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To dream of your bladder is generally positive, and if you want to go to the toilet in your dream it indicates that you may have some minor troubles in your business affairs. The other indication presented through the interpretation of this dream is that you need to look after your health.

If you need to go to the bathroom while you are sleeping, then this dream has no real meaning to you. To dream of your bladder within your dream state denotes you will have heavy trouble in your business, if you cannot be more careful with your health. To dream of other people's bladder means that you need to work out a way to spend your energies.

In your dream you may have

  • You need to go to the bathroom.
  • Your own bladder.
  • Other people’s bladder.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You should be more careful with your health.
  • Work on self-improvement.
  • Be persistent.

Detailed dream interpretation

To see children blowing up bladders foretell your expectations will fail to give you much comfort, but also small troubles that could ruin your days. A bladder can refer to agitation, nervousness and illness coming soon. Seeing a flying bladder could predict important exchanges in business and ephemeral success. If your dream involves air in a bladder, then this is a clear message to make sure that you have enough force around you to get through the more difficult times ahead. If you dream of a bladder filled with air it means that you need to make sure you have all elements of your life balanced.

The message in this dream, regardless of what you were doing in you dream is that you may need to wait for something. To dream that you were going to the toilet outdoors means you have abundant scope for effort and room for self-improvement.

To dream of being in a hospital and an operation is conducted on yours (or someone else's) bladder means you can obtain your goals. The key lesson to learn in life right now is to ensure that you are persistent, and work in the truest spirit, which means that you will be the most successful.

An old dream dictionary (from the 1920's) suggest a bladder is connected to one's practical life. The bearer will find that fortune is usually on the side of the industrious, as the winds and waves are on the side of the best navigators.

To dream of washing away a bladder means that you need to think about yourself more. Genius may not be necessary, though even genius of the highest sort does not disdain the use of ordinary qualities. The very greatest men and women have been among the least believers in the power of genius.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of bladder

Anxious. Angry. Emotional. Impressed. Upset. Worried.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012