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Visitation Dream

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Do we have a spirit watching over us? Where do our loved ones go when they die? Can they return to visit us during our sleep?

Since time began people have claimed to have seen events taking place. For example Nostradamus, Lydia Emma Pinckert and also Jeane Dixon, who both became famous by the prediction of J.F Kennedy. In these predictions spirit was suppose to have communicated through our senses: one including our sleep. My grandad died a few years ago and the dreams I have encountered about him since he passed over - are vivid and hyper intense.

I consider these “visitations dreams.” There are many types of “visitation dreams.” The spirit guiding visitation dream often crops up when we are needing advice. Encountering a visit from our beloved family is somewhat common. Grandparents often visit us in visitation dreams, and these can frequently be rather vivid to the point you might actually believe you had seen the deceased person.

Dreams of a dead loved one and what it means?

One of the most common dreams that people experience is associated with a deceased loved one.

We as "humans" live on the psychical plane and when we sleep we often sense the energy of those that have departed. The energy could be a smell such as flowers filling your bedroom, the light of sunshine in the mid of your dark bedroom. The first thing I will say to you is that spirit communicates from a love inside - and this indicates that you should have peace and happiness. If you encountered a loved one in a dream who has died then it can be a shock. Dreams can be rather strange and weird at the same time. There could be immoral acts or even breaking the law in dreams. We all have creative power when we dream and our fears and memories may occur. You are in the right place. I am going to discuss your visitation dream and what it means.

What does it mean to see someone who has died in my dream?

Spirit communicates in many ways. In dreams, we sometimes have contact from love and this indicates that you should have peace and happiness. If you encountered a loved one in a dream who has died then it can mean that they are thinking of you. The dream of spirit can be connected to our own holiness or evener own spirit in life. While I believe in spirit from the human sense, I also feel that we have a structure in the world of spirituality.

What does it mean to sense a spirit in a dream?

In dreams. there are also grounds of theological reflection in sensual images. The notion of “sensing a spirit” can occur during sleep and touch our five senses: sight, taste, touch, smell and sight.

Can the dead visit us in dreams?

Yes, according to many spiritual and occult books I have read, it’s possible that a dead loved one can visit us in our dream. Dreams of a dead loved one can be pretty intense, especially if we never got to say goodbye to the person who died. However, being visited by a loved one (who died) in your dream, doesn't mean that the person has come back to say goodbye but rather - deliver you a message, warn you about something or help you get through something. To dream of a deceased loved one means that he or she visits to provide warning, reassurance or guidance.

What if you are upset by the dream?

I know that some of you that have contacted me have been somewhat upset about the nature of these dreams. This is pure because visitation dreams can be powerful, intense, unique and sometimes - life-changing.

Is there a message?

You can be visited by your dead loved one and feel that he or she wants to deliver a message or warning to you. However, those that have crossed over normally appear in dreams when they need to communicate symbolically or telepathically rather than verbally. But this doesn’t mean that the message you need to receive will be unclear or hard to understand. You’ll be able to understand why they visited. Perhaps the dead loved one are here in order to teach you us a life lesson, to send you a warning or a reminder, or to share some sort of wisdom, or maybe life guidance.

Do dead loved ones visit us in dreams?

If you believe that dreams have a meaning, then yes, a spirit can visit us our dreams. However, most people mistake regular dreams for visitation dreams. But they aren’t the same. In visitation dreams, the spirit is usually surrounded by light and you’ll notice that they came in peace and they just want to talk or deliver a message/warning.

Also, in visitation dreams, in most cases, the deceased one tells us that he or she’s okay and peaceful, so we don’t have to worry, especially if they left without saying their final goodbye. It’s their way of letting us know that they’ve arrived on the other side safely.

Do I think spirit visits is in the night?

Sensing a spirit arises from my own experiences of being in a closed medium circle and my own spiritual passion for reformation. There is a link that is “natural” and this is on the physical and earth plane which (in religion terms) is connected to our heights of holiness.

