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A falcon is said to bring freedom, information and knowledge from others. This bird can symbolize victory in regard to a decision that has already been made.

The vibrant bird can also signify strength. To dream of a person holding a falcon indicates there is a great idea in your unconscious mind. The discovery of these ideas will carry riches in your future.

In ancient Egypt, the god-falcon was a representation of the sun, and symbolized the daily rebirth of the stars. In the Western tradition, this bird of prey is reputed for its sharp look, and it is good to know that the falcon is highly appreciated by hunters. In a dream, the falcon – the solar bird - could underline the desire to be superior, your immeasurable ambition, and pleasure at being successful at the expense of everyone else.

In your dream you may have

  • Held onto a falcon.
  • Seen a flying falcon.
  • Seen somebody else holding a falcon.
  • Seen a falcon flying downwards.
  • Killed a falcon.
  • Encountered a falling falcon.
  • Encountered a falcon used for hunting.
  • Encountered a falcon chasing its prey.
  • Encountered falcon flying from right to left.
  • Seen a falcon flying from left to right.
  • Noticed a falcon flying upwards toward the sky.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The falcon was regal and beautiful.
  • The falcon flew free and was not hunted.
  • The falcon stayed out of your way.

Detailed dream interpretation

Recent dream interpretations suggest the falcon is a sign that you should watch who you trust in your waking life. Killing a falcon means you will get rid of enemies. However, keep an eye on them at all times. This dream foretells that you will end some sorrow and troubles. Hunting a falcon is a sign that you should stay away from your enemies. A falcon in the sky symbolizes your compliance with other people. Catching a falcon represents future benefit. A flying falcon means you will be more apologetic.

A falcon is an omen of big luck, victory and supremacy. Seeing a flying falcon represents a radical change. A falling falcon tells you that you are going to lose your physical strength. Seeing a falcon chasing its pray warns you of an imminent danger. If in your dream you see a falcon used for hunting, the closest person in your life will prepare a surprise for you.

Dreaming of a flying falcon means that you will find solutions to improve your business. If the falcon does not fly, you will be disappointed by specific actions. A falcon can also symbolize a thief. A falcon flying from right to left foretells the end of a privileged situation. A falcon flying from left to right predicts lots of luck. A falcon flying downwards means trouble, and that you are going to experience a difficult situation. A falcon flying upwards toward the sky refers to your big ambitions that could actually bear fruit sometime soon.

The falcon symbolizes your own determination, ambition, will, the desire to succeed, to overcome rivals, and the strength to defeat aggression and attack. It draws attention to your relationships with superiors, with those more powerful, with rivals or with enemies, but it also underlines your strong personality. A flying falcon or a falcon over your head refers to the danger of being attacked by people with more power, of strong competitors, and that the fight with rivals will be fierce. Be always ready for a possible attack. A sitting falcon is a sign of big ambitions, and your desire to overcome your enemies. Be prepared with a strategy to achieve victory. A dead falcon means you got rid of an enemy, and you have the strength to recover yourself from this conflict.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a falcon

Pride. Decided. Strong. Happy. Confident. Scared.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012