Dreaming and meanings Bombing

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A dream of bombing can mean several things. Explosions signify their figurative counterpart in terms of emotions or situations.

Dreaming of bombings are manifestations of stress or anger which can potentially turn ugly when they explode. An unexploded bomb is the manifestation of danger or a dangerous situation. This may relate to perceived problems in real life that you feel may turn explosive or very problematic.

Bombing runs or shelling represents feelings of being attacked. Your situation may involve other people that wish to attack you figuratively, whether at work or in your personal relationships. Any explosion is a symbol of a volatile situation, it may have already exploded or is waiting to explode and turn violent.

Dreaming of bombings is often a warning. It may not directly affect you, but it means that you recognize that a situation can turn problematic for those around you.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a bomb or bombs.
  • Been involved in a bombing.
  • Watched people getting bombed.
  • Diffused a bomb.
  • Not been able to stop a bomb.
  • Thrown a bomb.

Positive changes are a foot if

  • You were able to diffuse or stop the bomb.
  • Saved someone from a bombing.

Detailed dream interpretation

Look at bombing as a warning or a situation you may face or already be in. Seeing a bomb relates to problems you may face in life. The tensions you feel from your work, your friends or family could symbolize this bomb. Seeing the bomb before it goes off means that the potential for a bad situation exists but has not yet culminated to a bad ending.

Bombing and explosions in dreams mean that these situations are ready to go off at any time, if they haven’t already. If you are witnessing the bombing but are not directly affected, it may mean that the situation that will turn explosive will not be directly related to you. You however are witness to it and it may happen to co-workers or friends or to people surrounding you. This is especially true if you see these people in your dreams as well.

Trying to stop a bomb means that you are doing something to relieve or solve the problem. Finding success in diffusing or stopping the bomb means that you may be able to find success in resolving the particularly explosive problem.

Saving someone or finding shelter during a bombing may mean you are protected from that potentially dangerous or explosive situation. Saving someone relates to your want to help a person during this time. You may also feel that someone you know if facing a bad situation and you are there to help them out.

If you are the one doing the bombing, then your dream is your way of lashing out at this person or situation. It may not always be bad since that situation may be a bad one to begin with. You may want to change that situation by destroying it, such as when you want to get rid of a bad habit. But be careful though as this may also mean that your anger is on the verge of being uncontrollable.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a bombing

Fear, anger, wanting to help someone, relief that someone is safe or saved.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013