How do we know if a loved one visited us in a dream?

As I mentioned, there’s a huge difference between normal and visitation dreams. If you have a visitation dream, trust me, you’ll know it the minute you see your deceased loved one. He/she will appear in unusual clothes or surrounded by light, or enculfed in an ultra peaceful ambiance. Also, you’ll receive a symbolic message, or sign, or something because it’s how your loved one may want to tell you he/she is still a part of your life and you don’t have to worry about them. The dreams usually occurs when you least expect it.

Is the dream good or bad?

Your loved one might visit your dream to “let you know” that they’re watching over you and are protecting you from above. On rare occasions a “dead loved one” can visit your dream to deliver a message or warn you about something. I do think you know about this and will receive a sign. It may come to you in different ways. Meaning, you’ll have to think about the “warnings” that you may find.

What are signs spirit is trying to communicate with you?

I’ll share the most common signs people receive from their dead loved ones and their meaning.

Feathers: If you see a feather in your dream or even in reality, it might be a sign from your deceased loved one. He or she is trying to tell you that they are safe and you’re ready to let go and live your life. One normally comes across a feather in your waking life when someone has departed.

Coins: If you see or receive a coin in your dream, it might be a sign from your loved one. He or she’s trying to tell you that they’ve arrived safely to the other side. Why? Well, perhaps you didn’t know but back in time, in some cultures, people placed coins on the eyes prior to burning/burying them because they believed that the deceased spirit will need the coins for the other side, so he or she could pay to be guided safely to the other side. If you see or receive a coin in your dream, perhaps your dead loved one wants you to know that he or she is well and comfortable. If you see or receive a coin in waking life too, be sure that it’s a sign from your dead loved one.

Stones: If you trip on a stone in your dream or see one, it might be a warning sign from your dead loved one. He or she’s trying to tell you that you need to open your eyes and see people for who they really are.

Also, you might walk the wrong path in life and he/she wants to send a warning sign to bring you back to the right path. You might receive a stone in your dream if your dead loved one wants to give you something that will serve you as an amulet. Different types of stones and colors hold different meanings, so you might want to remember as many details as possible when having this type of dream.

Animals: spirits use energy to reach out to us and be with us. And not surprisingly, they can reach us through animal energy. For example, you can see a bird, ladybug, butterfly, and dragonfly or some other creature in your dream state or cross your path in waking life.

Flowers: Have you ever smelt flowers suddenly! Yes, spirit does communicate through flowers. So, if you notice a flower, it might be a gift from your dead loved one. The flower is a sign from the other world. Maybe you need to bring the same flower to your deceased loved one’s grave and pay a short visitation.

People: Spirit often uses mediums to pass a message. Having such a dream can mean you need to consult tarot cards or listen to your intuition. Listen to the people around you because they might deliver an important message or warning.

What does it mean to dream of a recently deceased loved one?

When we lose someone close to us suddenly it is totally natural to dream of them over and over again. If the loved one who died left you without a goodbye, it’s possible that you will dream of him or her to make peace in your mind. Sudden death can cause so much pain to us. I can’t accept the fact that they left this world. It’s why most people dream of recently deceased loved ones. One of the most common reasons is the denial that they’re gone and not being able to accept that they will never see the person again. However, if you dream of a recently dead loved one, it’s possible that the person is trying to reach out and let you know that he or she arrived safely to the other side. If you had an unpleasant dream of the deceased loved one, for example, if he or she was struggling with something or suffering, it’s possible that they left in pain. However, they want to let you know that they’re comfortable and fine now.

How does spirit communicate through dreams?

Spirit have their ways of communicating through dreams. However, the way they communicate depends on the message they want to deliver or the reason why they are visiting. As I mentioned before, they can deliver feathers, stones, people you care for, coins, or animals to try and reach out to you. But I find their way of communicating in real life much more interesting, so I will share the most common ways deceased people communicate in waking life since I already shared how they communicate in dreams.

