Dream Of Tablecloth

Table Cloth

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Dreaming of a tablecloth has a different interpretation depending on your dream.

In general, tablecloth in a dream signifies a feast, harmony, and prosperity. It’s also a sign of protection. To lay a wonderful white crisp, tablecloth in a dream indicates a fresh start. To hide under a tablecloth denotes your need to focus on your life and stop hiding away. A dirty or grubby tablecloth indicates conflict. I am sorry, this is the ancient dream lore. I’m Flo, to reveal the detailed meaning of this dream, please scroll down and read the interpretations.

What are the details around the table cloth dream?

  • You bought a new tablecloth in a dream: Buying a new tablecloth means you will create your own luck. Tablecloths can come in all shapes and sizes. The tablecloth in dreams I believe is connected to how we “view” life.
  • You were covering the tablecloth on the table: Covering the tablecloth signifies protection. You either wait for someone to protect you from something or feel the need to protect someone. Either way, instead of waiting for the right moment, act fast. Otherwise, the protection you seek or give will become pointless.
  • Someone else covered a tablecloth on a table: If you saw someone covering a tablecloth on a table, it denotes you are protected by the person in waking life. The person is like your guardian angel. However, your dream could also mean the person is keeping secrets from you for your own good.

What does it mean to dream of a dirty tablecloth?

Seeing a dirty tablecloth in your dream foretells an unpleasant event. However, after the event passes, your family will come out stronger and more united than ever. The desire that you hold also needs review if the tablecloth was stained or dirty. Cleaning a tablecloth in the dream signifies new love interests.

The tablecloth was too big in the dream:

If the tablecloth was too big for the table in your dream, it denotes you should work harder if you want to achieve your dreams and improve your life. It could also mean you are worrying too much about everything in life. Think more positive. Worrying won’t help you fix or prevent anything.

What if the tablecloth was too small?

If the tablecloth was too small or short in your dream, it means your goals and dreams don’t fit your personality. Secretly, you wish for something bigger and greater. I like to think we are all born for more but somehow we think you can’t achieve bigger goals and we settle for less. Never settle for less. Achieve your big dreams. The dream could also signify encountering a financial problem. However, don’t worry because you will overcome anything if you put your mind to it.

You laid the table for food in a dream:

If you laid food on the table in the dream, it foretells you are ready to open up to people you love. It could imply that you are a closed person and you never talk about your feelings. However, that’s about to change soon. This is a wake up call to show your sensitive side and surprise people. Communicating with people may indicate that you will feel much better.

What about the details of the tablecloth in the dream?

  • The tablecloth in the dream was patterned:If the tablecloth was already patterned in your dream it signifies a clear path toward your goals. You won’t have any difficulties achieving what you want.
  • The tablecloth was plain: If the tablecloth was plain in your dream, it means you are at peace with yourself.
  • You hid under a tablecloth in the dream: If you were hiding under a tablecloth in your dream, it denotes you feel scared about something. Do you fear something bad will happen to you or someone you care about? However, instead of worrying and hiding, try to prevent any negative things from happening. You have the power to prevent some of the bad things to happen.
  • Torn tablecloth in your dream: Torn tablecloth in a dream foretells an unpleasant moment with someone you care about. You will lose your trust in someone you trusted so much. However, don’t worry because when you’re losing someone from your life, you make a place for someone better to come.

What does a clean tablecloth in your dream mean?

Seeing a clean tablecloth in your dream signifies your kind personality. It’s also a symbol of purity. Something you’ll do will give great results and improve your current state in life.

What does it mean to dream that you could not find a tablecloth?

Not being able to find a tablecloth in your dream denotes you are searching for a solution to an inner issue you’re having. Stop searching and the best solution will appear itself.

What is the dream meaning of a white tablecloth?

Seeing a white tablecloth signifies a feast in your family. It also foretells an important even coming. You will celebrate a lot and you will finally feel accepted by your family.

What is the dream meaning of a black tablecloth?

Seeing a black tablecloth foreshadows your negative thoughts. You are obsessed with taking care of everything. However, you can’t continue controlling people only because you’re scared they will get hurt. Let people learn from their own mistakes. That’s how we grow.

What does it mean to dream of covering a dead body with a tablecloth?

Covering a dead body with a tablecloth means you will overcome losing someone important to you very fast. Although you thought you will miss the person, you will feel better without them.

A red tablecloth:

To see a red tablecloth in a dream can indicate that you may feel conflict or problems in life. If the tablecloth was embroidered and this can suggest other people going to offer you an opportunity. A runner across a long table suggests that eternal life around the dining table is quite interesting, the dining table did not have a table cloth then this can imply protection.

Here are some dream meanings of tablecloth I took from older books:

  • You were eating on a table without a tablecloth: It means you are an independent person who knows how to take care of yourself. Yet, you feel lonely. Let more people inside your world.
  • You spilled a drink on a tablecloth in a dream: It reveals your carelessness. Be more cautious when bringing important decisions in future and save yourself from disappointments.
  • You washed tablecloth in your dream state: It denotes you are feeling guilty of something you did in the past. Let it go and start living in the moment. This moment is all you have.

By Florance Saul
May 7, 2018