Dream of being chased with a knife

Chased with a knife dream

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings Of Being Chased And A Knife

The following dream I had four times in a row: "I was walking along the road of a busy high street. There was a man who was wearing all black and he chased me at night with a sharp knife "I woke up worried" is a common dream where women feel threatened by men who are carrying knives or guns. In my dream, I was not able to see my pursuer. However, it is clear that a "force" was threatening me in some way. 

We often dream of being chased with a knife when there is a danger that is threatening us in waking life, which could be a sign that you need to think about why we are feeling stress out. Are you worried about life in general? In our dream state, we wish to flee from our inner child and fears. I do feel we are prone to dream (of being chased by someone with a dangerous weapon) which is naturally connected to how we react to others in life. 

In all our homes we have knives. We use a knife every single day, and this dream can transform our own thinking. The knife is also used as a tool to fear. Think about knives in general, an eight-inch lethally sharp weapon of iron. We often use knives for cooking and domestic tool. We commit "time" to use knives, sharpening them, washing them, and putting them in our cupboard. Once I sat in a bar in New York and saw a chef use a knife I have never seen before. It had a 3-rivet Sabatier and the blade was so sharp and long. Every working day the chef said he sharpened it, which is why it looked so odd. The knife as a “symbol” represents danger and these conventions, if the knife in dreams occurs it can mean you need to sharpen your own thinking.

Here are some questions about the dream of being chased with a knife:

  • Can you identify the reason this person is following you?
  • What is it you are running from in waking life?
  • Does the description of the man remind you of anyone or anything in your life you are running from or that is after you?
  • Who was chasing you with a knife?
  • Do you feel the dream of someone with a knife reminds you of any other situation?
  • What is a better approach to dealing with conflict and/or problems than fleeing?

Who is chasing you with a knife in the dream?

The first question that is raised is "who" is chasing you with the knife in the dream. If it is someone you know then this dream could be a reflection of how they feel about you or how you feel about them. Before you make any conclusions, I encourage you to first describe the person chasing and the general premise of the dream before making any conclusions. Look for parallels in your waking life. A dream of a knife might be due to part of your personality, or a part of you. These dreams are common when you're moving up in self-confidence, self-esteem, and career. 

Dream of being chased but not being able to escape

Maybe you were trying to run but for some reason, you were not able to. Your legs feel like water or mud and you can't even run away from the attacker. This dream is often a variation of the dream of being chased by a knife. It's when people realize they can't run because they tried to escape from a pursuer. This nightmare can be both frightening and frustrating, it means that you cannot find a way out of your problems in waking life.

As you might imagine, this dream is far more common in women. It is often very fearful and sometimes painful. This dream could be coerced. The dreamer may be forced to run from someone with a knife, could be a friend, stranger, or family member. The mild or complete fear in the dream needs to be reviewed and requires that we need to look at all angels. Being exposed to violent acts in the dream is important to understand as this normally is connected to our inner self, and how we feel settled in life.

Dream of knives can be connected to our existing lovers

If you are in a relationship with someone who is not part of your current life, you must use this dream as a metaphor. In dreams, knives are often used to represent feelings of acceptance, rejection, dominance, and so on. Think about the ace of swords tarot card. Spiritually, knives are about communication with someone. Are you having communication problems with a lover at the moment?

Dream of being chased with a knife by an existing or ex-partner

Do not get caught up in trying psychically to attract the person you are attracted to. The dreaming mind is not interested in teaching you love and passion, but rather in enriching your life. Respect others and be kind to them. Don't get upset or disappointed if they don't respond as in your dreams. It is important to let go of potential partners that aren't right for you. This is one of the best ways to find love. To insist on something that doesn't work seems to prevent the right person from coming along. Trusting your life and letting go seems to attract true relationships and happiness like magnets.

Dream of being chased then killed by a knife

Dreaming of being chased then killed by the knife indicates that you feel emotionally battered because of the struggle in waking life. If a dream depicts that one's essence is being mortally wounded it may be difficult for you to understand why this even occurred - because you are not familiar with the concept of being able to protect yourself in waking life. People often feel worried about their relationships and conditions, and our dreams call for us to re-evaluate ourselves. It is impossible to believe that a relationship cannot be reestablished if something is broken in the dream.

Dream of a friend chasing you with a knife

For a friend in real life to chase with a knife is all about the relationship. Is the relationship with your friend good? Is your friend fascinating, mysterious, and attractive? To dream of a friend and violence means you need to explore the deepest depths of the relationship. Do they have strong opinions and know-how can you think clearly why you had such a dream?

Dream psychology and being chased with a knife in a dream

Freud believed that these our dreams are about a desire to return to childhood freedom and non-violence in waking life. Therefore, to dream of being chased is about our playfulness in the world. Freud believed that dreams to be chased in public were based on an infantile, exhibitionistic tendency, which all children have. This fear is believed to have been present since childhood and manifests in the dream state. Emil Gutheil was another dream psychoanalyst who wrote about dreams in the 1950s. He believed that being chased by a person of danger could also be used to express guilt or other emotions.

By Florance Saul
Jul 25, 2021