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Dreaming about fish is a symbolism of “rebirth” and “fertility.” In many cultures, the fish is considered sacred. Your here because you had a dream of fish in some respect? Read on.

Given all the cultural connections to fish, if seen in dreams can indicate our own hidden emotions. In my view, the most noteworthy part of my research into this dream has shown that you can encounter a “slippery problem” or something “fishy.” From a dream psychology point of view, the fish symbol is associated with personal growth, biblically the fish symbol means “truth.” If the fish that you see in the dream happens to be in the ocean then this can symbolize our own unconscious mind. I’m Flo and welcome to my dream website. Please scroll down to find your dream of fish which I have evidently researched.

What is the meaning of dreaming about fish?

Water is a symbolism of our own emotions and as fish live in water it could in the waking world surround certain circumstances into your emotional and spiritual state of well-being. You may see yourself fishing, alternatively fish can crop up in your dream in many ways such as: eating fish, cleaning fish, cooking fish, seeing fish and so on. There are many different “fish” related dreams. I am here to help you decode your dream. The famous dream psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that fish is associated with our own sexual urges. Freud believes that the fish was what is known in dream psychology as the phallus. Sexually, the fish can represent impotence and sexual contact.

This dream can imply certain urges that we have in waking life. According to the famous dream psychologist Carl Jung the “fish” is known as a primitive creature. As the fish is cold-blooded it can again be connected to our unconscious mind. Dreaming about a fish can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on details of your dream. Clear blue water around fish is an indication that life itself somewhat positive. If the water is murky, muddy or there is no water then this can indicate that there may be some spiritual trouble which you need to overcome.

What does ancient folklore say about dreaming of fish?

Dreaming of a fish that consequently died your dream according to ancient text illustrates you are likely to meet new people going forward. There was a user that contacted me last year who kept having a repeating dream of fish coming out their mouth. Anything coming out of the mouth in a dream illustrates your communication in life is blocked. In this case, blocked by your own emotions. To dream of killing a fish illustrates the goal or opportunity that you have set yourself may be missed. In ancient Egyptian texts killing a fish indicates positivity and good luck. This can translate into your dream. It may explain that you are feeling worried about the future but everything will be fine. To dream of marine fish can indicate content and happy times according to the Scottish dream folklore. I think I have given you most of the key dream meanings here in olden dream books.

What does the fish symbol mean in a dream?

There is quite an interesting perspective if we look at fish from a symbolism perspective. I like to include all biblical symbols in my dream meanings. Looking back into history, in certain Greek cities fish was worshiped and devotees would not eat fish. This particular group was known as “Pythagoreans” who lived in Southern Italy. Fish have been a significant omen in Christianity. The Fish is normal a symbol of Jesus, this is due to the fact the five letters of “fish” spells our savior. Thus, art and literature is often used as a symbol of baptism. As a fish cannot live without water, we cannot live without emotions.

The fish spelling in Greek is “ichthus” which is an anagram of “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior.” Many Christians have a bumper symbol of a fish at the back of their car because they believe that this is a symbol of truth. Kissing fish as a symbol can indicate truth and that in time we will understand life from a new perspective. If you are not Christian then the dream could still mean the truth to you. I feel that after reading many texts on the biblical meaning of fish I can conclude that this dream is connected to uncovering the truth. In ancient times, fish is a symbol of great luck and was supposed to protect someone from the evil eye. Old folklore denotes that eating fish on a Friday evening is considered great luck.

There seem to be connections between Christian and Jewish fish symbols but they both mean rebirth to some degree. What is interesting, in my view, is that in Asia people were afraid to catch fish in a lake known as Aegiae. There was a fear that if a person would catch a fish in this lake they believed they would turn into a fish. There are many Greek deities that are connected to fish or that the symbol appears. Fish which is in a fish tank or fish bowl can indicate you’re looking for a way out of a problem.

Does dreaming of fish mean you will get pregnant?

es, fish are connected to some degree isolation and problems but also fertility. Often, people contact me after dreaming of fish and they actually end up becoming pregnant. In fact, in the ten years I have been running this site at least four people have dreamed of fish then later had a baby. There is a spiritual connection between fertility and fish. Many ancient texts into fish is connected to getting pregnant or having babies. In fact, folklore believes that fish in dreams can mean a new baby. The dream could be highlighting a new baby if you are trying for one.

