What does it mean to dream of a car falling into water?

Cars And Water Dream Meaning

Car Falling Into Water Dream

What does it mean to dream of a car falling into water?

Cars falling into water or being submerged into water are interesting dreams. I have had many reports of people who have had dreams of a car falling off cliffs into the water. I’m here to help you decode the dream from a  spiritual perspective. The car is a dream that represents your own self, it can be connected to our schools, relationships, careers, and general well-being. Seeing a car suddenly hit a body of water can indicate that emotions are about to go “out of control” the water is a symbol of emotions after all. Dreams are connected to our own emotions. 

The car is a symbolism in a dream that indicates your journey through life. This is regarding your destiny, the dream will probably focus on a particular path and if you see the cart falling into water it can indicate that your aims, hopes, and dreams of success may be challenging in the weeks to come. If you are within the car while it is falling in a dream and this can indicate that there are difficulties, setbacks, and hazards that you are navigating through life at the moment. Your own attitude may also be the cause of the mental barriers or blocks given that you have crashed into the water. Death dreams about journeys often become more meaningful when you are trying to uncover your aims and ambitions in life. Water can often come in many different shapes and sizes during this type of dream. It could be that you see yourself driving into a river, stream, lake, or even the ocean. For us to understand and determine what the role of the water is in the dream is important to understand the relation to the car.  The car can symbolize our own physical appearance or social image. The car was also the symbolism of the power and control that we have over our lives as well as how successful we are moving forward to different stages.

Where are you when the car falls into water?

It is important to understand your seating position when you fall into the water. If somebody else is driving the car then this could mean that you are feeling out of control or that somebody is trying to impose their own beliefs upon you. If you are sitting in the passenger seat then this may mean that you must take a more passive approach, similarly if you are in the back seat when the car enters the water and this may symbolize that you need to step back in a situation in waking life.

Do you survive?

This is the question that is most important. If you see yourself drowning within a car then this can indicate that you feel that your life might be difficult or complex at the moment perhaps you are taking on too much and you need to take a break in order to think about others around you. The type of vehicle is also significant. Are you in a car that you recognize? Is it a card that is somebody else's? These are clues to the interpretation of a dream falling into the water. If it is your car this is about you if someone else normally the dream is about someone else. The good news is if you survive the car falling into water then this can represent flexibility on the way forward.

What does it mean to dream of a car being immersed in water?

I can remember having a re-occurring dream of my car being on a beach and suddenly the tide comes in, I remember standing on a hill and watching my car being immersed in water. If you see the car falling or you are escaping from a sinking car then this can be a frightening experience. Sadly in waking around about 400 people die every year in sinking cars. Normally, they have fallen off cliff edges, quarries, or alternatively unknown hazards that are not seen. If you are desperately trying to shut the windows to slow down the rate at which the car is filling with water can suggest that you are feeling pressurized in life. Whatever the situation, if you find yourself in deep water during the dream there is a natural feeling of trying to get out of that water as quickly as possible. If you are trying to switch on the lights for example in the car or you have released your seatbelt this can suggest that you were trying to escape a difficult problem in waking life.

What does it mean to dream of a sinking car?

A sinking car in a dream after obviously the fall can indicate that you need to restraint those around you. If you're unable to get out of the car during the dream this can often suggest that you need healing at the moment. Remember, water is also in healing mechanism in the spiritual realm.

What does it mean to be stuck in a car and not being able to get out?

Dreaming of being stuck in a car, perhaps a window is jammed or you're trying to break free can suggest that you are feeling trapped in waking life. Often we are trapped in a rain mind. This dream can mean that you feel trapped in your relationship, job or maybe you just feel trapped in general. This is a normal and common way to feel. The solution to being trapped is for you to make decisions in life. Perhaps it is time for you to make a plan about how you escape your entrapment. For example, if you are unhappy in your relationship perhaps you might be only there for the children, if you're in an abusive relationship it is often common to dream of being stuck in a car full of water. When you feel trapped it is also important to look at people around you that can help you. Maybe spend more time with your friends or support system and make small adjustments that do not add stress to your life.

In conclusion, this dream is about your emotions and your inner desires. The dream about a car falling into a body of water can often represent emotions that are out of control in regards to someone around you. 

By Florance Saul
Sep 12, 2021