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Sand is the symbol of creativity. The god created Adam and Eve with sand.

This dream is positive, it gives one the chance or ability to turn any situation around.

To walk through the desert is not a positive omen. It suggests possible loss in life. This can be either money or a loss of friendship. To see a small desert represents material or psychological concerns, so if you cannot walk through the desert, your unconscious may be urging you to move forward feeling lighter and less encumbered. If you dream of a massive desert that is everywhere you look then this expresses opportunity. The dream image conjures up wishes associated with travel or taking a risk in some aspect of your life.

You may have seen

  • A desert full of sand.
  • A desert with green grass and plants.
  • People are fighting in the desert.
  • A river is flowing through the desert.
  • Yourself lost in the desert.

Positive changes are afoot if you dream

  • That the sand was hot.
  • That the sand was all over the desert.
  • You were walking in the desert.

Detailed description

To see a desert with both sand and sunshine means money in the future. A desert with a high rock or wall denotes future happiness. The desert represents the continuity the life and the wall or rock creates a sort of height or victory. So this dream symbolizes the future success.

If you see a desert with a lake of water, there is no need to panic .You can expect good proposals and profits in the future. The desert represents the life and the sand symbolizes the chances or the opportunities that we can gain. In this dream both are together which is a positive signs for the future.

Fighting people in the desert is a positive omen. If there is a war in the desert then this can suggest possible problems with others in life. The dessert represents the challenge or the barrier in your life and the fighting represents the ability to take on anything in life.

You are lost in the desert: this dream is an informer which predicts a possible problem.

The desert with green grass shows that there is positive relationships in the future for the dreamer. A river is the sign of the doubt. We can not predict if it slows or stops. This river in the desert foretells us of a complex situation in the future.

If you meet others in the desert this can suggest anxiety about losing the chance of new-opportunities in your emotional and professional life in the real world. To see camels in the desert means the need to preserve, hold onto or remember an important event or person in your life.

A dream in which you are lying sunning yourself in the desert means that things are going to go well in life. To see rolling sand dunes is connected to simple wish-fulfillment and a longing to escape the daily-grind of your routine in life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a desert

Fear, loneliness, anxiety, anger with others, desperation, feelings for the adventure.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013