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The dream may include seeing: beam bridges, cantilever bridges, arch bridges, suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges and truss bridges. Bridges are often representations of connection, stability and progress.

For instance, the famous Brooklyn Bridge is said to have been built as a pathway for Italian Americans to search for job opportunities in Manhattan back in the 1870’s. Often times in the occult, bridges are seen as indicators that one’s life is in transition towards a transformation (usually divine and spiritual), “bridging” the gap of your present self towards your future self. Generally, bridges represent that most difficulties can be overcome. With resourcefulness and a steady-head, we can cross this symbolic bridge to avoid the “turbulent waters” of life.

A bridge is a spiritual message to that it is time to review your life.

It is normally used to link two situations, or that there is a need to cross over to the other side. The word “bridge” in a broad sense, indicates that someone needs to overcome an obstacle. A bridge, normally, joins two places and nexus between two banks of a river. The bridge is man-made structure - and the word is often used as a synonym for a link between two elements.

Turning to history there was great problems with crossing rivers and often bridges defined the building of roads. The romans built many bridges, especially along canals, bridges are deep in history it is not suprising that our bridges in the modern world represent great engineering structures. Bridges are spiritually associated with connection, letting go of problems or a person. A dream of crossing the bridge indicates that you may need to grab an opportunity going forward. A vast amount of users that have e-mailed me have dreams of crossing over a bridge, this appears to be a popular dream and is directly associated with overcoming a challenge in life. If the bridge is high, scary, broken or in some way not normal then this can suggest you are feeling somewhat worried about the future.

In our dreams, sometimes things are a bit fuzzy and not clear, to that end, I am firstly going to consider the symbolic implications of a bridge. Seeing a bridge means we can find ourselves crossing problems in order to get to the other side. I remember not long ago I had a dream of walking over a bridge and under me there was a river which in the end water appeared over the bridge. In essence, the bridge was sinking. This was directly associated with how I was feeling. Be sure to self analyzed your dream.

In your dreams you may have

  • Crossed a bridge over a lake or river.
  • Seen a bridge near a dam.
  • Crossed a sturdy bridge.
  • Crossed a weak and dangerous bridge.
  • Fallen in the middle of crossing a bridge.
  • Attempted to cross a bridge but could not reach the other side.
  • Seen or crossed a famous bridge such as the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Built a bridge.
  • Seen a bridge while on a boat.
  • Traveled under a bridge.
  • Swam under a bridge.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • A draw bridge may indicate prospects in business.
  • A stone bridge may indicate that financial improvement will occur.
  • Being entertained while on a bridge may mean that one of your wishes will be fulfilled.
  • Successfully crossing an old dangerous bridge may mean that you will pull through a difficult time.
  • The dream was generally positive.

Detailed dream interpretation

To build a bridge in a dream symbolizes the difference between the human conscious and unconscious. It is important to note that this may signify a crossing in your life. You may encounter a difference in other people’s point-of-view. A bridge featured in your dream may stand for an incredible new start, travel or transition. Crossing a bridge in your dream is an indication that times are going to be hard. Bridgework featured in a dream denotes you need to prioritize and organize your obligations.

Stone bridges indicate financial improvement is on the horizon. A bridge made of brick means that life is yours for the taking. The message here is to live life to the absolute fullest!

A well-designed bridge shows that the passage across will be smooth and clear. A rope bridge will either be a precarious or an easy passage. Was the bridge across a river or stream? Dreaming of bridge over water means that you are creative and lax; it is important be hard-working, well-organized and busy. If the water was rough (like the ocean), you could be worried about something. And if the bridge was unstable, it may foreshadow trouble in a friendship or romantic relationship. To be crushed or be nearly killed by a bridge signifies you need to express your feelings with regard to a situation around work.

If you fell from a bridge, it means it may be time to put your plans into action. Have you been arguing with others recently? If so this dream indicates it is time to settle the scores once and for all. Life is too short to waste ignoring the messages of your inner heart. You must attempt to settle any differences with co-workers or friends.

