Dream meanings Abscess

Abyss Dream Meaning

An abyss is a symbol of hollow emptiness. The abyss indicates that you are possibly coming to terms with something.

This dream is associated with anything that includes a bottomless pit, a dream where time is never ending or things do not seem to have an end. This can also cover strange lands in your dream.

If the strange land was pleasant, then this is a dream of happiness. To dream of a strange land means good luck, but if the land is rocky then this suggests difficult times ahead. To see a strange land from the ocean signifies great possibilities in the future.

To dream of riding in the land signifies success. Jung regards dreaming of an abyss as an erotic dream. He believed that courage and generosity are symbolized by the land. Learning about this part of your world is important and also the recognition of this is also vital. Therefore, it is recommended that you revisit the land in your dream through meditation. This way you will be able to develop your understanding to potentially prevent dreams like these occurring in the future. There is a fear of loosing control of your body and also your soul.

In your dream you may have

  • Visited a strange land.
  • Fell down a bottomless hole.
  • Something is never ending.
  • Found that the earth is rocky or sterile.
  • Meeting people in the strange land.

Positive things are going to happen to you if

  • Feel happiness in your dream.
  • The land appears to be fertile.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream

  • It is never ending.
  • To hear strange sounds in your dream.
  • The dream relates to negativity.
  • The dream involved fear or not being things beyond the obvious.

What does an abyss dream mean?

To dream of a deep immeasurable space, like a hole, or cavity indicates your mind or unconsciousness fears change. The underworld contains ghosts, demons and inferior things. This land has been described in many occult books as being frightening. If you see ghosts, demons or anything adverse in your dream this is connected to an unknown part of the cosmos, which is beyond your understanding. Looking at both rights and wrongs - good and bad!

  • If you are on the edge of an abyss and you have a fear of falling then this dream suggests that you need to come to terms with your own fears.
  • If you dream of an abyss as a black hole then this means you feel your in a bottomless pit trying to find a way out.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Worried about the hole. A feeling of being out of control. Worried about the outcome.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012