What do dead fish in a dream mean?

As fish are a clear symbol of spiritual happiness, truth and fertility, a dead fish can indicate that a period of growth might be on hold. Dreaming of dead fish can be connected to delays in life. Water is associated with feeling and to see a dead fish can indicate that you need to watch your emotions and it could represent a new challenge. Cooking fish can imply the levels of your own mind, you need to let things flow properly and cooking fish for others can be about self-assertion. In dreams “death” indicates a transformation. I don’t necessarily believe that the dream is connected to loss, it could just be that idea or not work out or that you need to research a new phase of life. It could be a part of your life needs to finish. As a fish is connected with emotions a dead fish can suggest that there may be delay or roadblocks in your emotions. So, this dream is about picking up your losses and moving on.

What does eating fish mean in a dream?

Eating fish in a dream is all about nourishment. Given that fish can be eaten cooked or raw this dream can indicate that you may need to wait for a while until things materialize. The fish can represent your own hidden comfort in life. I think about how you prepare your goals and undertake new objectives in life. I believe that eating fish is all about preparing for the future, nourishing something until it grows. In fact, I have dedicated a whole dream meaning to eating fish so click here in order to uncover this dream.

What does cleaning a fish mean in a dream?

If you find yourself fish tank between, or cleaning fish it can indicate that you need to help on the road to self-discovery. It is awarded pay attention to the areas of a dream. To clean large marine, for example, can suggest that you are aware of other people’s emotions. To de bone fish in a dream is associated with willpower, bravery and also your hidden needs. It might be a metaphor for trying to get to the bone of the matter.

What do unusual dreams of fish mean?

In life, we do have some quite unusual dreams in life. In order to answer these questions, I am going to turn to old folklore so you can get a feel for what these types of dreams mean. If you were riding a fish dream in folklore this means that success we’ll soon be yours. A goldfish in a dream indicates being calm, collective thought possibly success in the future. If you are in a pond when you are trying to catch a fish with a net this indicates your abilities to succeed and obstacles. I believe catching a fish is rather like catching a goal in life - it is sometimes hard, can take time but the perseverance and patience will pay off in the end.

To see a fish in water then popping out of the water in your dream is connected to your own love life. My dream research showed that love will be yours. (I know this can sound quite corny) but this is a positive dream. To see a whole lake full of fish is extremely positive mean horizons cards. Multiple fish in a dream can imply a new start in life.

What are the different types of fish in a dream symbolize?

If you are lucky enough to actually understand which type of fish you saw in your dream - then this can add even deeper meaning to the meaning. Fish come in various formats. From the food, we eat through to the pets we keep in fish tanks. Fish jumping out of the water in your dream implies that the success of the future. Try to apply yourself to a given situation. If you see a fish on the ground it usually a positive omen. This could indicate you may face failure in the future I’m sorry to say! But this dream interpretation is from ancient folklore so don’t rely on it too much.

What does it mean when you dream about marine or tropical fish?

If you are lucky enough to actually remember dreaming of a certain fish then this is a positive omen and here I am going to review marine fish from a dream perspective. The significant factor that stands out regarding marine fish in our dream is the colors. many elements which are water-focused is connected to money, fashion and material elements in life. The kingdom below water in the spirit world is often associated with our life choices. The spiritual aspect of this dream is that marine fish life against life-cycles, ecosystems and pathways in regard to the spiritual meaning of marine fish I will now further explore certain fish but, the difference between the marine fish and other fish is the fact they exist in saltwater. Marine fish spiritually are connected to the ocean and there are a number of ornamental captive-bred marine fish that we can keep as pets. To dream of a clownfish is connected to the spiritual color of orange, which in dream meaning terms can indicate growth. Dreaming of this fish always reminds me of the film “nemo” or “finding dory.” I believe such a dream implies that through hard work you will ensure comfort. To dream of a goby can imply change is coming, a dotted marine fish such as the Fridman’s dotty black indicates a new beginning or start. To dream of maroon clownfish in my research shows a new start. The flag blennies denote change is coming.

