Affection Dream Meaning

Affection Dream Meaning

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What does affection mean in your dream? A dream of affection can indicate that you are very satisfied with your current relationship or you have a very healthy perception of yourself.

However, dreaming of affection can also imply that you don’t care enough about the people around you. It can suggest that your feelings are not secure. To dream of seeing two people give affection to each other indicates “love” but it can also be a sign of taking a relationship for granted. In my view, you should pay more attention to people’s feelings if in your dream you see two people holding hands in the dream this can indicate your own expression for love. To dream of giving affection to a pet indicates that you need a “sparkle” in life.

To give affection to your partner, family or friends is a positive dream it indicates a great sense of happiness in waking life. The people featured in this dream can represent people in waking life. I am Flo and this article is all about affection featured in your dream.  I spend a considerable amount of time researching various books and psychologists to bring the best meaning on dreams. I have segmented your dream into various sections to make it easy for you to read - especially if you are on your mobile. Just scroll down the page to find your dream.

What is the general meaning of affection in your dream?

If you dream of affection, in general, this indicates you are finding life as perfect as it could be. If you dream about being in a relationship with somebody then this dream can suggest that generally, you need to feel love. Again, to dream of affection between people you know can indicate a relationship between two people in waking life but it also can indicate some type of addiction life.

If you are showing many people affection, then it is an extraordinary dream that denotes luck and happiness. If you seek affection in your dream this can mean that you seek acceptance and love from others. However, there is one lesson you need to know: no one is obligated to love you, except for yourself. And when you love yourself enough – the world is your oyster!

People who dream of others showing them affection denotes that you are happy in a relationship but could be tired from the monotony. It can also suggest that you feel there are solutions to problems that you have not seen in the past! Allow yourself time to do something different and unusual with your partner. This dream can be a wake-up call to show your “wild side." If you are single and dream of affection it is associated with change and feeling supported in life.

Kissing someone in your dream can suggest that you want to be in love. You wish to have a relationship that will give you everything you want. To see two animals giving each other affection in the dream indicates a conflict in near future, you should try to avoid the fight (if with your partner) and compromise for the sake of your relationship. Firstly, let me give you some quick meanings before expanding further:

  • Dream about being affectionate = if the love is reciprocated and no adverse conditions involved this is a positive dream.
  • Dream of affection = generally this dream is positive and you could be in love with someone without knowing.
  • Dream about being with someone else = if you find yourself with someone that you are not within waking life this indicates you need to explore your inner self.
  • Dream about being in a relationship with someone = at times this can be a prophecy or alternatively a deeper understanding what you want from a relationship.
  • Dream about having a crush on someone else = a crush on someone in a dream can mean hidden thoughts about this person in real life.
  • Someone was showing you affection in your dream = to be shown affection indicates being closely connected to love.
  • You showed affection to others in your dream = giving affection to your mother, father, child, or friend in a dream indicates from psychology that you wish to have affection .
  • Your partner showed you affection in your dream = this can symbolize happiness in a current relationship.
  • You kissed somebody in your dream = To kiss someone you know illustrates that all parts of your life working successfully together something that you do not know anything indicates a new love affair maybe on the horizon.
  • Someone will not show your affection in your dream = if the affection will not return then this indicates that you need to set out control in a relationship.
  • You were lonely in your dream and wanted affection = Feeling confused about your feelings in life.
  • You do not wish to show affection in your dream = this dream of not wanting to show or return affection is normally connected to how you are feeling in life.  maybe you just wish to hide away for a moment. These dreams often occur when you need to spend time on the road in order to work out and understand true inner feelings.
  • Someone is withholding affection in your dream =   this dream is very similar to the one I have outlined above - if someone does not show perfection and this can suggest that there is an issue with control a relationship.
  • Your partner is showing affection towards another in your dream =  if your current partner is showing you love in your dream it represents the happiness in your current relationships and the reflection of your real feelings.  I would also say this is true if you find other people give you affection such as a mother, father, partner, friend or extended family member then your love will be reciprocated.
  • You saw people giving you affection = seeing people loved up in a dream can be associated with good luck.
  • You could see two people kissing in a dream = love will blossom. French kissing can indicate happy times ahead.
  • People were looking at you for affection = if a child came to you for affection you need direction in life. This dream is "wishful thinking."
  • You showed affection in the dream = you will be lucky and successful in life.
  • Your boyfriend is showing affection to another women = the dreaded cheating dream!  This can be quite unsettling, especially seeing your own boyfriend show affection to somebody else can indicate that you are angry situation involves there is hope of resolving this go forward.
  • Your girlfriend is showing affection to another man =  Seeing a girlfriend given affection to another man or woman in the dream is associated with possible confusion at which direction going.
  • Your mother was not showing you affection in the dream =  to experience not being given affection according to the spiritual / gypsy dream perspective indicates that you are denying your own responsibilities.
  • Your father was not showing you affection in the dream =  for your father to NOT provide affection in a dream illustrates talking and communicating with him (in real life) if he is still alive.

What is the spiritual dream meaning of affection?

I turned to spiritual texts in order to understand what this dream means. Dreaming about people being affectionate towards someone is focused on feeling more secure about life. You should not be afraid of change is the key message. For years you may not see what is in front of you - also the positive thing is that by moving forward in your life you can remove any worries. 

