Mother in dreams

Find out what your mother means in your dream

What does your mother mean in your dream?

Mother Dream Meaning


To see your mother in your dream is associated with a desire for a change which is going to take place in your life and which gives you the feel of satisfaction and peace to your inner mind.

There will be a transfer of thinking of how you feel about others in your waking life. Mother is a symbol of sacrifice, love, care, affection etc. In your dream, if your mother is holding your hands, it means that in your waking life you are expecting someone to show love and affection to you and taking care of you in all situation .In your dream, if your mother is moving away from you, it reflects you have missed the person in your waking life and your inner mind is searching for such love and affection from your loved one.

In your dream you may have…

  • Mother holding hands of you.
  • Mother moving away from you.
  • Mother and you walking lonely.
  • Mother talking to you with smiling face.
  • Mother talking to you with angry face.
  • Mother providing food to you.
  • Mother showing her care to some other child.

Positive changes are going to happen if...

  • In your dream you were happy and content.
  • In your dream you lived up to your potential.

Detailed dream understanding in a particular way…

To be near your mother is connected to our emotion of love, care and affection. The Mother is a soul who sacrifices everything for her child betterment. The Mother is a symbol of peace. In your dream, if your mother is talking to you with a smiling face, it is associated with a decision you have made in any situation that is appreciated by all and it seems that your soul and your inner mind is happy for that decision which you made in your waking life.

In your dream, if your mother is talking to you with anger, it is connected to the choice that you made in real life which is wrong and if you did not correct it, you have to face an embarrassing situation. This dream indicates a warning for you and you need to change the path which you are travelling now in your real time life.

In your dream, if your mother takes care of someone else’s child, it reflects the jealous behavior and possessive character of you. In your dream, if your mother is providing food to you, it shows that the path which you are travelling on is good and you need to gain some good quality from others in order to travel in your waking life peacefully and smoothly. It will refresh your inner mind and give you the strength to face any situation with courage and confidence.

It gives you an immense potential to break the obstacle which comes in your way and lead a peaceful waking life. It leads us to think and make proper decision in any situation. In your dream, if you are walking with your mother, it means that in your waking life someone is guiding you and watching you in each and every step that you have taken in your life.

Feelings that you may have faced during a dream of your mother is...

Happy, Have a great time and peaceful mind, Refreshment to our mind and soul. Satisfaction to your inner mind that we got what we expect. Alarm or warning if our path is wrong. Developing a feeling of peace.

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