You can sense their presence: According to some dream experts, many people have reported that they can sense the presence of the deceased one around them after they’ve passed away. They usually feel the air moving or notice a change in the energy around. It’s a common way dead people try to communicate with the people they loved. They’re trying to stay close. However, it means that they’re still attached to the living world or the refuse to pass to the other side.

If you lost a loved one recently, and you sense a presence in the bed next to you at night, it’s possible that your dead loved one is trying to communicate. You might also feel like someone’s watching you constantly or sitting next to you in the living room or any other room in your home. However, don’t be afraid. Once your deceased loved one accepts that they’re no longer a part of the living world, they’ll pass to the other side.

Visitation = You can feel their touch

If you feel like someone’s holding your hand, or feel a sudden hug, gentle touch on your head or back during sleep, it might be spirit. He or she’s probably reaching out. He or she wants to touch you as they did before and let you know that they’re here for you.

Visitation = smell their fragrance

If you smell the fragrance of the person you lost, it’s possible that they’re trying to reach out to you or stay near to make sure you’re safe. Some people have contacted me when they smell cigar smoke, cooking, perfume or flowers.

Visitation = Unexpected electrical activity

The lights often go off and on when I get a spiritual visitation. That is if it’s in my dream or in real life. Many people are surprised to know how many people have reported unexpected electrical activity after losing a loved one. Why? Well, because most dead people use electrical devices to reach out to the people they love. If you notice things move, or channels of the TV are changed without you touching the remote, or it seems like someone’s manipulating your PC or TV, it’s possible that spirit is trying to reach out.

Visitation = You can hear their voice

If you can hear the voice of the person you lost, it’s called clairaudience. This can occur when one hears their voice internally or externally. However, hearing voices internally is more common than hearing it externally. People usually hear a voice inside their mind at times. Why? To communicate with your mind, can indicate a possible message or warning. So, listen very carefully.

Can the dead talk to us through our dreams?

As I have concluded so far, spirits can visit us in our dreams. Meaning, they can talk to us through our dreams if they feel like they have to warn us about something, send an important message or just to know we are there.

What is the dream interpretation of a visit from the deceased?

As I said before if you lost a loved one and you dream of the person, it’s possible that you’re dreaming of this “person” because you just can’t let go. If you dream of a recent loved one, you’re probably still shocked and cannot accept the fact that he/she is gone. However, it might also be a message from the person trying to tell you that he or she has finally arrived at the other side and they’re comfortable and fine right now.

In summary, if you dream of a loved one who died, it’s possible that the person’s trying to reach out and explain why he or she left, especially if they left without saying goodbye. However, it’s also possible that the spirit is trying to warn or remind you about something. Vivid dreams of a loved one who died can be pretty intense because they usually occur when you recently lost someone you loved. They can be pretty emotional and disturbing because when we lose the person we love forever, we would give anything to bring them back. However, deep inside we know there’s nothing we can do, except hope they come to us in our dreams and tell us that they’re okay and are watching over us.

How can I ask for a deceased loved one to visit me in a dream?

I get to see a loved one I lost from time to time in dreams. However, it never happens when I expect it to happen. On the contrary, it always happens when I least expect it. So the answer is yes, but expect to wait maube.

Messages in dreams from the dead:

Specific family member visitation in dreams

It’s pretty simple to interpret a dream in which you saw a “specific” family member who died. One may say that you probably miss the person and you’re still in shock if you dreamed of a recently deceased member of your family. However, if you dream about other family members, it’s possible that the person’s trying to contact you:

Dreams about a dead mother

If you dream about your deceased mother, it’s possible that you miss her. However, it’s also possible that you’re facing an issue that asks of you to act as a mother figure. It might also mean that you’re in need of advice only a mother can give. Listen to your heart and you will hear her voice telling you what to do. Or hope she visits your dream and speaks to you directly next time. Our spirit mother normally finds ways to tell you important things. You just have to listen carefully. It’s possible that she delivers her message through feathers, stones, coins, other people or animals. They’re all signs spirit uses to contact us.