To dream that your boyfriend or husband is showing another woman affection in the dream can symbolize that you are feeling jealous of life. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We sometimes take things for granted, it can suggest that it’s hard to remember how delightful relationships can be.

Dreaming of cheating can imply being stuck in a rut. If you dream that your girlfriend is showing another man affection in the dream state is associated with meeting the handsome, rich, clever female in the future. This person may not interest you immediately. Perhaps they are not sexy enough, however, if you do dream of your girlfriend having sex with another male suggests you who will encounter a new, exciting female in the future. Please note, this is not necessarily from a sexual context. The same meaning goes if you are female and dream of your male partner cheating.

If someone refuses or does not show you affection in the dream 

This symbolizes your inner drive for desire. It suggests that you are not feeling particularly healthy at the moment. I know I have covered this a few times above but kissing somebody in many ancient texts is a positive omen. The initial picture in life is one of joyful excitement. To see your mother not give you affection as a child in a dream can indicate that you feel threatened. For your father to hurt you or not show affection in your dream denotes that you are not feeling supported in waking life.

What does mean to see two people are being affectionate in a dream?

To see two people giving each other affection in a dream indicates your own feelings in life. If you do not know these people in real life the dream denotes that you may need to be optimistic about new relationships or friendships. A stranger featured in your dream can imply there is someone waiting to show you affection in real life. The mind, when sleeping recreates certain situations that we feel or see in waking life. As we descend into a deeper sleep various situations can occur, from seeing people you don’t know get married through to simply cuddling a stranger. There are many experiences of “love” that we can all feel in a dream. Observing the love between two people or encountering a love relationship yourself is all connected to your emotions. If you noticed a euphoric attachment between two people you actually know in dreams then this can be a sign that you need to intensively review your own approach to relationships. 

What does it mean to dream of being in love?

With affection comes love. The dream of affection can be rather confusing, but this is generally a reflection of how happy you are. You may be madly in love with somebody, alternatively, affection is shown by a partner. The dream psychology of this dream means that you require more love, affection, and commitment. If in your dream you find yourself in love with an ex-partner (again) this can indicate possible problems with jealousy in your current relationship or work-life. If affection is rejected by somebody in a dream this is simply a dream of anxiety. If you were feeling lonely in the dream and looked for affection, it could denote that you are going to experience a pleasant and happy relationship in the near future. If you were feeling lonely in the dream and looked for affection, it could denote that you are going to experience a pleasant and happy relationship in the near future.

What does it mean to dream of being with someone romantically?

This dream acknowledges that there will be a number of positive traits in your life. This dream is a great omen and denotes happiness, well-being, satisfaction and above all success in relationships. We all know the benefits of affection and we always hope that it is reciprocal, being affectionate with someone in a dream is positive. 

What does it mean to dream of having a crush on someone?

To have a crush on someone during a dream indicates that you recognize that a potential or current partner in your life is showing you strong emotions. According to many dream researchers dreaming of the crush can account for a secret message which is being conveyed in your dream - a message that you have feelings of the person in the dream or they have for you!  this dream can also signify speed, the speed of which to communicate. n there is also a focus on being assertive, perhaps you have not explained to your crush how you actually feel and the deep emotions that you hold? The dream, therefore, acts as convoy to your own hidden messages of love.

What does it mean when someone shows you affection in the dream?

Affection can take many different forms in dreams. It can be simply kisses, hugs, friendly embraces but notably exchanging any type of love can signify you have powerful and hidden emotions towards others which will ensure our survival. After all, affection is part of the world. In my view, affection is all about being accepted, in order to be strong you may need emotional thinking along with rationalization to justify any decisions. If someone showed you affection in the dream it denotes your happiness but also a search for acceptance among your peers.

What does it signify to kiss someone you know in a dream? 

I’ve gone into a detailed analysis of what kissing signifies just visit this particular page by clicking here. Briefly, I will summarize what the kissing dream means to save you some time. Kissing in dreams indicate our hidden repressed feelings and desires in life, it is also connected to our own sexual desires. Obviously, the dream meaning differs depending on whom you were kissing in the dream. If you kiss someone you like then this is associated with the feelings you have with others. There is also a spiritual connection and it can even be connected to how you progress at work. How you deal with the kissing is also important and can indicates that you want to be loved.

Lonely in the dream:

Feeling lonely in a dream can suggest that you need to take on a new project to stay ahead of your game. It does not matter if you are on your own. You are looking for new start or a new beginning. This is a great dream to have and means you need to rely on yourself and the future. 

Your partner is showing affection:

This could imply that you are feeling like your partner is avoiding you or doesn’t understand you anymore in waking life. Try talking to him/her about the way you feel. 

You avoid showing affection:

This could indicate that you cannot wait to tell someone how much you care for them, however, because of unforeseen reasons you feel like you’re not supposed to do that right now. What your dream is trying to tell you is that you are wrong and should show affection towards the people you love. 

You doubt someone’s affection:

It means that in reality, you’re not completely sure in your partner’s honesty and love, however, you are the one who’s not being totally honest and you should be, of course, if you want to keep your partner by your side forever. 

Feeling that occurred during a dream of affection: 

Loved. Happy. Ashamed. Scared. Excited. Confused. Angry. Jealous. Heartbroken. Sad.

By Florance Saul
Aug 21, 2017