iPhone Dream

iPhone Dream

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Freud believed that an personal possession in dreams were connected to loss in waking life.

An iPhone is very personal to the owner, in the dream state this is connected to our conscious. Obviously, ancient dream dictionaries failed to include “mobile telephones” because they were not invented when dream dictionaries were written (post 1930s). However, in order to analyse what an iphone dream means we can look at the basic interpretation of the telephone and also the interpretation of a purse and identity in ancient dream books. The reason being is that an iPhone is very similar to a private personal possession. In ancient dream dictionaries the telephone is connected to our communication responses in life.

In your dream

  • You lost your iphone.
  • Your iphone was broken.
  • You were speaking on your iphone.
  • The battery was gone on your iphone.
  • You bought an iphone.
  • You were texting on an iphone.
  • You received text on an iphone.
  • Your iphone rings in your dream.
  • You were making calls from your iphone in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning

If your iPhone rings in your dream then this indicates that you will focus on your own skill base going forward. It can also indicate that you need to communicate better with others. To dream of losing an iPhone represents your ability to control your life. if you dream that your iPhone is damaged in any way and is not working this is a reflection of your difficulties in communicating with others in a work situation.

To dream that you buy an iPhone from the store you signifies that you are not ready to evolve your life into something in waking life. To see others buying an iPhone in a dream suggests that you might be uncomfortable around a person in waking life. Mobile phones in dreams are connected to how we communicate with one another. To hear your telephone ring in the dream suggests that you are capable of much more in life. A different type of career is predicted if your iphone is on silent in your dream. If you are sending text messages on your iPhone in dream then this is a suggestion other people go to communicate with you soon. If an email is sent through your iPhone in your dream then you will speak to somebody in relation to progressing your career. To see others on an iPhone receiving calls indicates any change is predicted. This could be in relation to new house or home. If you dream that your iPhone is used for tracking purposes this indicates contentment but the need to find out however is feel about you. To dream of a smartphone, which is not an iPhone has the same meaning above but can also indicate that you will overtake other people at work. This could result in possible promotion. If you work for yourself it denotes good business affairs going forward.

To receive a call on your iPhone indicates your self-confidence. Perhaps you've been feeling quite low lately, dependent on the nature of the phone call it indicates that you have to define a clear plan for your future. The loss of the iPhone is also connected to your uncertainty about your future. To make calls on an iPhone suggests the reality around you, this indicates that others may need help as they have lost hope. To see more than one iPhone represents your fear of commitment and long-term relationships.

If your iPhone battery is not working or not charged in your dream friends can suggest that you have difficulties communicating with other people. To smash your iPhone screen in the dream suggests that you have encountered dissatisfaction with your life. It is time for you to move forward onto another path and forget about any hardship happened in the past.

Feelings Associated with the dream

Communication. Love. Hatred. Desperation. Despair. Abandoned. Sick. Secure. Strong. Intimidated. Sympathetic. Successful. Courageous. Worry. Love

By Florance Saul
Jul 1, 2017