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A stork symbolizes the importance of new beginnings and happy times.

This dream is important because it suggests you are likely to encounter a period of rest and recuperation, normally because of the result of either poor health or emotional imbalance. However, it is important to stress that the emergence of a more content and happy existence will also mean that you will need to relax, and during this time you are likely to help others by providing guidance from some of the lessons that you have learnt.

Dreaming about a stork portends a wedding or a baptism ahead. This is a good dream, as it confirms that you have around you one or more people that you can count on.

It is said, for fun, that the stork brings the children. In the Persian tradition, a stork means that you have a trusted friend. The same explanation was given to this dream by the Eastern tradition. In the Western tradition, the explanation totally changes: the dream of a stork portends dangers and trouble at home, as well as a bad change ahead.

In your dream you may have

  • You see a stork.
  • Storks departing.
  • Storks arriving.
  • Storks in a nest.
  • Storks flying.
  • Storks on a field.
  • Lots of storks.
  • A pair of storks.
  • A wounded stork.
  • A stork sitting.
  • A stork flying.
  • A flock of storks flying.
  • Killing a stork.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You hear strange sounds that scare you.
  • Exercise caution with new people you meet.
  • The dream relates to negativity.
  • The stork is hurt in someway.
  • The dream involved fear, or things beyond the obvious.

Detailed dream interpretation

If in your dream you see a stork in its nest, this portends possible problems in your family. If you see a stork flying, it means that you do not have to fear anything anymore in life. Dreaming of a stork on a field foretells joy and material gains. If you dream of a pair of storks, this means marriage. A wounded stork indicates that you will escape worries.

Dreaming about a stork sitting still in a place is a bad sign. If you see a stork in your dream, you might receive love proposals soon. Dreaming about storks flying it means that you might lose time that would not bring you any benefits business wise. A flock of storks flying means that people are going to be supporting you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a stork

Having fun. Happy. Enjoying. Content. Laughing. Admiring. Mellow. Soft. Relaxed. Loving. Kind. Amazed. Curious. Surprised.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012