If you are entertained while being on a bridge (such as a festival), this sign assures your highest hopes will be granted. On the other hand, fighting on a bridge means you are being too aggressive towards someone. Maybe it is wise to think about other people’s feelings before you do anything rash?

Riding a boat that passes under the bridge predicts good luck in your future. Sometimes, this dream means that you are overworking yourself. Take the time to relax and enjoy life. You should also try to avoid getting carried away by your emotions regarding a matter in your waking life. To have been on a bridge sailing (taking a boat-tour of bridges), represents a happy business situation will take place. If the boat is stranded or in any danger, you will be involved in a social matter wherein you will have a hard time getting your point across.

Seeing more than one bridge represents stubbornness. Do you have the will to defend yourself against others? This dream is a wake-up call. You need to make a stand and be assertive. This bridge also indicates a prosperous aspect coming your way. A drawbridge in your dream indicates protection because you feel someone is being too pushy with you. It may also indicate you are trying to ignore an emotion. To see a bridge open and close means that your peers would like you to relax and take things easy for awhile.

To see a bridge near a dam indicates you need to work very hard before you can comprehend your long term goals and life purpose. A small or tiny bridge means minor problems will arise while a large bridge means it is time for something in your life to change.

Dreams about collapsing bridge:

Bridges can collapse and normally through foundation problems. A bridge in Barcelona collapsed in 1971 and some bridges are vulnerable to flooding, especially timber ones. From a spiritual perspective seeing a bridge collapsing in your dream indicates the impact or problem that will come your way. If you did not know what destroyed the bridge in your dream indicates that you need to rebuild your life. If the wind (natural force) was associated with the bridge collapsing them something will occur, in regards ro your own personal investment. There may be lines that will be crossed and that you may have taken allot of flak from someone. You may find you need to face pressure to make tough decisions going forward. If you are feeling pretty isolated then dreaming of a disaster in relation to a bridge is common. To see a bridge bombed indicates a dramatic disappointment in your life and that you need to stabilize problems.

To see a weak rope bridge or that the string gets broken when you walk on it indicates that you are not feeling although you can rely on others.

Dreams about a high bridge:

Seeing a rather high bridge in a dream can be rather frightening to say the least! The majority of bridges are concrete and to see a particularly tall concrete bridge indicates that you are building something important in life. The higher the bridge the more positive in life.

Opening Bridge:

I remember a long time ago I had a dream where I was on a bridge and it suddenly opened up. This can mean an opportunity will open up for you!

What is the symbolic dream meaning of a bridge?

A bridge in a dream could be symbolic of connection, stability, and progress. Often, when bridges appear it could mean you are encountering a new start, travel, different way of life or a change or transition. A suspension bridge can indicate that you will reach your objectives in time. When you encounter a dream where you see a bridge (irrespective of whether you crossed it or you just observed it) is normally a symbol of hope and commitment. The bridge can be a symbol of relationships with others, especially those with whom you have strong, lasting and deep connections.

A bridge can be symbolic of ties which are being disconnected or built, depending on how you feel when you have the dream. Dreaming about repair work being carried out on a bridge - could imply that, you need to get more organized and try to set your priorities right.

What is the dream meaning of standing on a bridge?

Standing on a bridge in a dream can indicate that sometime behind you and you are finding it hard to overcome a problem or relationship. The bridge in this instance indicates you can move forward but you need to look back at the past to find some answers. If you are thinking of making changes then this dream is common.

What does dreaming about falling off a bridge mean?

Falling is directly associated with moving ahead with something important there is also a sense of not wanting to. Especially if the dream ended up seeing yourself falling to death. Watching someone else falling from a bridge can indicate your own inability to communicate with another.