Dreams about a dead father

If you do dream about your dead father, you might feel unprotected in waking life. Perhaps you need a father’s figure in your life to guide you and protect you. However, it’s also possible that you miss your father. Or if you feel this is a dream from spirit he wants to deliver a special message. Perhaps you’re being warned about something or someone.

Dreams about a dead grandmother

Seeing your dead grandmother in your dream normally means that you miss your grandmother. However, it might also mean that someone is trying to reach out and give you an advice about something important. Often, our nana / grandmother visits our your dreams to warn or be there for you.

Dreams about a dead sister

It’s possible that you miss your sister if you dream about her. It is possible that she’s trying to contact you to let you know that she’s okay and she misses you too. Or she wants to warn you of something you’re doing but not paying close attention to.

Dreams about dead brother

If you dream about your dead brother, you probably miss him. Or he’s just trying to reach out and let you know that he always has your back, even when he’s not around.

Dreams about a dead aunt

If you dream your dead aunt, it’s possible that you may encounter a family issue that will affect your life in a negative way. However, it’s also possible that you miss your aunt.

Dreams about a dead uncle

You will probably have issues with a male figure in your life if you dreamed about your dead uncle. It might be someone with an authority in your life. However, maybe you just miss your uncle. Or he misses you too and he’s trying to reach out through your dream.

Dreams about dead cousin

If you dream about your dead cousin, you’re probably trying to avoid a family issue. However, when you face problems in life, the better things will turn out. If you were closely related to your cousin or you lost him/her recently, it’s also possible that you’re still in shock of his or her death. It might be the reason why he/she’s visiting your dreams.

Dreams about a dead wife

If you dream about your dead wife, you probably miss her and it is naturally to dream of those we deeply love. There is a possibility that she is trying to reach out and tell you that she misses you.

Dreams about a dead husband

To dream about your dead husband has the same meaning as dreaming about your wife. You either miss the person very much and you can’t let go. It can mean he is trying to reach out to let you know that he misses you too but he’s okay now. Or you have something to confess and your guilty conscience is eating you up inside. Pay attention to the details.

Dreams about a dead boyfriend or girlfriend

If you dream about your dead boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re probably still in love with the person and you miss him/her, especially if you lost him/her recently. However, if your partner died a long ago and he or she’s still visiting your dreams, it’s probably to remind you that it’s okay to be happy with someone else and move on with your life. It may also mean that he/she’s trying to warn you about something/someone dangerous.

Dreams about dead ex-lover

If you dream about your dead ex-lover, it’s possible that he or she’s still in your heart. Perhaps you did not want to end things before they passed over - and you feel like the person will never know how much you loved them. However, don’t worry because dead people know and if they want to reach out to you directly, next time, your dead ex-lover will speak to you in your dream. Or send you a sign to tell you that he or she knows how you feel. Alternatively, you might dream about your dead ex-lover if you have a guilty conscience.

Summary of visitations in a dream

As we concluded so far, it’s possible to communicate with the people we lost in our dreams. However, we have to pay close attention to how they communicate and what message they’re trying to deliver. It’s possible that we dream about dead loved ones if we recently lost the person and we can’t move on because of the shock. However, it’s also possible that the person we lost is trying to tell us that we have nothing to worry about. If one senses their presence or feels their touch or even hears their voice in waking life, it’s possible that they’re trying to reach out to you specifically.

Most dreams reflect our experiences and events that have taken place in the days. However, visitation dreams are normal helpful insights into the relationship of those that have crossed over. These dreams call attention because of their anomalous quality and they also seem meaningful. If your dream impacts your life and is am exceptional human experience then this can have a significant impact on your life.

By Florance Saul
Feb 2, 2019