Dream Of White Shoes

white shoes dream

Dreaming of White Shoes? Find out the dream meaning here.

Dreaming of white shoes is quite an interesting dream and I am here to share the true spiritual symbols of encountering this dream. It is firstly important to understand the spiritual color of white. White is a color of spiritual delight, purity, and enlightenment. We often see white shoes at weddings or in the summer months. If you own a pair of white shoes in real life then this dream can be a reflection of those white shoes. I’m here to help you understand this dream better. 

If we look at various colors of shoes we can differentiate seasons aligned to footwear. Briefly, the colors in our dreams express our emotional ideas and they are associated with the liturgical year.

White shoes are connected to innocence, birth and white is the Christian color Christmas and Easter.

White color energy presented in a dream is often connected to our personal insight. White is the language of our inner soul and how we change and provoke thoughts. The color of the shoes in your dream can influence how you are feeling in waking life. When we all notice the color white we have a number of feelings that often spring to mind. Initially, the white shoes can indicate calmness and peace, along with spiritual enlightenment. This is a very positive dream and is associated with connecting to our higher self. Shoes themselves symbolism is of our own self-identity.

What is the general meaning of white shoes in a dream?

White is considered color of purity, it can signify that you are feeling balanced in life and if the dream is positive in nature it can indicate harmony and peace. Think about what you are doing in the dream and how the white shoes were presented.
White is a color that is reflective and as human beings, we are the only items designed to cover our feet, shoes are representative of around identity and can make somebody look formal or glamorous. There are a number of dream meanings which I have detailed below most of these from ancient and old dream dictionaries. 
If you dreamt of white shoes, boots, socks, and sandals then this overall is a positive dream. There is also extreme footwear that has been designed for extreme environments such as moon explorations or forest fires. For example, moon boots were first worn in the first balloon landing in 1969 and these were to help astronauts walk on the low gravity. There are various meanings of the dream of white shoes and it is important to understand that this is a spiritual message to let you know that you were being cared for.

Is a dream of white shoes good or bad?

White shoes are powerful objects of identity and desire. They are also a fascinating indicator of a spiritual journey when they appear to be white in color. The shoe in the dream is also an important element. Is it lavishly illustrated? Is it plain? This gives us an indication of what it truly means in the dream state. To dream of fetish white PVC shoes is often associated with how we interact with intimacy and the opposite sex, for instance. 
White shoes can be associated with our inner identity and outer appearance. White shoes are also connected to our thought processes. Shoes themselves are highly perishable and as civilizations began to develop shoes became more sophisticated. It is important to note that shoes are also connected to the ground and the white tuna dream means that you are looking at forces in order to make sure that you are grounded. We all need to be grounded in life white shoes is a direct message from your spirit guides that you may wish to do a grounding meditation.
The style of the white shoe is also important to consider, and the function in whereby you were wearing it - are you at a wedding, gathering, nightclub bar, etc. If for example, you are wearing white sneakers this could indicate that you are looking for spiritual comfort. The dream can also be focused around the perception of other people in life, if you dream of having only one white shoe only for instance this can suggest that you are feeling unbalanced in some way. The shoe dream (of odd white shoes) has occurred because you are spiritually not balanced. If you are upsetting the tree in any way this can be a sign you are going to try to regain your power.

What are you walking on in the dream?

Dreaming of walking in white flat shoes can be a sign you are moving in a great new direction. I always think it's important in dreams to look at the terrain and conditions you can remember, if there are hazards or sharp difficult areas where you can't walk then this could indicate the white shoes are a form of protection. In some dream dictionaries, shoes themselves are presented because they are hidden aspects of our internal systems. It could present an opportunity to move forward in life. 

White shoes are a symbolism of your spiritual path in life

I've mentioned this numerous times in my dream meaning already but the white shoes are significant because is a symbolism of purity and love. If the shoes are baby shoes then this is related to feelings of embarking on a start. If we think about white shoes that have traditionally been made from leather, canvas, or wood. In recent time's shoes have moved forward and are made of plastics and things like PVC. Often injuries our thoughts on internal systems begin to work and we wear our shoes to simply protect ourselves. Think about what you are trying to protect yourself against.

Dreams of heeled white shoes

If heels on the white boots or shoes are present in the dream then this is all about balance. Many women believe that walking in high heel shoes makes them look more attractive and feminine. A high heel white shoe featured in a dream is connected to how we communicate with the opposite sex. It can mean that we are trying to come across as being focused, happy but hiding our true thoughts.

Dreams of flat white shoes

We all wear different types of shoes every day, why choose our symbolism is of spiritual enlightenment which I've already mentioned. To dream of flat white shoes often is associated with reaching a goal in life. Think of the flat white shoes as a turning point, a new start, and adventure. The white flat shoe dream is a suggestion that things are going to be okay in your life. The white shoe is after all, there to protect and comfort us, but is also used for fashion purposes. 
Basic white sandals are a dream that consists of a thin sole that can indicate that you are gonna have more awareness of life. We may feel that your identity has been taken away and now it is time to reclaim your life. To dream of white flip-flops can often be connected to flipping something in your mind. Sandals or flats using a dream are also connected to balance and how you are focused on boundaries in life.

