Terrorist Attack

Terrorist Attack

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Are you seeing terrorists attacking you in your dreams?

Terrorists are people who invoke terror. There are many reasons for having a dream where violence is being perpetuated against you or somebody else.

In the dream you may see

  • Group of people attacking you.
  • You are attacking somebody else.
  • You are being held captive.
  • One person fighting against a group of people.
  • A group of people dragging away a person.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are able to control yourself.
  • You take a resolution to stop the violence.
  • You decide to change yourself for the better.
  • You decide to forgive and forget.
  • You decide to get over your fear.

Detailed dream interpretation

There are a lot of reasons for having dreams where you may see a group people or even yourself indulging in violence against others.

Dreaming of terror attacks comes out of a feeling resentment which can come over you because of being left out or ignored by somebody in real life. This leads to violent thoughts against that person and culminates in terror dreams.

The symbolism of a dream where you are attacking others means that you are frustrated with something or someone in real life. This frustration is giving way to dreams where you see yourself taking violent actions against something or somebody.

Another aspect of the dreams where you see yourself doing violent acts tells you about your mental state and the grudge you feel against a person in your real world. The symbolism of the dream tells to get a hold on yourself and to redirect your energy in doing positive work.

Sometimes you may be driven by self-righteousness and the belief that your cause is greater than others. This belief in a cause superior to others may make you to think you can change the situation through violent acts only. Under this condition you may have a dream that you are the person who is indulging in aggressive acts of violence against others.

You might experience anger and rage in your dream itself when you see or hear another person or a group of persons whom you dislike very much as they have a different perception of things in life. The sight of them may cause you to fly into a rage and make you take up arms against them in the dream itself.

You may have gone to sleep with an obsession and a fear of being victimized in your real life by somebody. This fear of being taken advantage of will give rise to an urge to strike back at the person whom you perceive to be victimizing you. Then you find yourself in a situation where you are attacking that person in the dream.

Sometimes views which are extreme in their substance, absolute disregard for human life, interests thwarted by the situation around you along with a violent nature in real life, can cause you to see yourself or others undertaking acts of violence and disruption of normal life in your dreams.

The simplest reason for this dream is that either you have heard or read of some attack by terrorists or seen some terrorist attack on the TV or in a movie. The act of seeing or hearing gets replayed in your dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of terror attacks may be

Frustrated, violent, resentful, self-righteousness, aggressive, emotional, fearful, thwarted, inability, extreme and uncaring.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013