yet, you are holding onto it. There are chances that, your emotions will reach a point where you won’t be able to contain them and in the process, you will lose control and do something which might put you into trouble. The best thing to do is, stop the relationship while you still have self-control.

Feelings associated with your dream

Self-control, unhappy, fearful, great, suffocated, empty, unhealthy and worried.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017