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Tsunami dream meaning


Dreaming of seeing a tsunami can be rather disturbing. The word itself “Tsunami” originates from the Japanese term meaning harbor wave. 

Dreaming of a tsunami can come under a dream that is associated with natural disasters. The most famous tsunami that I can remember is that in Thailand back in 2004. A big wall of water caused so much damage to the small fishing villages. I remember watching the TV and feeling the pain of such devastation. A dream about experiencing a tsunami in a dream can be rather unsettling. I am here to help you decode this dream.

A tsunami is related to the ocean which represents a collected energy of the sub-conscious (when seen on the surface of the sea) or unconscious (when related to being out to sea), in general the dream meaning is a collective of emotional forces. For most this dream is a direct connection to stress in one’s life. The actual tsunami indicates the feeling of being overwhelmed by life’s pressures. If you are on the beach and you see a tsunami this dream indicates that there maybe problems ahead.

Given that a tsunami usually manifests after an underwater earthquake or following the fall of a meteorite into the sea, the symbolism of a tsunami is connected to both the water and earth elements; hence its connection to the world of emotions, feelings and sentiments related to concrete behavior and way of doing actions. In a dream, a tsunami may be symbolically set off by different signs from those mentioned above. For instance, we could see a hotel and all of a sudden, a tsunami is set in motion. To understand such a dream, we need to analyze the hotel as well as the tsunami because the “hotel” signifies a temporary house. If you are looking at moving home then this dream can mean stress or problems at home.  We need to look at the tsunami in relation to other situations in life.  Whenever a tsunami is triggered by an earthquake, this means that unconscious emotional forces related to memories of negative actions, in this life or in others, are emerging so as to be understood, cleansed, transformed, and transcended. If no one thing creates the tsunami, then it is simply related to the encounter of destructive emotional memories that dwell in us.

As mentioned in the opening statement the tsunami is frequent seen as a dream in people who are depressed, or on a spiritual path, since the latter consciously cleanse their memories through deep work on themselves, or else are subjected to the tsunami effects of their past actions because it is the time for this in their life in general.

This kind dream is very upsetting and de-stabilizing. So as not to unfurl disturbing, destructive waves (extremely destructive actions and/or emotions) in our lives and relates to the people around us. A city covered in a tsunami relates to one's inner emotions about life. Maybe you are feeling isolated by society in general. To survive a tsunami means that you will have an emotional rollercoaster but in the end things will work out well.

This is important because water movement in a dream is often connected to our inner creativity or a love affair. My question is: what is drawing you back? Are you being drawn back into a difficult situation in waking life? If you dream that the Tsunami caused an impact on others and the dream turned into a nightmare: full of terror of destruction then this is not the best omen I am afraid. The tsunami is a threat to destroy something you care about in waking life. Such a dream can mean you could be experiencing a burst of challenging feelings like aggression, anger, or worry. 

The water consistency is very important in dreams, if the water you could see was muddy, contained dirt and debris or you noticed specific evidence of destruction on the seashore, it is a sign that, whatever is coming, that is the big change will be destructive but like anything in life you will overcome any difficulties!

What is the dream meaning of a Tsunami?

The ocean in dreams is a significant spiritual symbol. Water itself is featured in our lives daily. Of course, we all know that water itself provides us with food, power and also beauty. The most important element of this dream is you must appreciate the might of the sea. It is unforgiving. That is why when a tsunami disaster strike it is often many years before it is forgotten. Tsunami will always constantly remain a threat to humankind. Luckily,  the “Tsunami Warning System” has helped us prevent the danger and people have gone about their lives not fearing the waves. Symbolically, this means that “whatever” happens and no matter how crazy life gets there is always a solution staring right back at you!

A little story that will help you understand the spiritual meaning of the Tsunami

On 1 April 1946 in Alaska a 100 foot wall of water that struck over the coast. The tsunami carried on inflicting complete destruction in it’s path - and there was an interesting narrative (source: the Tsunami museum) On the south shore of Kauai, in the office of McBryde Sugar Company, staff had heard a warning about a tsunami striking the island. Due to their curiosity they climbed the tallest clifftop on the island - in order to see the tsunami. It was 1st of April so they did wonder if the warning of an impending tsunami was an April Fools’ joke. Of course, it was no joke! The workers recorded that they were amazed to find there was no water whatsoever in the bay. Apparently, on the sand below, the fish were jumping flopping back-and-forth. The workers were of course, very shocked and did not know what was going on. 

Interestingly, little bit of water came into the bay but rather than stopping it started to flow and reach the shore, but it did not stop and climbed higher up the cliff. Again, the bay emptied for the second time.  Then, suddenly, the water started to fill up the bay again and they quickly ran to the top of the cliff. According to the narrative the water reached almost the peak of the cliff and they were very lucky that day that they survived. The reason I have told this story (in the detail that I have done) is because I want you to think of this as a metaphor.  In dreams water is significantly associated with our emotions. It could mean that you are feeling nearly drowned in your emotions.

Advice from a dream of the tsunami dream

We all find ways of handling extreme situations of stress. Sometimes we happen to just find ourselves in awkward difficult situations.  The tsunami dream means that you feel a floor opens up and swallows you then it is time to act. You can suddenly find yourself sinking in a flood of difficult emotions and questions. In the middle of this unexpected situation you can’t help but wonder how you can get back into the safe zone. The tsunami is a symbolism that indicates that you may experience emotional quicksand for a limited time.  And, it is important for you to get yourself back on your feet and summon the strength from within.