Dreams about white shoes that don't fit

To dream that the white shoes do not fit or are uncomfortable or hurting your feet and this can suggest that you are being awakened. The white shoes that are uncomfortable can mean that you are required to be more spiritually aware of the universe stop when you look at different faiths across the world you can then become engrossed in the religious context. The problem with white shoes don't fit can indicate that you are feeling not only scared also hopeful and excited in daily life.

What does it mean to dream of white shoes with laces?

Dreaming of white shoes which are laced specifically indicates that there are some lessons that need to be learned in life. A thin lace or narrow strap threaded through holes in a dream can suggest that there are certain things you need to do in order to gather information going forward.

What does it mean to dream of white knee-high boots?

The first boots that covered the feet were often worn with a lady that had a special flap attached. By around 1000 BC high boots were made of joining leggings soles.  The reason I mention this is the white knee-high boots are not something that is a modern invention. Historically boots worn to the knee were associated with covering the leg for warmth. Dreaming of knee-high white boots can suggest is that you are trying to encase yourself with spiritual understanding and light.

What does it indicate to have a dream of seeing white shoes in bad condition?

Dreaming about white shoes in bad condition could be indicative of delays of important life events such as marriage, which you are thinking about in life. If you have been yearning for marriage, then it will mean that you will have to take up this disappointment and wait for a little bit longer before it happens. White shoes that are scuffed or dirty in a dream can indicate that you are not sure about your true spiritual path.

What does it signify have a dream of buying a new pair of white shoes?

Dreaming about buying a new pair of white shoes means in older dream books that you are likely going to marry in the near future. It could be a message from God that you have to keep your faith in Him, especially if you are longing for marriage.  You will have to go with what your intuition is telling you and marry the person you think will make the best partner for you.

What could it mean to have a dream of a white-shoe which doesn’t fit you?

Wearing a white shoe which is not fitting well in your dream could mean that, your relationship could be lacking joy and peace.  You will need to sit down with your partner and find out where you are lacking communication, the fact the white shoe does not fit can be a signal to work together to gain peace.

What does it imply to have a dream concerning walking in white shoes?

Walking in white shoes in your dream could mean that, you are not prepared for an unexpected situation that is about to happen in your life.  It could be that, you will be forced to accept that, the relationship you are currently in is not going to work out and thus, call it quits and move on with your life. professionally, you might be forced to abandon a project you are working on due to problems financially.

What does it denote having a dream of seeing white shoes in a closet?

White shoes in the closet in your dream could be indicative of your denial about some characteristic that is linked to your personality.  You could be trying to hide some side of you that is not pleasant away from your friends but this is hurting you emotionally. 

What could it mean to have a dream of taking off white shoes and putting a new pair on?

Taking shoes off in a dream and putting on a new pair could mean that, you are going to have a change of roles in your life. You could currently be taking on some new responsibilities at work or home.  You could also be going through major changes such as a breakup, change of job or marriage.  You might have changed your attitude about something or your understanding of something and that is why you are having the dream.

What does it indicate to have a dream of white sneakers or white shoes with shoelaces?

Putting shoes on and tying shoelaces of white sneakers could be a sign of your beliefs and it confirms that you are ready to begin your new journey in life. Perhaps you have discovered something exciting about your beliefs and you are willing to follow the path to ensuring that, they work as per your intuition. If that is what you think is right for you, then follow it to the latter. 

What does it imply to have a dream concerning wearing someone’s white shoes?

A dream where you wear someone’s shoes is a sign that you are having some thoughts about how you go about relationships. It can be a sign of confrontations, ignorance, and arguments with someone close to you. The dream can also be triggered by thinking about someone or misunderstandings in your relationship or marriage. 

If you have a habit of giving others your shoes to wear in a dream, it can make you have this particular dream. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you are going to face some obstacles in your life in the near days. On a positive note, the dream is a sign that you are going to be very lucky in the upcoming days, according to old dream lore.

What does it indicate to have a dream concerning wearing torn or dirty white shoes?

A dream where you wear torn and dirty white shoes could mean that you are being warned about some people who might start challenging you in the near days due to your inappropriate behavior.  After the dream, you will need to control your words and actions in order to keep people in your life.

What does it imply to have a dream of white wedding shoes?

A shoe that is worn for a wedding in a dream could be a sign that you have a tendency of partnership and harmony.  Take the dream as a positive omen and try to control your doubts in life. 

What does it indicate to have a dream concerning other people in white shoes?

Dreaming about seeing others in white shoes in your dream could be an indication of acquiring a new romantic relationship in the days to come.  It is time to socialize and go to parties because that is likely to be the place where you will get your partner.

Dream of lost white shoes

When you can’t find your white shoes in a dream it can represent it as a sign that you need to change something in your life or change the path you are currently taking. They could also a representation of a spiritual path in your life.

Conclusion of white shoes in a dream

Dreaming about white shoes is very common since it is an item that we all use or someone close to us wears white shoes during the day. Dreaming about white shoes is a sign that you need to change something in your life or change the spiritual path you are currently taking - it is all about enlightenment. The white shoes could also a representation of the need to undertake a spiritual path in your life, and that it is time to focus on your life for the better.


By Florance Saul
May 2, 2021