Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A badge in a dream is connected to how we view life in general and how others view us.

It is normally worn as a mark of membership and employment. It is a mark of belonging to a certain rank or organization. It is a symbol of authority, and in most cases, before it is given, one has to pledge loyalty like in the case of police and fire. So when a badge emerges in your dream, it becomes easier to analyze it if you know its symbolic meaning.

In the dream

  • You see a name badge.
  • You see a badge on a coat.
  • You are familiar with a badge.
  • The badge does not have your name on it.
  • A nameless badge.
  • You are having issues with identity.
  • You may be the one wearing the badge.
  • Someone you know might be the one wearing the badge.
  • A strange person might be the one wearing the badge.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

When you dream of wearing a badge, it indicates that there is a recognition of position in your waking dream. It might be that you are holding a position where you are highly ranked and honored.

A badge is associated with the identity. It can be connected to experiences in life. To wear a badge connected to an organization indicates that you need to change your attitude towards others. It can also suggest an issue with understanding your identity. The badge can also mean that you need to take the chance. To see a religious badge, such as a crucifix is an indication that you need to review your moral decisions. A name badge is a suggestion that we need to challenge your own identity. A badge can also suggest that a new type of status will prevail. Traditionally, the purpose of a badge is given to identify who you are. It can indicate that your wishes will come true to accept responsibility. To gain a badge or win one due to accomplishment in a dream suggests that you can expect pleasure, happiness, and feeling like the cat has the cream!

You need to work hard and help those around you so that they continue to have success.

To dream of a broken badge means you are a leader. It is important that you use your wisdom in dealing with people around you so that you win their hearts. A nameless badge suggests you are intelligent. When issues arise, don't use favoritism as this will divide people, and you might just lose your honor in the process. To see a pin on a badge indicates you must gain more knowledge as far as leadership matters are concerned.

If you happen to see a familiar person wearing a badge in your dream, it means that most of your friends and relatives are in leadership positions while you are not. You need to approach them and find out what you need to do in order to be honored in society. There are several things which make someone honorable, and these are the areas you need to learn.

Dreaming of a brooch on a coat suggests that you have the character to achieve in life. Whatever advice your friends and family provide - put it into practice; do more listening than talking, and you will be surprised at how fast you progress in gaining leadership qualities.

If you see a strange person wearing a badge in your dream, it implies that it will take a long time before you become honorable in your career. Those around you seem not to have the qualities of leadership. Thus, you need to learn more to achieve. This includes, but is not limited to going back to university or college to learn leadership qualities. It can take the time to become a leader, but the great news is that one day, you will be a leader who will be honored by all!

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Unkind, shy, unhappy, trustworthy, suicidal, intelligent, wise, identity and working out what the badge means.

By Florance Saul
May 6, 2017