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Generally to dream of difficulty symbolizes troubles and possible humiliations in life. Should you dream you have any sort of difficulty suggests that you need to be aware if it had been triggered by something in waking life, like breaking up with a lover, a job that is not going well or something else that can effect your dream state.

However, any sort of difficulty dream may be warning you of potential danger or losing control should you continue a specific strategy. For instance, you might dream that you find an exam too difficult. An apparent interpretation of the dream would be that the test or inability to complete this signifies pent-up guilt for something have thought, stated or done, which you're sub-purposely punishing yourself for.

In dreams many situations present themselves in a range of ways, this can be a difficulty with a lover, jobs or even just in talking. The problems and conflicts encountered, prominent symbols or stories, are all things that need to be analyzed in one’s dream. So, what does difficulty mean in the dream state?

In your dream you may have

  • Experienced unexplained difficulty.
  • Successfully resolved your difficulty.
  • Experienced difficulty with your lover.
  • Difficulties experienced for a man and woman.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were able to resolve your own difficulty.
  • Witnessed difficulties of others and helped them to find its solution.
  • You dreamt that you have foreseen possible difficulties in the future.

Detailed dream interpretation

There are many things that may happen in our daily life’s. All the events in waking life can be represented on our dreams. What does it mean if you dream of difficulty?

You might be holding deep anxiety over being found out in life. Hopes for vehicle accidents may be advocating you to definitely decelerate before you decide to hit disaster, or suggesting that you're 'driving' yourself way too hard. You have to re-think, or re-plan, your span of actions and move yourself in a better way. Your dream could also represent your straightforward fears to be in an actual difficulty.

Although difficulties are part of human life, it is better if you are always prepared for such occurrences. This happens when you are well aware of yourself. You can to foresee the possible things in life that can cause problems. A woman dreaming of difficulty or being put in a difficult, humiliating situation foretells health problems and troubles involving personal affairs. This dream suggests that you must try to examine ways in handling relationships with other people even your own loved ones. Look into your physical conditions to avoid illnesses. Be warned for such possible circumstances that may weaken your standing - emotion and health.

To resolve your own difficulty in one’s dream is a symbol of success and good fortune. A dream that should encourage you to keep on working towards your own is favorable.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of difficulty

Hopeful, loving, understanding, adventurous, humiliated, bothered, indecisive, supportive, optimistic .

By Flo Saul
Mar 22, 2013