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A bandit seen in your dream is a suggestion that you may have troubles in the future.

The band is connected to our fate and also a path of life. The term bandit was first used back in 1885 and it can be defined as somebody who avoids law and order. The bandit term is normally used to describe gangs who live in Italy, Sicily, Spain, and Turkey. In order to define what a bandit is within the dream state, we can take the same meaning as a " thief." The term bandit is quite an old-fashioned description of the thief.

In your dream...

  • You saw a bandit in olden times.
  • Bandit robs you.
  • You with a bandit in the dream.
  • You are attacked by a bandit.
  • You were killed by a bandit.
  • You saw large groups of bandits in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning...

A bandit is a symbol that indicates there will be troubles ahead. The bandit is a negative sign and is a symbol of difficult circumstances in the near future. To see a bandit in medieval or Victorian times suggests that despite any problems that will come your way you will overcome them. To shoot a bandit in your dream suggests that you need a shoulder to cry on then you may wish to discuss your problems with a friend. Sometimes the bandit representation in a dream indicates that you have encountered many problems.

To see a gang of bandits in your dream suggests that you may be criticized by other people - what you have done to others? If you are a woman and you see yourself being attacked by a gang of bandits than this can suggest that you will face difficult times ahead. It can also indicate that there may be some problems and disappointments that you cannot cope with. If this is the case then the advice is to discuss problems with a close friend or family.

The bandit dream symbolism in ancient dream dictionaries denotes disappointments and adversity in the future. If you saw the bandit with a gun or weapon then this can indicate a vicious cycle of depression.

If the bandit was arrested in your dream then this can suggest a quiet life and you will normally take the easiest path that is offered. To see bandits rob a bank in your dream suggests that you will encounter harmony in the future after a difficult time. It could also suggest you are extremely sensitive but outwardly you will appear charming and friendly towards others. If a bandit is killed in your dream then this is a suggestion that the difficulties you will face in the near future will not last long. Ancient dream dictionaries also denote that if you dream that you are a bandit and you carry out a theft in the dream it can indicate that you will be highly passionate towards a lover in the future.

Feelings in a dream of bandits

Surprised. Lost. Amazed. Confused. Upset. Proud. Insecure. Contented. Feeling old. Worried.

By Florance Saul
Jun 28, 2017