Encountering a dream where you see yourself jumping off the bridge or falling, then it implies that, you have plans, but at the same time, you are scared about making changes - because it seems as if you feel worried. Falling in dreams is common, to fall from a bridge indicates that you are on two paths and you do not know which way to turn. Alternatively, the dream could be a representation of certain events that are soon to come to play.If in your dream, you jump the bridge voluntarily, then it means that it is your feelings which will hinder you from achieving your set goals in life. Do you feel as if you are locked up by certain emotions and the only remedy is to jump into the future?

What does it mean to dream about seeing a famous bridge in your dream?

I have covered this a little at the start but a dream where you see a famous bridge could mean that you are looking for ways to make your future better than your present and this could mean you wish to change something in your life. Seeing the golden gate bridge, brooklyn bridge, sydney harbor, tower bridge, ponte vecchio in a dream, for example then this can mean you will encounter magnificent choices in life. Our famous bridges are often known as marvels of the world and these bridges could have appeared in the media - which could directly affect your dream.

What does repetitive dreams of bridges mean?

When this dream plays over again night after night it indicates that the symbolic meaning is you need to make changes. Dreams of bridges over water indicate that there is a large problem of considerable size. All kinds of difficulties may arise in general and the bridge indicates disorientation. Stone bridges in dreams indicate a large part of trying to move away from activities that do not allow you to develop. Railway bridges and viaducts can mean that you are on a journey in life.

What does it mean to dream about a wood bridge?

I have had many dreams about crossing a wooden bridge, in fact only last week I had a dream of a wooden swinging bridge. This dream can mean you are choosing some important paths of life. This can indicate that you are changing a relationships or even making some small decisions about your lifestyle. If the wood bridge has planks of wood missing or is swinging very high then this can mean that you are facing some problems or obstacles. Something might stand in your way. To dream that the wooden bridge was a strange color (red, orange, blue, pink or black) can indicate that you will have a personal obstacle to overcome.

The wooden planks on the bridge normally are associated with our own problems and path in life. If the wood bridge breaks then this can mean that things might get to the point of breaking. In older dream books if you have a dream where you see a bridge which is made of wood, then it denotes your lack of motivation and ability to be able to focus and get whatever you want in life. In real life, a bridge which is constructed using wood spoils easily and are not stable at all. To see multiple wood bridges appearing in dreams, implies that you could be experiencing instability in your life.

What does it imply to dream about walking on a bridge?

Dreaming that you are simply walking across a bridge is a sign that, you are currently experiencing some difficulties in life. In my older dream books it can mean crossing over a promise to a friend. To dream of a bridge simply breaking can indicate a breaking promise to others.

What does it mean to dream about a bridge collapsing?

I mentioned a bit about this in the introduction, please go back to read this if you skipped the paragraph. A bridge collapsing can be a worrying dream, in older dream books it means that someone you trust will utilize your friendship for their own gain. The dream could also be symbolic of a feeling that your life is complex, maybe, attacks which are being levied against you. There is a need to pay close attention to the people who are close to you because you never know who among them is your friend or foe!

What does it mean to dream about a destroyed bridge?

When you dream that you are observing a destroyed bridge, then it means that psychological reasons are going to cause you to feel sick. This could include anxiety or emotional traumas which you have harbored for a very long time. Alternatively, the dream could imply your thoughts or behavior are restricting your freedom.

What does it mean to dream about a bridge shaking?

Having a dream where you see a bridge shaking is an indicator that, you have been unable to avoid someone who is causing stress and anxiety in your life. The person could be a colleague at work and thus, impossible to avoid them as long as you go on duty. It could be your boss or supervisor, making it even complicated because you have to take orders from them no matter what. If the bridge is made of ropes and you see it shaking in your dream, then it means that you are reluctant to do work at either home or workplace and this is making people to be annoyed with you.

What does it mean to dream about someone standing on the other side of the bridge?

When you have a dream where you see someone standing on the other side of the bridge, then it is symbolic of your relationship with the person. The relationship could end soon if the bridge in question is old and almost collapsing. A stone bridge between you and the person denotes a strong relationship with trust. A suspended bridge, which is high up, denotes a relationship that is meaningless and superficial.

