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son drowning

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There is no doubt about the fact that this is an upsetting dream and can play on your mind the next day. In fact, I have woken up from having this dream in order to write this meaning because it has disturbed me. I think this is a parent's worse nightmare, I could not imagine having to deal with this in reality. Luckily, I have been studying dreams for 20 years and I will take you through this meaning in detail so you can gain some clarity.

The details are important in this dream and also if anyone else was involved in your son drowning, such as your sons father. The dream may demonstrate a specific theme or be different each time, still showing the emphasis on your son drowning or about to drown. These types of dreams mean different things but we need to recognize the element of water here. Water in dreams is connected to your emotions and how you communicate and interact with people. I am Flo and please scroll down to find your dream.

What does it mean to dream of your son drowning?

The water as a symbolism of your unconscious mind. If you rescued your son from drowning there may be an aspect of your life, where you have been neglecting your son or not spending enough time on his needs. By rescuing your son from the water, consequently (so he is not drowning) could be an expression that you are not spending enough time and attention on his needs. Seeing your partner trying to rescue your son indicates that you are dealing with emotions in regard to him. I know that your son might have appeared in the dream but your son could be a reflection your inner child. Therefore, to see your husband playing a part in the drowning could be how you are feeling about him. Being angry with your partner in the dream could be an expression of how you are feeling about him at the moment.

To see your son swimming in cold water without a life jacket could indicate that you are feeling a failure in life and you have to fight for survival. In real life studies have shown drowning due to cold water is common. To dream of your son falling from a boat in a dream can symbolize something elusive, such as gaining a solution to a problem concerning your son. Dreaming of your son falling into the ocean can suggest that you need to explore your deep emotions. In dreams, we often project our own life and after even after having a shocking dream such as this we can understand our own distress in life.

Cultural and social expectations on gender roles indicate that Mothers are essentially in charge of the well-being of their sons. This is quite interesting as Mothers don’t tend to have the ability to rescue or resuscitation techniques. For example, in Seattle, most mothers that attended water safety groups were not exclusive swimmers and had little experience. While researching this dream meaning I also read that some Bangladesh women are prohibited from rescuing their children as there is folklore that says that their children will die if the mother touches them. This could delay rescue as how quickly submersion results in death. Additionally, the community will not help the child if the community believes that the mother touched the child. There has also been scientific research into the fact that their is increased drowning of older parents. Survival of your son is primarily an indication that things will turn out well in the end!

What does it mean to dream of your son drowning then dying?

For your son to die due to drowning in the tree indicates this is a projection of the child. It is not a little dream so please don’t worry. It can obviously create strong emotions and grief and loss can inject into your mind even after littering. From a dream psychology point of view you’re trying to process emotions get a grip on something you’ve lost in life. The most important takeaway history that you remain balanced. Balance is quite interesting in the stream as the water everything. The drink interpreted you needing physical closeness with your son, such as cuddling or helping him through anxieties, in order to make your son feel attached and comfortable.

What does it mean to see your son drowning but he was rescued?

Dreams about your son almost drowning can relate to our fears in life. I honestly believe that this dream is connected to our emotions which I have covered in detail above. I'm convinced these dreams can act as a sort of connection between your own emotions and the world you live in, meaning you are feeling worried or anxious at the moment.

What does it mean to dream of your son drowning in a swimming pool?

The water in the swimming pool is clear and this can represent difficulties in emotions or your anxiety levels. Drowning in a swimming pool could also be an indication that you are struggling to survive. Perhaps you’ve taken on too much work. Being overwhelmed by seeing your son drowning in the southern pole can suggest you’re struggling to keep your head above water. Maybe you’re taking on too much in daily life and you’re feeling somewhat insecure. To see your son walking into a swimming pool, consequently struggling underneath the water can suggest this is exactly how you feel. You are peacefully drowning in either powerful motions or the as I have already suggested too much work. It is time for a break before you become make yourself ill.

A swimming pool is essential man-made. Thus, it is not natural and normally kept clean and blue. It can mean that life itself looks like it is false. That your life is not like how it should be. Maybe people are watching while you are drowning in work or to try to keep up with society. Water in all dreams is associated with emotions, but we can also see a slight sadness in this dream.

What does it mean to dream of a child falling in water?

To see your son falling into water, maybe the sea, lake, river or a pool can suggest that you want to protect him from everything. This stream stream is connected to your own emotions. Your unconscious mind is sending you a message you must care for yourself and those around you.

What does it mean to dream of saving your son from drowning?

To rescue your son is a positive omen. I have briefly gone over this in the opening paragraph, to dream that you save your son can indicate how you care for him. Such a dream often occurs when important changes are occurring. From a psychological point of view, this can also suggest that you go to redeem power within yourself. This could be the power of understanding something which has left a puzzle for some time. Wilson in this respect they feel neglected and that is important for you to spend more time with him.

What does it mean to dream of your son falling in water?

For your son to fall into the water, either float away or go under the water can be a terrifying dream. Our inner dream world is complex. It can suggest that you want to set boundaries but you are feeling worried about moving forward in the future. The details are equally important. If it is the sea or river then putting your own emotions into words is important. The water could be deep or a shallow swimming pool.

What does it mean to dream about your son submerged?

Seeing your son submerged in water indicates that you are fighting for something. Being submerged and drowning is quite a silent death, it could indicate your subconscious mind processing that you need to fight and pull yourself out of a situation. If you see your son submerged in water this can indicate that you are expressing emotions about him and as I have said several times already it might be that you are worried about him. If you witness your son submerged in water and you are helpless this can indicate that it is time to take everything in your stride.

What does a dream about seeing your child drown in a bathtub?

Again, a horrific dream. Seeing your son drowning in a bathtub, indicates that there are unresolved fears and traumas that could be “popping up” in your sleep. In some ways, this dream is associated with entrapment. As a bath is essentially a way to clean ourselves, it also represents how we are feeling in a spiritual context. There might be financial loss or loss of a loved one which could be impact on you right now. As the “bath” is artificial it can also be associated with reminding you that through difficulties need to find a route message or cause in order to clean yourself from these emotions and heal. It is important to not deny yourself methods to heal.

What does it mean to see your partner trying to rescue your son in the dream?

If you noticed your partner trying to rescue your son in the dream this can indicate that you are having problems communicating your emotions with him or her right now. If your partner successfully saved your son then this dream can imply that everything will work out in the end.

In conclusion, this dream is no doubt traumatic. The possibility is to consider that this dream is connected to your inner child and your emotions. It could relate to your fears and anxieties of your son or simply that you need to spend more time on his needs. I hope this gives you some clarity. Blessings, Flo


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By Florance Saul
Apr 21, 2018