What about dreaming of tropical fish?

To dream of tropical fish represents the unconscious truths and thoughts you’re having recently. Have you noticed some changes in your attitude? Often, tropical fish spiritually, in my view indicates that you are going through an inner transformation. To dream of marine fish means that you will encounter a period of time where you prefer to stay alone than socialize. This is a sign, in dream lore that you feel like you have more important things to do than socializing and taking coffee with friends. In a positive light, you have finally focused on “yourself” and thanks to your self-absorption, you’ll will do great things in the future. I am now going to include a more in-depth meaning around dreaming of these types of fish.

Owning tropical fish in a dream but not in real life implies truths and secrets about yourself. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a tropical fish enjoying in their natural environment. In my research, certain fish indicate a different spiritual meaning. First on my list is the Guppies – colorful and easy to catch which means a goal is likely to be yours through hard work. I love guppies and have a number at home. To dream of a black guppies’ fish indicates a transformation is on the cards. Multi-colored guppies suggest someone will ask you for advice. Maybe you dreamed of a Neon Tetra? We’re talking about a tiny, freshwater fish with more vibrant colors than Guppies and I often buy mine in groups. They are schooling fish; thus, you will need at least half a dozen. As I am sure you can imagine, this fish is about teamwork and how you interact with others in the dream world. Dreaming of a swordtail. The name speaks for itself, indicates a new start. The Angelfish is the fourth most popular tropical fish. I thought I would mention this fish as spiritually she represents graceful movements and elegance. Rich in color and patterns, this fish will make you fall in love with her and if an angelfish is seen in dreams this can indicate a new beginning. Dreaming of the Cory Catfish indicates you will meet someone with a peaceful nature. This fish, in my view (as I have one), prefers to keep a low profile and hand out on the bottom while eating the leftovers from other fish. The Otocinclus Catfish is known for being an algae eater, seeing such a fish in a dream indicates you are clearing away the old and in life, things will be peaceful and require very little of your attention.

What does it mean to dream of yellow fish?

Dreaming of seeing a yellow marine fish in general terms can indicate that wealth will be yours but involve emotion. If you have a marine aquarium at home, then I will say that it is not uncommon to dream of seeing a marine yellow fish in a dream. The cowfish is often yellow and has that all-important protruding thorn. In dreams, the cowfish can signify that things will go slowly (due to their slow swimming) but you will be protected. The yellow trumpet fish in dreams can imply that you may be trapped by others. As they can go almost 30 meters deep this dream can mean you will be in deep with a problem but find a solution. The electric yellow fish dreams in signify you are going to remain placid going forward. One of my most favored sea creatures has to be the seahorse which is generally yellow. For me, the mustard color of the seahorse indicates that you are likely to encounter money and opportunities in the future if your dream involved seahorses. In my research, the yellow boxfish can indicate a rocky time. This is due to the fact that they adore coral rocky reefs.

What is the most popular sea fish?

I like to include some interesting facts in my dream meanings of course. One of the most popular and common fish in the sea is the “bristlemouth”. She’s a deep water fish and one of the several species of Cyclothone. Hard to notice for human eye because she’s the size of a small minnow, this fish lives at 500 meters or even deeper.

What does dreaming of sea creatures mean?

If you haven’t heard by now, there are different zones of the oceans. They’re actually layers within the oceans containing distinctive plant and animal life. They’re called environmental zones and are divided into two main categories: the benthic realm and the pelagic realm. The benthic realm is consisted of the seafloor, while the pelagic realm has the ocean waters. These two are further subdivided into separate zones depending on the depth of the water. Dreaming of fish in the benthic realm in the deep ocean indicates your emotions will run deep. The deeper the fish in the dream the deeper your emotions regarding the dream meaning.

What does cooking fish mean in a dream?

To dream of cooking fish implies that you are looking for spiritual enlightenment and this dream indicates that changes have arisen recently, maybe you need help to uncover your soul or spirit. Are you feeling lost lately? If the answer is yes then the advice is to understand greater knowledge and wisdom. Cooking fish can happen many ways in waking life. From boiling, frying and oven baking. Fish in my view cooked is connected to our own emotions. To cook fish in your dream state symbolizes your inconsistent beliefs, spiritual growth, and life philosophy. To cook fish for dinner in a dream implies you will meet a person who would rather never speak to anyone than argue with people – someone who avoids conflict.

