About Florance Saul

Florance Saul is redefining what it means to be a psychic teacher. Known for her grounded and mediumship approach, Florance makes spirituality authentic and accessible to everyone, encouraging a highly spiritual lifestyle.

An internationally renowned author, Florance has created the Moon Dust Tarot, including the beloved “Moon Dust Dream Dictionary." Her writing resonates with readers across the world, helping them connect with their spiritual paths. Florance work extends beyond her books. Her spiritual Tarot cards and other materials have been translated into multiple languages. This global reach allows her sacred teachings to inspire and uplift people worldwide.

Started in 2007 with a vision to educate and inspire others about dream interpretations and psychic wonders, Auntyflo.com has grown into the world leader in dream meanings. Today, Auntyflo.com helps millions of people unlock their inner wisdom and transform their lives each year.


 Contact me on: 020 3239 4777, +44 2032 39477 or e-mail me on info@auntyflo.com