Exercise Dream Meaning

Exercise Dream Meaning

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Exercising in a dream is associated with your sexual frustrations, improving your health and also achieving goals in life.

It could be that you are focused on past problems. It is common to have this dream when one is not getting enough sex or exercise in life. Each relationship that we have can be somewhat arduous and this dream indicates that you need to keep in mind the consequences of your actions. This dream may be a hidden reminder that you need to focus on being more grounded in life. An exercise dream when not related to one's love life can suggests that you need to improve your health.

In the dream

  • You were in an exercise class.
  • You attended an exercise class in a dream.
  • Someone you know was exercising in the dream.
  • Other people were exercising.
  • You were in a gym in the dream.
  • You were lifting weights in the dream.
  • Other people were lifting weights in the dream.
  • You were doing aerobics in a dream.
  • You were circuit training in a dream.
  • You were cycling in the dream.
  • You were hiking in a dream.
  • You were running in a dream.
  • You dreamed of a skipping rope.
  • You were swimming in a dream.
  • You were walking in a dream.
  • You were bodybuilding in a dream.
  • You were weight training in a dream.
  • You were power walking in a dream.
  • You were lifting weights in the dream.
  • Specifically you were doing push ups in the dream.
  • You were exercising on a machine in the dream.
  • You were cross training in a dream.
  • You were carrying out yoga in a dream.
  • You were dehydrated in the dream.
  • You were on a diet in a dream.
  • You were on a treadmill in a dream.
  • You were on an exercise bike in a dream.
  • You could see dumbbells in a dream.
  • You were training using a metal bar - doing push ups in the dream.
  • You improved your physical fitness in the dream.
  • You saw yourself “thin” in the dream when normally in waking life you have weight to lose.

Detailed dream meaning of exercise

Dreaming of exercise indicates your sexual frustrations in life. If you could see yourself at a gym indicates a need for better health. To improve your fitness in a dream indicates that you wish to change your body shape. To see yourself thin represents a new phase of life and a better diet. To want to drink water in a dream, and be dehydrated due to running suggests a new change in life.

The dream of exercise suggests that you have a requirement or you would like to get more active in daily life. The many aspects of the dream need to be interpreted but in essence it indicates that you need action in your life. Perhaps you are not feeling as fitted you should and this is a dream that is associated with the possibilities that you can accomplish a better sense of health. The dream details are equally important, did you get active in your dream? Do you exercise in your dream? Are you watching somebody else exercising the dream? Exercise is a significant part of life in order to keep healthy and to be exercising the suggestion that you need to improve your life. It may also be connected to your future goals. The exercise itself is connected to feeling safe and also asking yourself if you need to change. Let’s for now consider the specific type of exercise that is featured in one’s dream.

To carry out physical workouts in a dream can suggest that you have a goal that you need to achieve. If you are feeling positive in the dream and are happy to work out then this can suggest that you will overcome delay. If you see yourself in an exercise class then this suggests positive experiences in daily life. If, however you do not enjoy the exciting dream and indicates that you are working too much and you need to relax and distress. To see yourself in a gym working out is a suggestion that you should carry out some exercise in real life. If you are weight lifting in your dream then this suggests that there are many problems you are encountering and you need to prioritize. If you see a treadmill and you are running on the treadmill it indicates that you need to move forward in life, could be that you need to change your job or train to do something different.

Keeping fit dream is a positive omen that suggests new, exciting beginnings are on their way. To kick box or carry out any martial arts in the dream state suggests need to trust people around you better. Gaining better fitness during the late suggestion that you will encounter a better type wife. There could be troubles in the future you have the power to make things work.

What do dumbbells mean in a dream?

Dumbbells are connected to finding difficult situations in the future. Dumbbells in dream dictionaries from the past (post 1930s) suggests that if you are a man and you drop a heavyweight this can indicate that you will be separated from your lover. If you are female you are training with dumbbells can suggest a difficult situation in the near future. If we look at Carl Jung the famous dream psychologist, and “weight training” he believed that these types of dreams associated with our own inner desires for connecting with how we should act in life. In addition, the dumbbell connected to a possible hand problem in waking life.

What does going the gym mean in a dream?

To go to the gym in a dream suggests that you need to be less stressed out in life. The way forward in this dream is to try to release any tensions in life. It indicates that if you see yourself cheats stepping inside a gym then your comfort zone will be challenged. You need to take assertive action in the future in order to resolve any issues. It may be hard but you need to work on confronting any problems which will enable you to progress in life.

What does attending an exercise class mean in a dream?

To attend exercise classes in a dream is simply connected to your own personal health. Improving your fitness in your dream is a suggestion that you to reflect on how assertive you are feeling in life. It also suggests you to fulfill challenging goals, try not to lose any confidence in your ability to deal with problems in life. There is also an emphasis on self esteem if you are unable to exercise dream. Try to think about how you can grow yourself to become a better person. To see other people in an exercise class suggests that there will be a minor knock your confidence by somebody close. Be rest assured that you can overcome this.

Feelings associated with this dream

Trying to be healthy. Worried about your diet. Not eating right in waking life.

By Florance Saul
Sep 6, 2017