Volleyball (Volley Ball)

Volleyball (Volley Ball)

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Volleyballs or playing the sport of volley ball indicates good health, sport, and competition.

These dreams often will be reflective of happy times in life, be related to summer, and are visions that include aspirations for the future. Volleyball is an interesting sport that relies on personal skill but also the trust on others of your team.

The game is less about working together and more focused on working independently as part of a team in order to get the job done. Team sports are usually your dreams way of focusing on working with others. Playing volleyball specifically reflects taking an active role in a project and because of this it usually refers to a grounded area of your life such as work and sometimes even health.

In this dream you may have

  • Played Volleyball.
  • Been hit with a volley ball.
  • Thrown a volley ball.
  • Dressed like you were going to play volley ball.
  • Worried about playing sports at school.
  • Were good at volleyball.
  • Served a volleyball.
  • Had fun at the beach.
  • Were invited to play Volley ball.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Served a volleyball and it sailed over the net with ease.
  • Were active and played volleyball with others that you got along with or worked well with.
  • Felt confident playing volleyball.

Detailed dream meaning

Serving a volley ball or spiking during the game indicates that the light is shining on you and all eyes are your way. This is your time to be in the spotlight and to shine at work. Consider your own ideas and thoughts or how you can be the shining star at work. Invite others in to share your glory as well. This dream can indicate also that you are carrying the heavier load regarding finances or money but that more than just you is riding on the line. Others are depending on you and there can be success but you have a lot of pressure to do your part of the job properly.

When the game is played in a less competitive manner and it is more focused on gathering with others or having fun, then playing volleyball is a sign of letting lose. A little bit of fun can go a long way in helping your mind relieve tension and stress. These types dreams can also be similar to party dreams and indicate social aspects of your life that are going to be heating up. You will likely be invited to more social events in the future and these dreams indicate that it will be good for you in some way to accept the invitation.

Playing any sport, feeling confident, and being healthy are usually good omens in dreams regarding health. Consider areas of your life that you have been wound up too tight and examine your own life for where you need to have a bit of an outlet. This could be a good time to reorganize your life and make sure that your own fitness is being taken care of.

Doing poorly in a sport – such as being hit in the head with volleyball or being bad at the game in general –n indicates health issues or concerns. Now would be a good time to focus on aspects of your health that are affected by stagnation or limitations that you are placing on yourself.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Having concern over health.
  • Taking charge and succeeding at work.
  • Working as part of a team.
  • Being in the spot light.
  • Having a lot of pressure or a lot riding on your own actions.
  • Being responsible for your actions – especially regarding work and finance.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of volleyball

Challenged. Happy. Jovial. Fun. Nice. Sharing. Companionship. Competitive. Skilled. Nervous. Active. Good Sport. Bad Sport. Jilted. Anger. Unkind. Unforgiving. Hurt.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012