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Dreaming and meanings Bridges


The dream may include seeing: beam bridges, cantilever bridges, arch bridges, suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges and truss bridges. Bridges are often representations of connection, stability and progress.

For instance, the famous Brooklyn Bridge is said to have been built as a pathway for Italian Americans to search for job opportunities in Manhattan back in the 1870’s. Often times in the occult, bridges are seen as indicators that one’s life is in transition towards a transformation (usually divine and spiritual), “bridging” the gap of your present self towards your future self. Generally, bridges represent that most difficulties can be overcome. With resourcefulness and a steady-head, we can cross this symbolic bridge to avoid the “turbulent waters” of life.



In your dreams you may have...


  • Crossed a bridge over a lake or river.
  • Seen a bridge near a dam.
  • Crossed a sturdy bridge.
  • Crossed a weak and dangerous bridge.
  • Fallen in the middle of crossing a bridge.
  • Attempted to cross a bridge but could not reach the other side.
  • Seen or crossed a famous bridge such as the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Built a bridge.
  • Seen a bridge while on a boat.
  • Traveled under a bridge.
  • Swam under a bridge.


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Positive changes are afoot if...


  • A draw bridge may indicate prospects in business.
  • A stone bridge may indicate that financial improvement will occur.
  • Being entertained while on a bridge may mean that one of your wishes will be fulfilled.
  • Successfully crossing an old dangerous bridge may mean that you will pull through a difficult time.
  • The dream was generally positive.


Detailed dream interpretation...



To build a bridge in a dream symbolizes the difference between the human conscious and unconscious. It is important to note that this may signify a crossing in your life. You may encounter a difference in other people’s point-of-view.


A bridge featured in your dream may stand for an incredible new start, travel or transition. Crossing a bridge in your dream is an indication that times are going to be hard. Bridgework featured in a dream denotes you need to prioritize and organize your obligations.


Stone bridges indicate financial improvement is on the horizon. A bridge made of brick means that life is yours for the taking. The message here is to live life to the absolute fullest!


A well-designed bridge shows that the passage across will be smooth and clear. A rope bridge will either be a precarious or an easy passage. Was the bridge across a river or stream? Dreaming of bridge over water means that you are creative and lax; it is important be hard-working, well-organized and busy. If the water was rough (like the ocean), you could be worried about something. And if the bridge was unstable, it may foreshadow trouble in a friendship or romantic relationship. To be crushed or be nearly killed by a bridge signifies you need to express your feelings with regard to a situation around work.


If you fell from a bridge, it means it may be time to put your plans into action. Have you been arguing with others recently? If so this dream indicates it is time to settle the scores once and for all. Life is too short to waste ignoring the messages of your inner heart. You must attempt to settle any differences with co-workers or friends.



If you are entertained while being on a bridge (such as a festival), this sign assures your highest hopes will be granted. On the other hand, fighting on a bridge means you are being too aggressive towards someone. Maybe it is wise to think about other people’s feelings before you do anything rash?


Riding a boat that passes under the bridge predicts good luck in your future. Sometimes, this dream means that you are overworking yourself. Take the time to relax and enjoy life. You should also try to avoid getting carried away by your emotions regarding a matter in your waking life. To have been on a bridge sailing (taking a boat-tour of bridges), represents a happy business situation will take place. If the boat is stranded or in any danger, you will be involved in a social matter wherein you will have a hard time getting your point across.


Seeing more than one bridge represents stubbornness. Do you have the will to defend yourself against others? This dream is a wake-up call. You need to make a stand and be assertive. This bridge also indicates a prosperous aspect coming your way.


A drawbridge in your dream indicates protection because you feel someone is being too pushy with you. It may also indicate you are trying to ignore an emotion. To see a bridge open and close means that your peers would like you to relax and take things easy for awhile.


To see a bridge near a dam indicates you need to work very hard before you can comprehend your long term goals and life purpose. A small or tiny bridge means minor problems will arise while a large bridge means it is time for something in your life to change.



Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream with a bridge...
Anger, Amusement, Adventurous, Calm, Confusion, Curiosity, At Ease, Energetic, Exploratory, Excitement, Enlightened, Fear, Joyful, Nonchalant, Relaxed, Reflective, Thoughtful, Tired, Uncertainty

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