Dreams Of Glitter

Dreams Of Glitter

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Glitter in your dreams? Sparkle on your brain? I love glitter!

I am here to help you decode your glittery dream. Glitter comes from the middle English term “giltered” which is 30,000 years old and glitter was first discovered when "mica flakes" were found in cave paintings to give them a "shiny" look.

Yes, glitter originates from prehistoric times and was also found in make-up, the Egyptians used crushed beetles to create a glittery shimmer that was often used on the face as make-up.

Glitter has always been popular in society, often, today, featured in many Instagram photos! Yes, we have become accustom to using a little bit of sparkle in our lives. From dazzling eye shadows, cute sparkles, and even glittery canvas decorations have made our way into our world. Glitter can come in all different shapes and sizes. But, what does glitter mean in your dream? Let me first look into the “type” of glitter featured in your dream:

Craft glitter in dreams

Your dream might have consisted of craft glitter, the type used for DIY projects. These tiny particles of glitter are often made out of polyester and are normally translucent in shape. To dream of these eye grabbing tiny flakes of glitter illustrates that you need to craft your own sparkle in life. Perhaps you have lost this and it is time for you to develop build upon an opportunity in life.

Edible glitter in dreams

To dream of edible glitter (the type found on top of yummy cupcakes) can indicate that you need to release your own inner goddess. To dream of using glue and glitter indicates that someone is going to rely on you and feel glued to your presence.

Makeup glitter in dreams

Glitter is often used for nail art and pop glitters. In fact, in the early 60s glitter was popular by some of the major brands such as Elizabeth Arden and Revlon. Shimmering lipsticks and powders were introduced. Make-up containing glitter can be connected to the fact that you need to adhere to standards in life.

The body and glitter in dreams

Many types of hair products in the mid-80s contained glitter, to see your hair shimmering indicates that someone will arrive to give you good news. To dream of being covered in glitter can suggest an exchange with another person. To dream of glitter on your cheeks indicates a new fresh start but you will enjoy a good time beforehand.

What is the general meaning of glitter featured in a dream?

Only last night I had an amazing dream about glitter. In fact, the whole room in my dream was covered in a glittery gaze. Obviously, as dreams are my forte this took me on the journey to understanding uncovering the meaning of glitter in our dreams. According to older dream dictionaries glitter as I've already mentioned above is very much aligned to the galaxy of stars. In my view, a dream about gutter is a great omen. Meaning that YOUR life will truly sparkle. 

What is the symbolic meaning of glitter?

Glitter is a powerful symbolism for all people. The glitter symbolizes the promise of something good and adventurous - I do feel that it is all about your life becoming something that will sparkle. When we think of glitter we can align the imagery to a starry sky. From a biblical viewpoint, glitter can represent the Star Of Bethlehem or the Star Of Epiphany. The meaning of epiphany indicates “showing forth.”

What does it mean to dream about glitter on your face?

Been going to a few festivals recently? Glitter has presented itself on our face (in waking life) in many forms of make up. When we look through a women magazine (page upon page) is often attributed to glitter. For example glitter lipstick, blusher and even eye shadow. To see glitter on your face indicates that you will need to release your inner sparkle. Perhaps you have been distracted by things in waking life?

What does it mean to dream of glittery nail polish?

To dream of applying glittery nail polish is associated with the fact that you need to fill your life with more sparkle. Seeing neon pink glitter on your nails suggests that you need to be more womanly, maybe let Prince charming brush you off your feet! To dream of having a manicure can suggest that somebody needs to take care of you.

What does it mean to dream of seeing glitter?

The great news is that generally glitter means that a sparkle is going to enter your life. It can also represent a beautiful, unguarded and welcoming human being who will enter your life shortly. You may find that somebody you know will understand you more than anybody else. This is a great omen for your love life.

What does it mean to dream of a glitter dress?

To dream of a glittery dress can indicate that you need to go out and have a great time. The glitter can indicate as a personality you will sparkle among others, if the glitter is silver this can suggest other people will look to you for advice. Featured from the beginning to end of a dream, a glitter dress can signify excitement and happiness in waking life. If the glitter was the "main focus" of your dream this is even more promising and you will soon have great luck.

What does it mean to throw glitter in a dream?

The act of throwing glitter itself illustrates that you are going to be in the spotlight. It can often represent that there will be other people looking up to you in understanding you better. Throwing glitter in the air can also symbolize glamour and happiness. I do hope that provides some comfort to you.

Summary of seeing glitter in your dream

In conclusion, whatever the color palette glitter compliments us, enabling a new life to merge through the hologram of glitter. The dream is a positive omen that provides fun and happiness to the dreamer. There is a variety of different types that could be featured in the dream but generally this is a positive dream and fame and fortune might be yours or someone close to you might be in the spotlight.

By Flo Saul
Aug 30, 2019