What does it denote to dream about being under a bridge?

Being under the bridge in your dream could be a sign that, you are unable to overcome some problems in your life which are preventing you from achieving set goals. It could be a dream which is showing you that you are finding it difficult to maintain a relationship in your life. You may need to pay attention to the type of friendships you currently have together with their needs so that, when you need their help in future, they will do it willingly.

What does it imply dream about going across the bridge?

When you have a dream where you go across the bridge, it denotes that, you are trying to reach out to someone or trying to get someone out of your way. If you walk majestically when you cross the bridge, it is a sign that there are some decisions which you are certain about. But if you walk slowly while going across the bridge, it implies that there are some decisions which you are not sure of yet you have made them.

What does it imply to dream about standing on the bridge?

Dreaming that you are standing on the bridge is an indicator that, you are stuck in a problem. Are you afraid of moving forward because you are not standing firmly on the ground? It could be due to the fact that, you don’t know what the future holds or what is beneath you, and it is that fear which is blocking you from moving. Having such a dream will definitely leave you with hopeless feelings due to the fact that, you are finding it hard to act the way you want to due to the fear factor.

What does it denote to dream about a fallen bridge?

A dream where you see a bridge which is fallen could mean that something bad is about to happen. Without a bridge to cross over, you will be stuck and feelings of helplessness might creep in. The dream could be a representation of a failure which you just experienced in the recent past and now your subconscious is bringing it to you in the dream again. If while you are crossing, the bridge falls, then it is an indicator of missing great opportunities and chances in the coming days.

What does it mean to dream about the bridge with an arch?

A bridge normally has an arch! An arch in your dream could symbolize vitality and richness. If when you walk along the bridge, it leads you to a palace or any other big structure, then it is a sign that, in the coming days, and you are likely going to have much luck with gambling or you will receive gifts.

What does it mean to dream about yourself or others building a bridge?

Building bridges in your dream could imply that, in the coming days, you might experience some difficulties that will come due to the many responsibilities you are currently handling.  The reason as to why you are finding yourself in such a situation could be due to your inability to say no to whatever you are told by people to do. You are always accepting responsibilities, even when you know that you are already busy. The dream is trying to warn you to try to prioritize and learn to tell people that you are busy.

What does it imply to dream about a bridge partially collapsed?

Seeing a bridge partially collapsing in your dream could indicate that, you need to be extra careful when you are making decisions in the coming days because you are likely going to make a wrong decision.

What does it imply to dream about a bridge demolition?

Bridge demolition in your dream could mean that you are trying to attempt to get away from some duties or people whom you don’t like. To see a bridge explode in your dream denotes (according to old dream books laziness or obstruction to work.

What does it imply to dream about looking down from a bridge?

When you dream that you are looking down from a bridge, then it implies that, in the coming days, you are going to enjoy wealth and financial gains. You might be able to gain opportunity towards a high income or gain some money which could come in the form of prizes. If the water below you was dirty, then it is symbolic of bad luck and misfortunes in the coming days. If you are currently working on a project, it sure will fail.

What does it mean to dream about not being able to cross a bridge or this was blocked?

Not being able to cross a bridge due to the fact that someone is blocking you, then it means that you are likely going to be disappointed as far as romantic relationships are concerned. You might discover that you are dealing with a dishonest partner or they might have habits which you don’t like or which offend you in a way. You may also have to take the dream as a warning that, you should avoid entering into a disastrous relationship which could cause you pain and heartaches in the coming days.

What does it imply to dream about someone falling from a bridge?

Seeing a person falling from a bridge indicates in your own mind something has prevented you from reaching a goal and could imply that you are inadequate socially. This dream equals communication problems or you could be too arrogant to those around you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream with a bridge

Anger, Amusement, Adventurous, Calm, Confusion, Curiosity, At Ease, Energetic, Exploratory, Excitement, Enlightened, Fear, Joyful, Nonchalant, Relaxed, Reflective, Thoughtful, Tired, Uncertainty

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012