What does a large fish in a dream signify?

To dream of a very large fish in dream lore denotes fortune. Additionally, if the fish you could see was a giant it represents a big opportunity coming your way! So, good for you! I like to think of this dream as indicating wealth. My message to you is to expect many happy events in the future.

I personally feel that this dream can represent the joys of being immersed in an activity when it is something we are really inspired by. I am thinking if you have recently embarked on a new pursuit or endeavor of some kind – whether it be development towards finding your true vocation or understanding your potential – this could explain why you had this precise dream about catching big fish. In other words, chasing after something large is often linked with ambition and drive; so if you catch the biggest fish in the dream, maybe it’s trying to tell you that focus and commitment will eventually pay off!

From my perspective, there might also be symbolic meaning behind such a vision which speaks directly to what is going on inside yourself. Perhaps there’s some part of yourself that wants more from life but needs coaxing out. And although the ‘big fish’ in the dream may appear daunting at first glance, once caught its power gives us the strength to carry on conquering even more dreams along our journey -- that is the spiritual meaning of this dream. It's like being able to draw upon an inner source of motivation or enthusiasm – bringing change into our lives through discovering untapped potential within ourselves!

No matter how crazy these dreams of massive fish may seem upon reflection, however; they function as powerful resources for creativity and imagination which should not go ignored (even in passing!).

What does it mean to dream of fish swimming?

To dream of fish swimming implies to some insights from your subconscious mind. If you catch the fish in your dream, it means that you’re going to miss an opportunity in your waking life. The fish swimming in a dream (in my opinion) represents the freedoms we have in life. Often, when we see swimming fish in our sleep - it associated with preserving your own psychic consciousness. Swimming with dolphins in a dream it is connected to spiritual guidance.

What does a fish tank mean in your dream?

I like to think that a fish tank indicates feeling trapped in dreams. To dream of a fish tank with beautiful fish swimming implies that you’re seeking a chance to make your life even more meaningful and exciting. To watch a fish tank in a dream implies questioning your spiritual beliefs and going through inner transformation. Can you recognize the new you? However, you like yourself better this way, then being conservative and closed.

What does it mean for silverfish in a dream?

To dream of silverfish suggests that you’re about to express your emotions in a way that will be acceptable to others. To see small silver fish indicates that you are good at expressing how you feel, therefore, there is an achievement on the horizon. Also, in time you will find someone who will contribute your personal and spiritual growth.

What does it mean to dream of a fish attacking you?

To dream of a fish attacking you indicates hidden emotional issues you’re trying to hide under the carpet. The fish is a symbol in this sense of an “event” that has taken its toll on you. As the fish lives in water it can signify an emotionally challenging time. Remember how strong you are! Seeing multiple fish attacking you can symbolize a few emotional problems that you are not recognizing. These are affecting your well-being, but you’ll handle them soon and gain a new way of thinking. I am sorry you had this dream. I must also add, that to kill the fish attacking you can indicate an end to difficulties.

What does it mean to dream of fish in the ocean?

To dream of fish in the ocean implies that you’re currently observing life’s achievements and you have become in control of your life. If you are not satisfied with some aspects of your personality and life in general then don’t worry. This dream denotes inner transformation.

What does fly fishing mean in a dream?

Fly fishing is an angling method to catch fish with an artificial “fly.” I like to think that fly fishing is all about “catching” something important. To dream of fly fishing indicates that you’re trying to accomplish something important in life right now. If you feel unsupported then this dream can indicate you will need “focus” on life.

Side note:

There is a vast amount of conflicting information about fish dreams online, and as time has gone by dis-information has become vast so I have made this dream meaning as detailed as I can, along with the sources I have reviewed below - so you can be sure that this dream meaning is correct. I have made it easy for you (I hope) so please like this website to support me. I’m Flo by the way and I am excited you have had this dream. I hope you now understand the meaning as with all dreams they can unlock our hidden emotions.


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By Florance Saul
Apr 16, 2018