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When one dreams of being given a present, this is a sign from the divine that the dreamer is about to be receiving something special.

When one receives a present which explodes, this is a symbol that the dreamer is feeling apprehensive about a surprise that they are about to give.

When one desires to have a present which is made of gold, this means that the dreamer is coveting that which is not theirs and experiences jealousy which needs to be dealt with.

In this dream you may have...

  • Received a rotten gift.
  • Received an explosive present.
  • Received a present made of gold.
  • Given a present to a lover.
  • Received a present made of roses.
  • Received a present overly wrapped up.

When one dreams of receiving a present made of flesh, this represents the fear of being vulnerable on the part of the dreamer.

When one dreams of receiving a gift full of maggots, this represents desires which will not come to fruition and in fact have been held in stasis as a result of the dreamer’s lack of decision making that it has become rotten.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You received a gift of gold.
  • You received a gift made of flowers.
  • You gave a gift of roses to your lover.
  • You gave a present of money to an orphanage.

Detailed dream meaning...

When one dreams of receiving a present with a baby inside, this represents a time of fertility coming in the life of the dreamer. When one dreams of receiving a present of roses, a time of romance is in the future of the dreamer which will make them feel as though they are floating on air. When one dreams of a present which has too much wrapping, this means the dreamer is purging passed issues and is in the process of unraveling. When one dreams of a present which is un-openable, this represents a time of frustration on the part of the dreamer due to desires which do not manifest. To give presents this means that you are a generous person.

A person may dream of a present at Christmas time. The reason for given the present is a factor that must be taken into account. It indicates that you have refused to be satisfied with anything less in a relationship,  in essence you want it all. To dream of birthday presents represent that you have to reach certain milestones in order to be successful in life. A present which is being wrapped indicates new and exciting projects, especially when decisions have to be made quickly.

When one dreams receiving a gift this shows that the dreamer is going through a very fortunate time in one’s life. There will be many successes in the life of the dreamer which will be exciting.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Abundance.
  • Receiving new rewards.
  • Financial security.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a present...

Abundance. Happiness. Joy. Fruition. Contemplative. Clarity. Perspective. Comfort. Commonality.

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