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Tsunami Dream Meaning

What does a Tsunami mean in your dream?

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Dreaming of seeing a large wave / tsunami can be rather disturbing.

A tsunami is related to the ocean which represents a collected energy of the sub-conscious (when seen on the surface of the sea) or unconscious (when related to being out to see), in general the dream meaning is a collective of emotional forces. For most this dream is a direct connection to stress in one’s life. The actual tsunami indicates the feeling of being overwhelmed by life’s pressures. If you are on the beach and you see a tsunami this dream indicates that there maybe

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a tsunami coming towards you.
  • Witnessed the disaster of a tsunami.
  • Been on a boat and seen a tsunami.
  • Been worried about the tsunami.
  • Seen a city or two covered in a tsunami.

Given that a tsunami usually manifests after an underwater earthquake or following the fall of a meteorite into the sea, the symbolism of a tsunami is connected to both the water and earth elements; hence its connection to the world of emotions, feelings and sentiments related to concrete behavior and way of doing actions. In a dream, a tsunami may be symbolically set off by different signs from those mentioned above. For instance, we could see a hotel and all of a sudden, a tsunami is set in motion. To understand such a dream, we need to analyze the hotel as well as the tsunami because the “hotel” signifies a temporary house. If you are looking at moving home then this dream can mean stress or problems at home. We need to look at the tsunami in relation to other situations in life. Whenever a tsunami is triggered by an earthquake, this means that unconscious emotional forces related to memories of negative actions, in this life or in others, are emerging so as to be understood, cleansed, transformed, and transcended. If no one thing creates the tsunami, then it is simply related to the encounter of destructive emotional memories that dwell in us.

As mentioned in the opening statement the tsunami is frequent seen as a dream in people who are depressed, or on a spiritual path, since the latter consciously cleanse their memories through deep work on themselves, or else are subjected to the tsunami effects of their past actions because it is the time for this in their life in general.

This kind dream is very upsetting and De-stabilizing. So as not to unfurl disturbing, destructive waves (extremely destructive actions and/or emotions) in our lives and relates to the people around us. A city covered in a tsunami relates to one's inner emotions about life. Maybe you are feeling isolated by society in general. To survive a tsunami means that you will have an emotional rollercoaster but in the end things will work out well.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You survive.
  • People survived.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Introspective, curious, unfocused, open minded, dependent, timid, domineering, confused, not sure of oneself.

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