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Oh what a dream, so this is rather strange and I am here to help you understand why you had a dream of your waist! A waist is the midsection of the human body and the significance of the waist in a dream is that; it can represent things in the waking world relating to health or wealth.

Many interpretations of waists in dreams are those that represent finance and fortune based on the fullness, fitness, or skinniness. Usually, dreams of waists are very telling. When you dream of your own waist growing fatter, especially if this is a quick change, this is a sign of good financial fortune. You may experience an increase in finances or a bonus of some kind coming your way. To dream of a small petite waist means success in business and educational pursuits. To dream that someone is grabbing you by the waist means you are feeling broke financially these days. To dream of someone else's waist means to a friend's financial situation, you may either be asked for a loan or celebrate a friend's financial windfall.

Detailed dream meaning

To dream of waist indicates your own focus on finances or your financial fortunes. When you have a dream that is about people with thick waists, your own waist growing larger, or healthy full waists then this can be a sign of robust finances or gain favorable money amounts. To dream of a small unnatural waist shows a sign of being bad with your money or making poor money choices. Consider how you are spending your money or if you are taking care of your fortune. If you have no money, being thin or having an unnaturally thin waist can be a sign of your own stress or worry about finances in general.

Focusing on your own waist, especially if you are a woman, is a sign of a relationship blooming and you notice the waist of your lover or someone that you are interested in is a good sign for love and relationships. For a man to dream of a woman’s waist growing larger, such as in pregnancy, this is a sign of ripe love and likely a time for commitment. If you are married and you have this dream it can be a sign of fertility. To dream of someone others waist, identifies that you will approve and praise something in the workplace or that you will make good suggestions.

In this dream you may have

  • A differently sized waist than you normally have – i.e. Thinner, thicker, etc.
  • Seen your waist change size.
  • Noticed many people with very thin or very fat waists.
  • Grabbed someone by the waist.
  • Been grabbed by the waist.
  • Wished your waist was a different size.
  • Seen unnatural waists.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You notice many thick or full waists.
  • You focus on other people’s waists in your dream.
  • You have a slender but attractive waist.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a waist

Happy. Healthy. Secure. Insecure. Pretty. Ugly. Thin. Fat. Nice. Cute. Small. Large. Appalled. Impressed. Curious. Determined. Pressured. Fatigued.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Having a child, family planning.
  • The increase of wealth.
  • Gaining prestige at work.
  • Getting a raise or promotion.
  • Gambling. Losing money.
  • Helping someone get out of debt.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012