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This dream can mean that you are not trusting yourself in a specific situation. More generally it refers to the lack of appreciation of others.

Abandonment usually comes when we realize that there is a fear of being excluded from society or from a group of people. Such anxieties commonly re-occur in our dreams when we are trying to protect something that is important to us. If you are grieving over someone who has passed away then the absence of this person in your dream represents that you need time to heal. To feel abandoned by someone in your dream suggests that you need to appreciate someone in waking life. This dream has several definitions depending on the details of the dream. In general abandonment or being left by a partner means letting go of something, so that you can enjoy your life and have fun. However, you also need to understand how you are feeling in your dream.

If you have lost someone in the physical world it is quite frequent to have a dream of this nature, as you feel that you are being abandoned and in this case, you cannot read too much into your dream because you're coping with grief. All dreams that involve a loss of any kind generally mean the opposite, so don't fear. Another important element to remember is to not think about this dream too much. If however, the dream becomes more frequent then start to listen to your inner self in to guide your actions in your waking life.

Ancient dream dictionaries point out that this dream has two meanings. Firstly, the meaning indicates that you may need to let go of something in your life completely. The second meaning has a more negative influence and implies that you need to neglect something and deal with the loss and the consequence: maybe you have been abandoned in a job or a relationship? If you felt worried about being abandoned in the dream - then this could be interpreted as a negative sign. On a spiritual level, this dream demonstrates going back to the abandonment felt as a child and the separation anxiety which a baby may suffer when left by it's mother. There is also a strong sense of having "loss" in our life when one has this dream; maybe you need to better understand who you are in order to progress in your life. Something needs to be kept and something needs to be let go. If you are being abandoned as a child in your dream, you may experience reconciliation or recovery from trouble or illness.

Detailed dream meaning

The best way to break this down is to deal with each element in your dream. The great news is that there is a strong sense of spiritual growth signified in this dream, which means that you need to look right inside yourself in order to progress your life better. A sense of awarding another is indicated. You need to stop for a moment and reevaluate your life based on the activities and events which surround you at the moment. This dream also helps you connect to your spiritual growth.

What does it mean to dream about being abandoned by your girlfriend or boyfriend?

If you are actually abandoned by anyone (such as your partner) then it clearly shows that you are seeking some kind of freedom in your life and you need to put steps in place in order to address this.

What does it mean to dream of being abandoned by a child?

If you were abandoned as a child in your dream shows the feeling of being alone is coming back to you. Do you automatically evaluate situations in your life with the feeling of getting away? Are you worried about being rejected? If you actually abandon something in your dream then it signifies that you are strong enough to cope during a rocky time which is likely to happen.

What does it mean to dream of abandoning a task or job?

If you have abandoned a task in your dream then it shows that due to positive thinking situations are going to make a positive change. The message is that you need to remain in the same frame of mind and approach experiences in your life positively. Sometimes in dreams, we dream of a job or possible project. Even perhaps you dream of being at work. Abandoning a job can indicate that you are feeling that you need to achieve more in life.

What does it mean to dream of abandoning your family?

If you are abandoning your family during your sleep then this dream means that you are going to encounter some unhappy conditions which will affect you in the near future. It is important that you make sure that you maintain a sense of hope. Our family is very important to us in waking life, thus, this dream can also indicate that you have been denying feelings about your family for some time. My advice is to try to acknowledge that these "problems" exist. I have had many dreams about leaving my family, especially dreaming that I am a child and ultimately run away. In order to decode this dream and we have to look at the details. Are you fearful of being hurt? Do you have any feelings about your family life? It can suggest that you are cutting yourself off from your family. It is important to try to learn how to open up in life and drop the guard so that you do not fear the truth. Abandoning your family in a dream can also be a double-edged sword. You must try to apply the dream interpretation to your situation and be honest with yourself. The positive side of the dream is that in your subconscious mind you do not feel that your family are giving you everything that you need. The only way is up and it is important to take a reality check.

What does it mean to leave your home in a dream?

If you leave your house or home in your dream then you are going to profit from a financial reward, be careful as this may lead to confusion.

  • Abandoning a lover: if you run off and abandon a lover then this dream indicates that you are going to lose some material valuables.
  • Abandoning someone: if you abandon somebody in the middle of a street or in a shopping center then the dream means that many friends will visit you.

What does it mean to abandon a mistress in a dream?

If in your dream you are male and abandon a mistress in your dream then a finance award is on it's way.

  • Abandon religion: if you abandon your religion then you will likely be attacked by people at work.
  • To abandon a child in a dream: this dream denotes that you are likely to lose money by a lack of judgment on your part.
  • To abandon a business: to declare bankruptcy of a business indicates difficult circumstances in the future. A quarrel is likely.
  • Abandon ship: to see yourself or friend abandoned ship then this indicates your likely to escape business failure and that your interests are going to remain secure.