What does it mean to run and hide from a tsunami in a dream?

When you have a dream of running away from the tsunami then it denotes that things are not going to be that bad. You may experience love or a period of creativity. Utilize all the time you have to think about how you can hide in order to be more creative in life.  

What does it denote to dream of drowning / or struggling in the tsunami?

To find yourself in the awful situation of nearly drowning in the tsunami this could be symbolic of encountering daily difficulties. You need a way to control your instincts, actions, and inner desires. The force of the ocean is a negative omen I am afraid - in a dream could imply that you could feel you are being controlled by a person. We all feel this sometimes. The tsunami itself could be the metaphor that you may be feeling not only controlled but also fragile. If you have had a difficult patch in life the tsunami dream could represent the strength you need in order to move on. 

What does it mean to dream of someone drowning in a tsunami?

This is where your faith and trust is refined and also purified. To dream of losing somebody that you love in the tsunami dream can indicate that you may be running in circles and facing difficult ends and disturbing endeavors. Perhaps you're even uncertain which way to go? The fact that somebody else was featured in the dream means that your own actions are inflicting upon others. If you are feeling frightened or discouraged in the dream then this can often indicate that you are confused about the results of your efforts in waking life. 

What does it mean to see the tsunami from the beach in a dream?

If you see yourself on the beach and in front of you the tsunami is mounting then this can suggest that you may find unexpected blessings. The tsunami itself represents the fact that there are many many opportunities in life. Think about the sand grains as opportunities. Even in the moments of our greatest worry we often find unexpected blessings.

What does it mean to dream about surfing on a tsunami? 

Dreaming of gliding on a tsunami, towards the beach is a positive omen. If you found yourself in water which was clear in color, and it is taking you towards a sandy beach this is a good omen. The dream denotes that, you may have a prosperous time ahead. To dream of seeing others surfing large waves can indicate great success in the coming days. To find yourself struggling to remain on the surfboard while surfing, the dream is symbolic of your being overconfident in situations in your life. 

What does it mean to dream of reoccurring dreams of a tsunami? 

Repeating symbolism in dreams normally focuses our attention. There are very few dreams that repeat themselves. The message is “received” when you sleep need to be activated and not just understood. This activation can be many changes in your life and it is imperative to try to understand the possibilities that you face.  You may fill patterns created by the dream tsunami and the emotion of the great sense of danger that such a natural disaster “dream” presents. As I’ve already mentioned the tsunami in dreams is usually connected to hidden emotions. Our purpose in life is to work tirelessly to produce. Each person embraces a future and this can be filled with trial and also pain. It is crucial, that if you have re-occurring dreams of water, that you must accept and act upon your own perceptions, decisions and above all emotions. It could be that you realize that you’ve been thinking on a “too small a level” and that your destinies are much better to be focused on something of importance. The tsunami is a spiritual wake-up call that you are training for life’s marathon. Have you got what it takes?

What does it mean to dream of reoccurring dreams of a tsunami but this time the waves get bigger? 

A situation where the tsunami keeps on recurring every night, with the waves being bigger and bigger indicates that your anxiety levels need to be reviewed. Are you under pressure? The dream is a sign to pay attention to areas in your life where you have unresolved issues, by confronting these issues head on!  This is quite an interesting concept. As I have said before the sea or ocean is a sign of your own emotions. It can also suggest that you have an adventurous spirit and when it comes to situations in life. The water appearing in your dreams can demonstrate that you have a positive outlook on life but that you must keep your emotions in check. 

What does it mean to dream of a tsunami taking you away?

A tsunami wave which sweeps you away  in your dream means that emotional challenges are likely to happen in your life in the coming days. It could also be symbolic of your emotions getting out of control. If you have been under a lot of pressure or experienced a change in your thoughts and feelings this could have prompted the dream.

Why have I had this dream?

Many people have asked my "why" did I have this dream. An inner change can yield a tsunami dream. Neglecting your emotions can trigger dreams about water. Life problems and difficulties and uncertainty can be another cause for natural disaster dreams. Events such as break ups, work obstacles, financial loss, and illness are examples of influences, which can contribute as to why you have had such a dream.  Of course, these are things beyond your control and there is little you can do about them when they come into your life but be strong and remember everything is a passing wave. Before long, something else will occur in life.

Summary meanings of a dream about a tsunami 

In my research, when you experience a tsunami in your dream it can mean the following:

  • There is no doubt that you are feeling under pressure in your day to day life.
  • To witness a tsunami disaster indicates there could be too many things happening in your life, leaving you confused, not knowing what to do. 
  • Tsunamis are normally a direct visual reminder of the oceans power therefore dreaming of a tsunami could be a sign that, you are feeling the power of your emotions – that you are overwhelmed.
  • A tsunami is normally a result of a major earthquake – the question is symbolically - what has shaken you up?
  • The dream could be as a result of problems and worries happening in your life. You could be in a certain “phase” in life which is ending and starting so the apprehension has resulted in this dream.
  • A fast moving tsunami in dreams can often indicate that you may face a problem in waking life. Specifically, to dream of a tsunami can mean “something will be exposed” in my view. Before the tsunami hits land it normally causes the sea floor opens up. The waves draw back into the sea. 

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You survive.
  • People survived.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a tsunami coming towards you.
  • Witnessed the disaster of a tsunami.
  • Been on a boat and seen a tsunami.
  • Been worried about the tsunami.
  • Seen a city or two covered in a tsunami.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Introspective, curious, unfocused, open minded, dependent, timid, domineering, confused, not sure of oneself.

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