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broom dream meaning


The broom is a sign of great fortune. It is a symbol of happiness and gives the art of reflection. Looking at the reality of what a broom is used for in Wicca, it sweeps away negative influences. 

Brooms have always been connected with making a sweep in life. To clear up old bad habits. If, however, the broom is damaged this means that you have been treating people with little respect. You may be feeling that your life is overburned with worries and difficulty.


In your dream you may have…


  • Sweeped up the floor with a broom.
  • Seen a damaged broom.
  • Using the broom to sweep outside.
  • Flew on a broom.
  • Cleaned with a broom.


Positive changes are a foot if…


  • You were flying on the broom.
  • Seeing other people sweeping with the broom.


Detailed dream interpretation…


A broom that is being used to sweep the outside yard means that you are not concentrating on what is that important to you.  Flying on a broom in your dream is a scene connected to moving up in life. This is a positive symbol. This can relate to work in your home life, such as moving up in your career.


There must be some focus  on decision-making and also other people if you were sweeping the floor with a broom. To sweep up rubbish on the floor means that this is associated with emotion. 


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a broom...

Celebration, enjoying sweeping, happiness, worry or arguing.

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