What does it mean to be rejected in a dream?

If you are feeling extremely rejected in your dream then this dream represents a sense of how you experience situations that come to light. This dream is a wake-up call of how other people may perceive you.

  • Wanting to be abandoned in a dream: if you are abandoned and it is your choice then this dream indicates that you are looking for freedom.
  • You're the only person in the world: if you dream you are the only one in the world then a hasty decision has been made in relation to friendship. A key question to ask yourself is whether you are you looking to improve or end the relationship?

What does it mean to say goodbye in a dream?

To dream of saying goodbye to someone in your dream is not very favorable and you are likely to hear some unpleasant news of absent friends. If you say goodbye to your lover and you are happy that he/or she is abandoning you then you will find more friends are likely to come you in your life. If you dream of parting on good terms with friends or companions then this dream means that you are going to have success in business affairs. A clue to the meaning of this dream can also be found in the location in which you were abandoned. If you are abandoned in an unfamiliar surrounding then this dream confirms your need for safe boundaries. It is important you make your home life a priority to overcome any family obstacles. In addition, any vulnerability that you encounter in your dream can be associated with how you need to feel safe and secure in waking life. In a nutshell, there are many meanings as outlined above and to better understand the dream itself you may look at other aspects of the dream.

What is the older dream interpretation in the 1930s of being abandoned?

In ancient dream oracles if you are a man and you dream that you are divorcing or abandoning your wife then this generally means that you will grow and have two paths in your life. You must carefully consider which of these path's bring the most happiness and prosperity. If you are a woman and you encounter a dream of abandoning your lover then this signifies that someone is trying to come between yourself and your husband or partner. This person is likely to cause trouble. If you are single then this dream is a warning that you are likely to make an unfortunate choice in love affairs.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

You have difficulty in forming plans for the future. There are unhappy conditions around you in waking life. A great deal of process of understanding is taking place in your life. This dream is a wake-up call of the unknown and you may lose some valuables in the near future. You have undergone some distressing circumstances where there has been some walls of suspicion. There may be a business which is on the verge of failure, and you are trying to save it.

Time of re-evaluation of life circumstances if:

You are worried about what people think of you in the dream. The person who abandons you does not return. This is considered a nightmare and you are worried that this person has abandoned you in waking life. Divorce is featured in your dream. You abandon your house which leads to misfortune.

In this dream you may have:

  • Had a sensation that you are being rejected by someone in your dream which means that good times will soon be yours.
  • You could have abandoned a child indicating problems with your childhood memories.
  • Been left in a boarding school or hospital, or maybe you were made redundant at work indicating new opportunities are on the horizon.
  • Often we dream of our partner or lover leaving us for somebody else, this is a common dream that indicates anxiety or problems you feel are in the relationship.

Any of the following can also occur during your dream and it is important to understand why you did feel worried or abandoned in the dream state.

  • Realized that you are no longer the primary focus of attention, which can be hard to swallow in the dream state.
  • Found out that your partner or lover has met somebody else and is trying to divorce or leave you.
  • You have been working in a company and they suddenly make you are made redundant.
  • Faced difficulties and personal conflicts and somebody don't speak to you anymore.
  • Felt isolated or you have difficulty in focusing on what you are trying to achieve your dream.
  • Abandoned others or a baby in your dream indicates that you need an open mind and acceptance of your own feelings.

Right, now we have focused on many different dream interpretations I urge you to look at my other dream meaning of being abandoned by clicking here. this gives more insight into your dream of feeling abandoned, ostracized or left out in any way.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Your dream ends up happy and positive.
  • The expression of other people in your dream has a happy ending.
  • You are reunited with a person that abandoned or left you.
  • You are feeling loved and wanted - even though this person abandoned you.
  • You can overcome any difficulty that you encounter in your dream despite this person leaving you.
  • The abandonment does not actually destroy you and does not have any effect on your life.
  • The abandonment is something that you actually wanted in your dream.
  • You are seeking freedom and this is emotional freedom and the freedom of self-expression in others.
  • You experience being abandoned but this end is positive.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of being abandoned:

Secure. Refused. Independent. Attachment. Safety. Expression of thought. Anxiety. Loved. Unwanted emotions. Isolated. Unsuccessful. Difficulty. Lack of communication. Loss of money. Off the course of life. Friends that are running away from you. Unable to go to work. Scared. Worried. Learning. Participation. Fear of being excluded.

By Flo Saul
Oct 3, 2012