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A balloon is a rubber sac which is normally filled with air and then sealed at the bottom.

It is normally used as a toy by children or as decoration. Bigger balloons are normally filled with hot air, and these larger balloons carry a basket with passengers within. The "hot air balloon" normally floats in the air.

If you see a balloon in the dream, the general meaning is that your life is full of aspirations, goals, and ambitions which could go either way depending on how you handle it. A balloon without air will rise. A balloon, if this comes into contact with something sharp, will burst, and cause a loud bang. So what does it mean in your dream?

A balloon is connected to how you represent yourself in life. The balloon filled with air is associated with possible arrogance towards others. The balloon can also indicate depression to a lesser degree. If the balloons are ascending then this is a positive dream. For the balloons to descend indicates that life is going to be challenging for a while.

In the dream, you may be

  • The one who is blowing up a balloon.
  • Holding a balloon.
  • A balloon at a party.
  • A hot air balloon in a dream.
  • Balloons are flying up in the sky.
  • Others with a balloon.
  • A strange person with the balloon.
  • A room is full of balloons.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

A dream where you saw yourself holding a balloon can simply mean that you are full of aspirations, ambitions, and goals.

Depending on how you handle situations problems will go either way or continue. White balloons indicate a time of spiritual enlightenment. The balloons may be fulfilled or unfulfilled. If you strategize well and make sure that you do things according to a plan you will automatically reach your goals, ambitions, and aspirations.

To see helium in a dream indicates that you will look back on your childhood. A rising balloon in the air indicates great times ahead.

A balloon filled with air suggests that situations will elevate. If you see a person you know holding a balloon in your dream, it means that their ambitions, aspirations, or goals success is based on you. How you treat them will result in them either achieving everything in their life, or it can suggest failure. Make sure that you guide these people on the right road to success. Help them with setting goals which will give them a plan going forward. To dream of "popping" balloons suggests you will bear fruit at the end of a difficult road. Don't be worried about others if you dream of a red balloon. Here are some meanings based on specific colors:

Balloon colors in dreams

A pink balloon featured in a dream indicates that affection is needed in a relationship. Such a dream is a suggestion that you need to understand other people better. if the pink balloon is flying in the, air then this is a suggestion that you need to be more ambitious in life.

Dreaming of blue balloons is a omen of peace in life. It is important to feel that you are being more grounded. There are aspects of your life that you need to re-evaluate and understand.

If a black balloon is featured in your dream then situations are likely to be turned upside down. As a balloon rises in waking life, the black balloon is a suggestion that through hardship and depression will come a better resolution.

A white balloon is associated with spiritual growth. Seeing any white blooms in a dream symbolizes that your state of mind is of good standing.

Yellow balloon in a dream is an omen of favorable situations going forward. A red balloon is associated with passion, intimate relations and fondness. Green balloons indicate that friends and relatives are not going to prosper in life. With the failure, you will become their source of dependency and thus, unable to develop further in your life.

Going back to the meaning of balloons in your dream. To dream of a room or party full of balloons is a favorable omen. The balloons in this sense can also magnify frustration in your waking life. The fact that there are many balloons also suggests that things are likely to go to plan.

If you notice that the balloons are at a birthday party this is connected to your love life. Balloons that are used to create another object (such as a monkey, dog, sword) which is often seen in children's parties as an indication you want to rise in life.

The balloon is a focused mental state of affairs. It indicates you might need to leave behind difficult situations in life. It can suggest that you are feeling a little bit lost. If we look at the qualities of a balloon we can see that they are rather attractive. Many car sales outlets have balloons as a form of celebration and tie these onto the car. Also consumer research has shown that balloons can speed up the buying process.

To be carrying any type of balloons in the dream suggests that you have had a difficult childhood. Balloons are often connected to our way of letting down to a difficult period of time or childhood. To see silver or gold balloons suggests riches and wealth are going to be yours.

A dream whereby, a stranger is seen holding a balloon denotes that it will take you a long time to achieve your aspirations, goals, and ambitions because neither you, nor your friends and relatives are in a position to excel in life. Life is not fair to you at all; you are facing ups and downs in life which make you feel discouraged to even embark on anything new or continue with the old at all. You need to wake up, pick up the pieces and mold them up into something meaningful in your life. Otherwise, your misfortunes will follow you always, making life unbearable. To see a hot air balloon in a dream indicates that in life things will be more positive going forward.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Ambitious, discouraged, prosperous, happy, successful, great, grateful, unfortunate and defensiveness.

By Florance Saul
May 4, 2017